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March 3, 2022

AEW Revolution 2022 HOT TAKE

Before All Elite Wrestling was born, there was a silent scream seeking out something greater for true professional wrestling fans. From the moment AEW was created, an army arose, taking up arms and marching across the battlefield, calling for a new world, an uprising, a REVOLUTION that would carry professional wrestling, its stars and its fans into a brave new world, a grander universe that pushes the boundaries of athletics, emotions and all out combat.

Since AEW's REVOLUTION has taken the world by storm, new stars have risen from the darkness to take their proper place before the fans - names like MJF, Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara and Jungle Boy. Perhaps even more amazing are the names who have returned from the fringes of professional wrestling, turning back towards the sport and the wars they have endured to once again passionately perform for the most die-hard fans in the world, superstars like Bryan Danielson, Sting and CM Punk.

All of these unique combatants blaze a trail of their own while also surging forward as part one united force - All Elite Wrestling - a promotion that rages against the norm, that strives to bring the best professional wrestling for the truest fans and that has planted the flag of rebellion in the landscape, shattering the norms, heightening expectations and bringing a true REVOLUTION to life for professional wrestling, professional wrestlers and most importantly, professional wrestling fans.

FITE is once again proud to be the international home of the 2022 AEW Revolution event, emanating from The Sunshine State of Orlando, Florida to all parts of the world (and even parts unknown) as some of All Elite Wrestling's brightest stars and most heated rivalries will meet center ring to earn their place in history and once again, raise the bar, physically and emotionally, in the unique combat sports world known as professional wrestling.

Of course, in the world of AEW, there is no prize cherished more by its male competitors than the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. Since riding out of Minneapolis as the new champion after vanquishing Kenny Omega, Adam "Hangman" Page has truly been accomplishing some "Cowboy Shit" representing AEW and defeating some of the toughest fighters in the world, including a Texas Death Match against Lance Archer that shocked AEW+ subscribers on FITE with its brutality.

As Page has unlocked insane levels of success over the course of his AEW tenure, Adam Cole was watching from the outside until finally bursting onto the scene at All Out 2021. As he immersed himself into the wars of AEW, Cole emerged unscathed with one plan in mind, to become the World Heavyweight Championship himself. After making that challenge to Page publicly, the instant rivalry between two men who pride themselves at being the greatest living professional wrestlers today has boiled over, pulling Page's allies The Dark Order and Cole's long-time running mates Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish into the fray.

Hangman Page has been part of the All Elite Revolution since day one, achieving his destiny in AEW. Adam Cole watched until the time was right and interjected himself into AEW, changing history forever. A true threat to any competitor, Cole believes it is his destiny to ruin Page's legacy and claim it for himself. There may never be a more fitting main event for AEW Revolution, as this match exemplifies what everything All Elite Wrestling was conceived to be - a platform for stellar athletes to fight it out and prove who the champion is. FITE fans worldwide will learn for themselves who that man truly is this Sunday.

Emotions always run high in the world of AEW, but perhaps the most unique and emotional series of events in All Elite Wrestling history are still unfolding as CM Punk and MJF prepare to battle it out in Orlando in a Dog Collar match. Since the advent of AEW, MJF has been one of the most abrasive, antagonistic personalities who have ever sneered their way to victory or espoused their greatness to fans, but could all of that be CM Punk's fault?

When CM Punk signed with AEW at The First Dance and returned from his self-imposed exile from the world of professional wrestling, the last thing he could have foreseen was that his return would spark the inferno that now rages between him and MJF. After losing to MJF in Chicago, Punk earned the right to name the time and place for their rematch, choosing this Sunday's Revolution, laying out the stipulation of a Dog Collar match, since MJF has always, like Punk, found inspiration in the late, great Roddy Piper. Asking MJF to be his (Greg) Valentine, Punk, a veteran of such dog collar wars, set the trap, only to learn that perhaps his own actions in the past indeed led to the origins of the foe he now faces.

Live on AEW+ during an episode of Dynamite, MJF told the tale of how he, as a bullied Jewish teenager in his High School, sought refuge and inspiration from his hero, CM Punk, going as far as to meet him at an autograph signing. Punk helped empower him through his darkest times until one day, Punk left professional wrestling to heal himself, never once suspecting that by doing so, he was wounding anyone else. Feeling abandoned by Punk, MJF's heart turned black and instead of wanting to become the best professional wrestler in the world because of CM Punk, he now wanted to do it in spite of his former hero. MJF wanted to show the world that he was "Better than You" but all along, he was really saying he was "Better Than Punk."

MJF had gone from a CM Punk fan to Stan from the Eminem song, intent on destroying everything he once loved in the name of what he used to love. Upon that admission, a troubled Punk asked MJF if all that was true and MJF, tears rolling down his cheeks, simply walked away. A Dog Collar match has always been a fixed point of brutality and violence in professional wrestling, a moment in time that sees flesh torn apart and blood bubble up from underneath, but this Sunday, the emotional wounds that tie these two stellar athletes together may cut deeper than any physical attack could.

Revolution is where the latest twists and turns in this harrowing saga will be revealed, live on FITE for international viewers.

For the fine female competitors of AEW, the valiant and violent battles that had culminated for the AEW Women's World Championship are already the stuff of legend, but perhaps none have grown in infamy as much as Dr. Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa, and now, the rematch is here.

While Britt Baker emerged victorious the last time they clashed in an Unsanctioned Lights Out battle, her battle with Thunder Rosa has obviously concerned Baker, especially since Rosa has been undefeated since. Baker, seeking to dispel Rosa's Championship aspirations, sent Mercedes Martinez to try and take Rosa out, but that tactic failed and now at Revolution, two of the most incredible professional wrestlers in AEW will take to the ring to determine the future of the women's division.

Violence has been promised when Bryan Danielson clashes with former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley this Sunday at AEW Revolution. After taking time off for his own health, Moxley was approached by Danielson, offering an alliance between the two. Moxley responded that while Danielson was seeking to teach the next generation of stars, he couldn't do it unless Danielson bled against him, challenging the world-renowned grappler to fight. Danielson accepted the challenge for Revolution, showing the world how violent he was willing to get against Daniel Garcia on AEW+'s Dynamite episode from Bridgeport, CT, decimating the young upstart until he was knocked unconscious. Promising to bring violence, Danielson is not only looking for victory, but to unite himself and Moxley going forward in a true dream team that could easily ravage and plunder All Elite Wrestling's treasures.

One true glittering treasure in AEW is the reigning and defending TBS Champion, Jarde Cargill, who remains completely undefeated after nearly 30 official matches. After defeating The Bunny on AEW+, Cargill demanded more competition, seeking who was going to step up in an attempt to unseat her from her undefeated championship reign. Brazilian star Tay Conti, always looking for a fight, immediately took Cargill up on her offer. Conti, coming off an incredible performance against Britt Baker several months ago, is now seeking her first championship win, but to do so, she'll have to topple a competitor that has shown the world nothing but flawless victory after victory thus far. In the short history of the TBS Championship, this may already be the most anticipated showdown for the title.

Anticipation is the name of the game when two of professional wrestling's most celebrated veterans, Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston, fight for the first time. While Jericho has sampled fine wines and delicacies while touring the world, Eddie Kingston made those same trips in the most blue collar way possible. Kingston is a man's man, a New Yorker's New Yorker who scoffs at every threat and is always ready to throw down. In Chris Jericho, he sees someone who let success make him soft and complacent, to the point that upon throwing down the challenge for Jericho to fight him, he demanded the same Jericho the world used to see in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Japan's WAR, ECW, not the man who once fought in a Mimosa Mayhem match.

From Jericho's perspective, Kingston is someone who had the potential but failed to achieve it at every step of the way. He's the fighter who could have ruled the world but instead was happy to eek on by getting C+s instead of As. When Kingston stayed away, that was fine, but the second Kingston began to infiltrate and influence Santana and Ortiz, Jericho's running mates in The Inner Circle, now failed to stay in his own lane. For Jericho, this fight is an exercise in putting someone back in their place, but Jericho has never fought anyone like Eddie Kingston. To be fair, Kingston has never battled anyone like Jericho.

It's that toxic combination of personalities who in another life might have been blood brothers but in this existence are out to main and hurt the other, that makes this such a compelling attraction when FITE streams Revolution this Sunday.

Of course, the AEW Revolution never fails to surge forward and this Sunday, the "Face" of the Revolution will be named as Keith Lee, FTW Champion Ricky Starks, the ever-popular Orange Cassidy, Powerhouse Hobbs and the irrepressible Wardlow are among the competitors who will attempt to scale a ladder to grab the brass ring of opportunity live in Orlando. Keith Lee's recent debut in All Elite Wrestling has brought a ton of attention and discussion among AEW's faithful and the Revolution event will be his first true opportunity to impose his will and find success in All Elite Wrestling. In order to do so, however, he's going to have to suffer through a brutal ladder match while battling some of the biggest, toughest men that have ever populated an AEW locker room while also trying to decipher the riddle that is Orange Cassidy. When the chaos and violence subsides, only one competitor will claim a future TNT Championship match.

While he will not be defending the championship at Revolution, Sammy Guevara will keep a close eye on the Ladder Match before entering six man tag team competition with the legendary Sting and one of AEW's made men, Darby Allin as they seek to once and for all put down the unholy alliance of Matt Hardy, Andrade de Idolo and Private Party's Isiah Cassy. The key here may be Hardy's attitude as he approaches the bout as he's obviously shifted quite askew of late towards a more DELETED position career-wise. If AHFO doesn't have their house in order, how can they hope to deal with an all-time great in Sting, but much less two of AEW's most stellar competitors in Guevara and Darby? Darby has never been shy at taking high risks, so if Andrade and crew aren't prepared for that onslaught, this may be over before it begins.

While additional matches may be added, currently rounding out the AEW Revolution card is a major title defense for AEW World Tag Team Champions Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. After defeating the Lucha Brothers for the titles live on AEW+, they now plunge themselves into a major championship defense against ReDragon, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, one of the most proficient tag team assassins who have ever stepped inside a ring. As if they weren't lethal enough as competitors, a third team will soon be named after this Wednesday's AEW+ broadcast of Dynamite, an as-yet unknown threat to champions and challengers alike. The Young Bucks? Santana and Ortiz? Stay tuned to FITE for the latest details.

Most importantly, head right here to FITE to watch the AEW Revolution unfold live right before your eyes, on all your devices, across most of the globe internationally. FITE has been proud to have helped support the AEW REVOLUTION as it swarms across the globe, forcing all of its competitors to take notice and improve their own product as AEW continues to raise the bar with awe-inspiring high-flying, shatters glass ceilings with barbed wire bats and brings the most exquisite professional wrestling excellence to you, your friends, your family and the world over. The crusade is real. Join it.

AEW Revolution will stream live on FITE this Sunday!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.