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AEW Revolution HOT TAKE

March 4, 2021

Before All Elite Wrestling was born, there was a silent scream seeking out something greater for true professional wrestling fans. From the moment AEW was created, an army arose, taking up arms and marching across the battlefield, calling for a new world, an uprising, a REVOLUTION that would carry professional wrestling, its stars and its fans into a brave new world, a grander universe that pushes the boundaries of athletics, emotions and all out combat.

This Sunday March 8th, FITE will be the international home for All Elite Wrestling's Revolution 2021, a night where the stars of AEW will once again set the stage for all others in the combat sports world, taking professional wrestling to explosive new heights in pursuit of championship glory, grudges settled and dreams achieved. All that is guaranteed when the dust settles and smoke disperses is all out excellence.

AEW Revolution will feature:

BARBED WIRE EXPLODING DEATH MATCH: AEW World Champion Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley

Kenny Omega vs. Jon MoxleyKenny Omega and Jon Moxley's feud goes back to the very first AEW event, Double or Nothing when Moxley made his shocking debut, attacking Omega. Since that time, these two fighters have been the yin and yang of All Elite Wrestling, Moxley the living embodiment of the blood and guts legacy of professional wrestling brawlers while Omega has pushed the very envelope of what pure professional wrestling artistry inside the squared circle could be.

Over the course of AEW history, Omega and Moxley have brawled through buildings, submerged themselves in barbed wire and have traded victories. When Omega, with the assistance of Don Callis, wretched the AEW World Championship from the hands of Moxley, their battles became ever more furious, immersed ever deeper into the darkness, leading to perhaps the most shocking challenge in All Elite Wrestling history from a most unlikely source - that it would be Omega, not Moxley, who issued a challenge for a barbed wire exploding death match at Revolution.

For the first time in the United States, on FITE, the ropes will come down and will be replaced by barbed wire, guaranteeing the most visceral and violent AEW World Championship match of all time. Add in the exploding landmines outside the ring and Revolution will become ground zero for not just the most intense feud in professional wrestling, but the perhaps the bloodiest, most brutal battle ever seen.

While the likes of Atsushi Onita, Terry Funk, Hayabusa and more are celebrated for their willingness and passion to step into the most insane professional wrestling hellscape ever devised in Japan, Omega has imported it to the United States, promising the most twisted spectacle in AEW history in an attempt to settle the most storied AEW rivalry of all time.

STREET FIGHT: Team Taz vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Team Taz vs. Sting & Darby AllinThere was a time where Sting stood tall over the landscape of professional wrestling, growing from mere athlete to superstar to legend. Then, he vanished, having accomplished all he ever wanted. Then, the call of AEW and a new generation of revolutionaries called him back to the battlefield.

Seeing a kinship in AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin since his return to professional wrestling, the legendary Sting has stood alongside the Daredevil in his wars against Team Taz's FTW Champion Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. In recent months, Team Taz has tormented Allin, trying to break him down and take his championship, leading to Sting finally laying down the gauntlet and issuing the challenge for an anything goes Street Fight.

For the first time in years, The Stinger officially returns to in-ring action as he and Allin enter a war where anything can happen, they are out-manned and out-gunned but have no choice but to achieve all our victory if they wish to survive and fight another day. Sting's legacy has already been carved in eternity while Allin is in the midst of making his own legend - and they enter battle, back to back, at Revolution.

AEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: The Young Bucks vs. Chris Jericho & MJF

The Young Bucks vs. Chris Jericho & MJFChris Jericho helped place All Elite Wrestling on the map, but the one thing he has yet to accomplish is winning the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Alongside his Inner Circle brethren MJF, Jericho seeks to outlast and outshine the most decorated and celebrated tag team in the world, The Young Bucks. Never content to just play their chess game inside the ring, Jericho and MJF attacked The Young Bucks' father, bloodying him in an attempt to demoralize and ruin the Bucks before the bell even rang. Instead, they have only ignited a fire of hatred within Matt and Nick Jackson, which leads one to wonder exactly how far the Bucks, who have already rewritten the culture and fabric of what tag team excellence is, will go to seek not just championship victory but all out vengeance. The Superkick Party isn't coming to entertain, but to destroy, with the souls of AEW's Tag Team scene at stake.


Six souls will enter the AEW Revolution Ladder Match, all seeking to put their lives and careers on the line in order to achieve a future challenge at the AEW TNT Championship. For each of them, it is a crossroads moment set in the stratosphere where a myriad of brawlers, flyers and technicians will all see whether they can out strategize the other while utilizing and avoiding the steel ladders that will undoubtedly come into play as weapons. Only one competitor can ascend to the heavens while hoping to surpass the hellacious levels of pain they will have to push their bodies beyond. This is a match where one second, one move, one iota of extra energy can make a world's difference and change the trajectory of a career forever.

AEW WOMEN"S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: Hikaru Shida vs. Ryo Mizunami

All Elite Wrestling has scoured the world to find the best competitor for AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida with the greatest Eliminator tournament in women's history as competitors fought their way through Japan and the United States to see who would be deemed worthy of stepping onto the Revolution stage. In the end, it was the brutality and might of Ryo Mizunami who emerged victorious, including a shocking victory over the legendary Aja Kong. Now, the mighty Shida, who has surpassed all challengers for most of 2020 and well not 2021, finds herself the hunted as MIzunami, the celebrated fighter and MMA artist seeking the gold. For Shida to achieve victory and continue on her championship path, she will have to overcome one of the most dangerous women in the world, one who has not traveled across the globe during a pandemic to leave empty-handed.

BIG MONEY MATCH: Matt Hardy vs. Hangman Adam Page

One has to wonder what strange fate has befallen Matt Hardy over the last year as he's morphed into perhaps the most carny of souls, a fall from the heights of his "Broken" in-ring grandeur. Indeed, Hardy has become obsessed with making as much money as possible off the blood, sweat and tears of others, including Private Party, but may have met his match when Adam "Hangman" Page crossed paths with him. When Hardy attempted to hornswoggle Page into signing with him in order to leech large amounts of money from Page's earnings, The Hangman switched the contracts and now it was Hardy who found himself having agreed to a minority share of his own profits. At Revolution, the first-ever Big Money Match goes down and to the victor, indeed, goes the winner's share of the purse, as well as a lot of power over the other.

GRUDGE MATCH: Miro & Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor

Since his arrival in All Elite Wrestling as Kip Sabian's Best Man, Miro has destroyed a number of souls, injured Trent of the Best Friends and tormented Chuck Taylor. When Taylor and Cassidy gained a measure of revenge by upstaging the wedding of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford, it only served to inflate the rage within Miro, who swore that everyone asking when they were going to see him truly unleashed would finally get their wish at Revolution. Cassidy is one of AEW's most beloved souls, but can he even figure out a way to prevent this rampaging Bulgarian Hulk from smashing all in sight?


Two teams will begin the battle and every 90 seconds, another team will enter the fray until the final victor has earned a future World Tag Team Championship Match. With a field of competition featuring Private Party, Ortiz & Santana, Alex Reynolds & John Silver, Top Fight, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson, Bear Country, The Butcher and The Blade and more, the most elite tag team roster of all time will find themselves determining all out supremacy in the ring - with the winners changing the course of their careers.

As if that is not enough, all-time great and new AEW signing Paul Wight has promised that yet another "Hall of Fame" level talent will be unveiled at Revolution, meaning another will pick up arms and join the fight to evolve professional wrestling to its final form, carrying fans and stars alike upwards to the next Elite level of greatness - live on FITE!.

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.