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Battle of Britain: Dubois Vs Joyce Nov 28th, LIVE on FITE

November 23, 2020

It is on! The highly anticipated Heavyweight battle between Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce will land on Nov 28th, live on FITE

This blockbuster event, the biggest UK Heavyweight clash in years has been aptly branded ‘At Last', will represent the final chapter in a saga that has seen April, July and October dates cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Frank Warren said "With boxing still being behind closed doors and struggling back to its feet post-Lockdown, I wanted to give something of a gift to British boxing fans. Dubois versus Joyce is the best fight on the British boxing calendar and I want this to be something as many people as possible can enjoy."

‘AT LAST: DUBOIS vs JOYCE' WILL HAPPEN BEHIND CLOSED DOORS ON NOVEMBER 28th, LIVE ON FITE. Available in Germany, Middle East and North Africa.