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DDP Yoga streaming on FITE

December 8, 2016

Contact: Michael Weber – 727-424-9938, Press@Fite.tv

FITE announces launch of DDP Yoga on streaming platform starting Thursday, December 8

New York, NY – December 8, 2016 – FITE in conjunction DDP Yoga a nnounced today that it will be broadcasting the full DDP Yoga program and library on FITE starting Thursday, December 8. FITE is a television network, via a downloadable app, that specializes in all things fighting, including Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Martial Arts and now DDP Yoga. FITE is a free app that is available for download at the Google Play or iTunes app stores.

Starting December 8, FITE subscribers can purchase the DDP YOGA program and join the millions of DDP YOGA believers that have transformed their bodies and lives without the impact on joints like other fitness programs!

DDP YOGA is the hottest fitness program available due to its ability to target all areas of fitness – strength, cardio, and flexibility all at the same time with minimal joint impact. Developed by former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, it was originally designed as a rehabilitation workout to help wrestlers prolong their careers. It was developed out of necessity when Diamond Dallas Page suffered a severe back injury and was told his wrestling career was over. DDP YOGA was able to save DDP's wrestling career and has gone on to save Chris Jericho's career and change countless others' lives.

The FITE app has patented technology that automatically lets users flip their programming from mobile devices onto any wifi connected TV. It doesn't matter if you have a smart TV, or you use Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV. If your TV is Wifi connected you can watch the FITE app programming onto your large screen TV and this now includes the DDP Yoga workout program.

"FITE is a revolutionary network and an awesome new way to get your DDPY in full effect", said Diamond Dallas Page.

"We are thrilled to be able to add the DDP Yoga workout series to the FITE line up of programming. DP Yoga has helped countless people live healthier and better lives and we want to help make it available to our every growing user base," said Michael Weber, COO for FITE.

DDP Yoga Program Features the following video components:

  • Beginner : A step-by-step workout focused on modifications and making the workout your own!
  • Breathing : How to properly control your breathe for optimum performance during and after your workout is finished.
  • Diamond : Teaches you the fundamental DDPY positions and how to use Dynamic Resistance to reach your prime fat burning zone.
  • Energy : A compact workout created to boost your energy while also burning calories.
  • Stand Up: Condensed, zero impact standing workout focused on balance.
  • Red Hot: Short workout to burn away fat and increase core strength.
  • Fat Burner: Shortened workout focused on strengthening your knees, hips, shoulders, and back.

At just $64.99, DDP Yoga on FITE is one deal too good to pass up. FITE features the best of live and Video On Demand - Boxing, MMA and Wrestling programming. With DDP Yoga we are helping you FITE to be the healthiest person that you can be. The first 100 subscribers that purchase the DDP Yoga program will receive a free FITE t-shirt.

About DDP Yoga:

DDP YOGA has been featured on Shark Tank, Good Morning America, The Doctors, The Revolution, HBO's Real Sports, The New York Times, The London Times and many other media outlets, showcasing its amazing ability to transform lives. Now, unlike ever before, you can experience this amazing fitness program with DDP YOGA!

About FITE:

FITE is a product of Flipps Media and is a free mobile app that is a one-stop shop for viewing all sports within the fighting discipline globally including MMA, professional wrestling, boxing, and traditional martial arts. With only access to a smartphone and a connected TV, with the FITE app, viewers can watch live events, on-demand programming, interviews and fighting sports related movies and documentaries on the big TV screen. More information can be found at www.fite.tv.

About Flipps Media:

Flipps delivers on-demand entertainment to any nearby connected TV from your mobile device without any additional hardware. The company has offices in San Mateo, New York and Sofia, Bulgaria and is backed by Tim Draper, Earlybird Venture Capital, Aslanoba Capital and LAUNCHub. Flipps' patented technology immediately works with over 350+ million connected TVs and is compatible with over 7,000 manufacturer models requiring no set up, no pairing devices, no cables, no dongles and no set top box.

The Flipps mobile application is free and available on iTunes and Google Play. More information can be found at www.flipps.com.

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