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BBQ Greats Face Off with Global Audience in First Ever "BBQ FITE Klub"

June 2, 2020

"... It's all happening LIVE and it's shaping up to be the greatest spectacle in SMOKE," said food broadcaster and WGN Radio host, Dane Neal.

New York - June 1, 2020 -- Six of the best BBQ pit masters and teams in the world will compete in a head to head "Main Event" style live pay per view event on June 9 on FITE at 6pm ET called BBQ FITE Klub, priced at $9.99. The festivities will be moderated by BBQ competitor, artist and TV personality, STRETCH Rumaner, and WGN radio's Dane Neal.

"BBQ FITE Klub will be a real, sanctioned KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) contest, with real world championship teams, real certified BBQ judges and scoring. It's all happening LIVE and it's shaping up to be the greatest spectacle in SMOKE," said food broadcaster and WGN Radio host, Dane Neal.

"The Kansas City Barbeque Society is excited to help bring the personalities and passion of American competition BBQ to the world in this live event. In recent years, KCBS has sanctioned barbeque contests across the entire United States and in 42 countries, with huge interest in the UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and many more," stated Emily Detwiler, CEO of the Kansas City Barbecue Society. "I know the BBQ community, our members and people everywhere are going to enjoy this live look into a great barbeque contest."

The competing teams include "Iowa Smokey D's" led by Darren Warth, a Multi-Time World Champion, often considered the G.O.A.T of competition Pitmasters. The other amazing teams in this lineup are Multi-Time World Champions, KCBS Teams of the Year and winners of countless Grand and Reserve Grand Championships: Bill Gillespie's "Smokin' Hoggz BBQ"; Luke Darnell of "Old Virginia Smoke"; Kelly Wertz's "4 Legs Up" BBQ; Bethany McAllister's "913 BBQ"; and Tim Scheer of "Shake n Bake BBQ".

The full list of the 6 certified BBQ judges will be announced soon, some of whom are legends as well, like BBQ Hall of Famer Ray Lampe aka "Dr. BBQ", who exclaimed, "I have been involved in competition BBQ since 1982, and there has never been anything like this. Some of the ALL time greats and top teams of today will be in one place at one time, and the world gets to watch? I can't wait!"

BBQ FITE Klub will take place June 8-9 at an undisclosed location and in conjunction with the next event from Moto FITE Klub highlighting the top Flat Track riders in America with Flattrack FITE Klub.

BBQ FITE Klub came to life when all-time great MotoCross superstars like Ryan Villopoto and his partners ignited the Motorsports world in May with the ground-breaking event Moto FITE Klub. MFK had tens of thousands of viewers in nearly 70 countries watching their favorite riders go head to head in a live pay-per-view event format unlike anything in motorsports.


I have been a huge fan of BBQ my entire career. While I had some strict dietary guidelines to follow in order to be a top-level supercross/motocross racer, now – being retired – I am able to follow up on a passion of mine in the BBQ world

said Ryan Villopoto, a nine-time AMA Motocross/Supercross Champion.


The bikes and BBQ world have officially collided with the Flattrack FITE Klub, and I can promise you that this will not be the last event. More great things are to come from this and more money will go to charity.

Some teams will have individual causes they will be supporting and overall, BBQ FITE Klub will help support Operation BBQ Relief.

BBQ and Food fans can go to the FITE.TV site or download the app and check out 2 nights of gastronomic mastery. The FREE BBQ FITE Klub Roundtable at 6pm ET on June 8th will feature all 6 teams and personalities sharing their careers and passion for BBQ, their KCBS memories and what it means to be a part of, and hopefully WIN, the first BBQ FITE Klub. The exciting inaugural event---BBQ FITE Klub-- debuts LIVE on PPV the following night, June 9th at 6pm ET.

For more information and to order BBQ FITE Klub go to FITE And KCBS.us

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