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Canelo - A Different Boxer

September 25, 2023

By Ernesto Amador

Whenever we talk about Canelo Alvarez, we talk about records, championships, rivals, and in general, we talk about his boxing career, which is very good. However, there are several facets of the fighter from Guadalajara that undoubtedly make him different and sometimes far from what we know as a "conventional boxer". Here are some of the facets of Saúl Álvarez, which make him "A Different Boxer".


The world of boxing is a world of betrayals, a world of disloyalty and a world where if you don't watch your back, they will stab you without mercy, but for Saúl Álvarez, loyalty to his team is something that must be emphasized and celebrated. Canelo has been boxing since he was a child, alongside the Reynoso family with Chepo and Eddy. By the way, Eddy for Saúl, is like a brother, he is his right and left hand in boxing. There is no doubt that Canelo knows about loyalties and from what we see, Saúl will close a Hall of Fame career, hand in hand with those who have taught him everything in boxing since he was a child.

The Crossover

Another of Canelo's facets and challenges outside of the ring is setting himself the goal of speaking English. Canelo understands that there is a huge market of people who speak English, and he knows that to climb the ladder outside the ring it is necessary to at least speak two languages. The Super middleweight champion has received severe criticism for his accent, but there is no doubt that little by little he is improving his English, and if you ask me, I think that the accent is something that we should treasure as Spanish speakers.

Travel cultivates

Money does not give you culture, and Canelo knows that. He has invested in traveling and getting to know different cultures but although his trips are usually private, in some of his publications on social networks the man from Guadalajara has shown the distant places, full of culture that he has visited mostly with his family, and it is very clear that discovering new cultures while traveling has enriched him as a human being.


Regardless of the fact that his appearance in the Hollywood industry was a brief one, Canelo managed to break the barrier between the Mexican boxer and Hollywood, during his appearance in the movie Creed III. Canelo made it clear that anyone who sets his mind to it, based on hard and professional work, even Hollywood can be conquered. Do not be surprised that when the time comes for Canelo's retirement, we will see him on the Hollywood screens in film of the life of the Mexican monarch.


Tecate chose Canelo to be the first boxer they sponsored directly, then Hennessy cognac did, but if we remember a long time ago, Under Armor had the Mexican fighter as one of its ambassadors with great success. Currently, Canelo works with Dolce & Gabbana, one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world, founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, and when it comes to watches, Canelo has been sponsored by big brands like Roger Dubuis and Hublot among others. There is no doubt that watches are one of Saúl's passions. Another of Canelo's great achievements is having appeared in Super Bowl 57. Rightly looking for the Mexican market, Michelob Ultra hired Canelo as one of the most important faces in their recent campaigns. Canelo appeared during Kansas City's victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 57.

Fashion Shows

It is very strange to see boxers at fashion shows in Europe and recently we have seen Saúl hand in hand with his wife Fernanda, at events that historically are more for people involved in the fashion industry, rather than the sports industry. Canelo undoubtedly breaks the mold, where boxers have been mistakenly been absent, today without a doubt, the world of boxing has broken the schemes and stale minds, following in the footsteps of other athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, who not only sells and is related to football, but Cristiano has crossed new frontiers, and Canelo is going down that path.


Far from acknowledging Canelo's entry into the elitist world of golf, the Mexican champion has received severe criticism for playing golf.

We cannot forget that another distinguished woman from Guadalajara like Lorena Ochoa set the pace and dominated in women's golf a few years ago.

Canelo has been called "mamila", "mamón" and "arrogant" for daring to play golf. In my personal opinión, I do not see any sin in venturing into and trying a discipline that mentally and physically requires 100% dedication and concentration. Golf is clearly one of Canelo's passions and it is clear to me that in his free time he can do whatever he wants. In this case he chooses golf, where, by the way, at his level he has stood out.

In addition to the above there is a huge added benefit for enagaging a new sport. Through golf, Canelo has managed to make new friends like Stephen Curry, star of the Golden State Warriors and the NBA. Canelo now rubs shoulders with the greatest sports stars, not because of boxing, but because of his passion for golf. I ask his detractors, do you prefer it in a canteen or on a golf course?

A Family Man

In the recent episode of SHOWTIME All Access dedicated to Canelo vs Charlo, the boxer from Guadalajara emphasized the importance of his family. He declared to the entire world that he recognizes his wife Fernanda as one of the pillars of the moment he lives in. Something that motivates and also makes him sigh are his children, and from the oldest to the smallest they are one of the ingredients, in Canelo's words, most important in his life. Not long ago he told me the following: "My children melt me and make me put aside the fierceness that I show in the ring."

Family comes first for Canelo, the love for his grandmother, his parents and his brothers is something that can be seen from miles away. Canelo is surely the most important media figure in the Álvarez Barragán family, but that has not changed the love that he feels for his people, and what his people feel for him. Who doesn't remember his Mother screaming at the top of her lungs at ringside supporting her own Canelo?

His Love for Mexico

"In distant lands, they recognize me and see in me a part of Mexico thanks to my career in boxing. There is nothing more pleasant than representing Mexico wherever I stop." These are some of Canelo's words regarding the pride he feels about being Mexican, his remembered shout ending the third fight with GGG, "Viva México cabrones!" Ultimately, it became a very Mexican brand, his love for Mexico is undeniable and like it or not, he has declared: "I am Mexican boxing." He respects his predecessors, but he knows well that when he retires and Mexican boxing is talked about, he will be remembered as one of the greatest Mexicans in history.


We all know the story of Canelo selling lollipops in the public buses of his land, and his popularity led Canelo to become the face of boxing on all the trucks in Las Vegas. However, the fame did not affect his memory of where he came from. Canelo always returns some of what he receives, for example: Canelo bought the bus route where he sold lollipops and pays his workers well above what is normally paid. It

is also well known even though he does not publicize it, the human side that has led to helping many people who have needed financial support for surgeries for medical issues, literally matters of life or death. Canelo gives his people more than we can imagine and that altruistic side is little known, but surely by appreciated by the recipients.

His Brands and Career Management

For many, the world of boxing is a world of mafias and believe me they are not far from reality. If a powerful promoter and a television network "want to shut you down", they do it without hesitation, and what Mikey García did a few years ago, and now Canelo, is commendable. The two Mexican fighters used their strength and reputation to face the system. They both won the difficult battles, and in the end they managed to become free agents. Mexican boxing is arguably the best in the world, but it is also a boxing community and a fan base used abusively, in an abusive and completely unequal relationship. Canelo's decision to raise his voice, made it to the television stations and promoters trembled, setting a precedent of respect for Mexican boxing, which will surely be followed by the new generation of Mexican fighters, today. Canelo fights in association with the promoter and the television station that he wants. That speaks of about the value of the Aztec monarch, and Mexican boxing. Without a doubt, he set a historic precedent, which opened the eyes of several fighters. Canelo, therefore, manages his career at his convenience, not at others' convenience. To do that, you need talent, drive and to be different.

Finally, let's take a look at Canelo's brands; the "Canelo Energy" gas stations, the "Upper" convenience stores, "YOKA" the rehydrating waters that compete head to head with the big ones, and we cannot forget the "VMC" tequila cocktails with different Mexican flavors. Also there are more businesses to mention such as real estate, including some that have been managed by experts such as successful Monterrey businessman, Don Carlos Bremer.

Canelo will continue boxing. Some will recognize it, some never will. The truth is that Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán is a different boxer who dared to dream beyond boxing. His formula generates a lot of recognition, but also a lot of envy, and in the end its just the price of success. Canelo vs Charlo is coming and I wanted you to share a little bit of the different facets of Canelo in this article. Saúl is a world boxing champion who decided to look beyond just throwing good punches. That's why Canelo who he is and he will be loved or hated, but without a doubt...he's a different boxer.

Ernesto Amador


Ernesto Amador has narrated several world championships and elimination fights both in the United States, Mexico and Europe. He is the world reference in Spanish and has narrated the most important PPV fights in the last 2 decades. Ernesto is the creator of the phrase No Puedes Jugar Boxeo that has become a worldwide brand and the #1 program in Spanish. No Puedes Jugar Boxeo is a project that was born in 2018 seeking to claim the only sport that cannot be played, with exclusive interviews, coverage and analysis, where original boxing content is published week by week.