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February 18, 2022

AAA Lucha Libre Rey de Reyes 2022 HOT TAKE

The influence of lucha libre can be felt worldwide, whether it be superstars like Rey Mysterio in WWE, Jack Black films like Nacho Libre, Modelo beer and countless other nooks and crannies of modern day society have been inspired and influenced by the free fighting of Mexico's greatest lucha competitors.

But, there can only be one originator of excellence in the field of lucha and that's AAA Lucha Libre, who will continue their revolutionary ways this Saturday night live from Estadio Universitario Beto Ávila, Mexico when Rey de Reyes takes place, streaming live for the first time in both Spanish and English on FITE as part of our new alliance with the world's most celebrated lucha libre promotion!

With the celebrated excellence of professional wrestling play-by-play master Joe Dombrowski at the helm and the slick and opinionated Larry Dallas dropping some NYC truth to the proceedings, FITE opens the door for a new era of AAA Lucha Libre for all to enjoy and embrace Mexico's greatest competitors worldwide as the annual Rey de Reyes, King of Kings tournament commences.

First established back in 1997, The Rey de Reyes tournament sees luchadors battle through a series of rounds in pursuit of claiming the famed sword of victory that christens them the new great fighter in AAA Lucha Libre, all but bestowing future success upon them. First captured by Latin Lover in 1997, Rey de Reyes has been conquered by such luminaries as El Canek, Extreme Tiger, Jeff Jarrett, La Parka, Pentagon Jr., the late Hijo del Perro Aguayo and over the last three years, Rey Escorpion, Aero Star and in 2021, Laredo Kid.

This year's Rey de Reyes match features the defending champion Laredo Kid stepping into action in an attempt to become the first-ever competitor to win two years in a row. As if that task wasn't daunting enough, Laredo Kid will battle ROH World Champion Bandido, the infamous and insane brawler Psycho Clown, the ever-dangerous former three-time AAA Mega Champion Cibernetico and a surprise fighter to be announced. With everything on the line, and a global audience watching live on FITE, the pressure has never been more crushing for the competitors to battle their way through incredible odds to emerge as the ultimate victory, the true king of kings. There can only be one who rules them all. FITE fans will see who is crowned champion and raises the sword in victory, live from Mexico this Saturday.

One of the most celebrated luchadors in recent years, Hijo del Vikingo will battle the returning John Hennigan in Hennigan's first major lucha appearance since exiting WWE for the AAA Mega Championship, a bout that carries true international implications. Whether it was past AAA appearances or his journey through the unique world known as Lucha Underground, Hennigan's high-impact hybrid fighting style meshing professional wrestling greatness and his cat-like Parkour skills makes him a dangerous foe for all inside the ring, but Vikingo has created his own industry when it comes to birthing shock and awe moments that leave fans agape as he defies logic and gravity with his mind-blending offensive maneuvers and aerial assaults. Indeed, the stratosphere may see as much action as the canvas of the ring given the flying pedigrees of all involved.

In what can only be seen as the definitive dream tag team match for those live and die by lucha libre, former AEW World Tag Team Champions Fenix and Pentagon Jr. will battle Los Hermanos Lee, former ROH World Television Champion Dragon Lee and Dralistico. Forget pushing the physical boundaries of lucha libre or pushing the envelope of beautifully dangerous highspots in attempts to crush the opposition, this clash comes with the most drastic of stakes at hand - family pride. Neither globally renowned lucha family wants to return home knowing that the other side has bested them and wish that drive for success comes a springboard to take things beyond the extreme and show the FITE audience globally which family has the most heart and will exit Rey de Reyes proving that to all who witness AAA Lucha Libre this Saturday.

While Impact Wrestling's Deonna Purrazzo maintains a fearsome grip on AAA's Reina de Reinas Championship, Rey de Reyes this Saturday will see a Four-Way Battle to see which luchadora will rise to challenge Purrazzo's claim to the throne in the future. A surprise competitor will enter the ring, facing three magnificent competitors. Maravilla has battled foes across Mexico, The United States and beyond and seeks victory in order to ascend to the next level and a championship match. In the veteran's way is two-time former Reina de Reinas Champion Lady Shani, who made history at Triplemania 26 when she shaved the head of Faby Apache. Lady Fammer, a former Women's Champion for THE CRASH promotion out of Tijuana also seeks her greatest AAA victory to date. With so many strong competitors seeking Purrazzo's head, what will Deonna's reaction to them be, before and after the top contender has been crowned?

Of course, it wouldn't be AAA Lucha Libre without the matches that put AAA on the map globally, the traditional Trios matches, where incredible grappling intersects with daredevil dives and all out insanity. Rey de Reyes will feature several pure lucha encounters built around the long-standing tradition of Trios matches while pushing the futuristic combat that has continued to evolve and define AAA as the definitive home of lucha libre worldwide.

In a world where attention is garnered by the fastest, brightest and most cunning competitors who must battle and strategize while standing inside a maelstrom raging within the eye of a hurricane, lucha libre is the ultimate in combat sports for action junkies, with these bouts no exception to that rule.

In a Three-Way Trios bout, La Empressa, DMT Azul & Puma King & Sam Adonis will face the legendary La Familia Real as L.A. Park leads Hijo De la Park & L.A Park Jr into battle and NGO (Sanson & Cuatrero & Forastero) bringing opposition to all involved as the might and mettle of nine premium athletes will be tested in the heat of high-flying, infinite insanity and brawling warfare.

A more traditional Trios bout will see Impact Wrestling's Willie Mack align with Mr. Iguana & Nino Hamburguesa to face the legendary Psicosis & Abismo Negro Jr., alongside Latigo in a battle of veterans and up and comers all seeking to carve their legacy into the time capsule of AAA Lucha Libre.

Rey de Reyes will also feature Villano III Jr & La Hiedra vs. Octagon Jr. & Sexy Star vs. Arez & Chik Tornamenta in a mixed three-way battle featuring the controversial and dangerous Sexy Star, the groundbreaking innovation of Arez, Villano III's traditional lucha style and more as spectacle and combat collide to create yet another intriguing clash of lucha champions.

From the day the late, great Antonio Pena forged AAA alongside Konnan and an army of revolutionaries seeking to evolve lucha libre and light a wildfire that would bring all things lucha to the forefront internationally, the luchadors of AAA have pushed the envelope of physicality, creating emotional highs and lows while shattering the glass ceiling of what "could be" and replacing it with "what can top this?"

This Saturday, FITE fans get to discover the answer to that question for themselves, live in the moment, as AAA Rey de Reyes gets to set the tone for AAA and its future alliance with FITE as the glory and the grandeur of all things lucha libre emanates from Mexico into all of your homes. Experience the first-hand perspective of all things AAA without having to worry about a luchador crashing through your seats…or will they? Anything can happen on any given night when it comes to AAA Lucha Libre.

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.