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January 26, 2017

For Immediate Release

Contact: Michael Weber: Michael.weber@flipps.com, 727-424-9938


New York, NY (January 26, 2017) – FITE, the programming network for viewing ring sports globally, announced today the expansion of its original programming with a series of exclusive interviews. Every week a top fighter from the MMA, Pro Wrestling or the Boxing space will sit down with FITE correspondent So Cal Val to answer questions from FITE fans.

"We are very excited to engage top talent from the best matches on FITE to discuss topics chosen by our fans worldwide", commented Michael Weber, FITE COO. "This is yet another great opportunity for fight fans to stay close to their favorite stars. We're working to provide an option to continue this discussion with chat sessions during live shows on the FITE app. The exclusive interview series is just the tip of the iceberg of our community program we'll be introducing in the coming months".

The first interview from the series is with Adam Cole, 3 times ROH champion and fans' favorite star on FITE who speaks about his tenure at ROH, how he prepares for matches, and what lays ahead for ROH and himself in 2017.

MMA star Daniel Spohn talks about his Hard Knocks fighting in an exclusive interview before Hard Knocks 53 LIVE on FITE this weekend.

"I'm thrilled with the opportunity to interview world class fight elite for FITE and starting off with none other than Adam Cole is a very special experience for me", commented Valerie Wyndham, FITE special announcer and on-site correspondent "Every interview is a very candid conversation about fighters' life and things they care about, and the best part is that every FITE fan can contribute by sending us their questions all of which have been truly ingenious. I really enjoy conversing with FITE fans".

The FITE app is a free download from iTunes and Google Play.

For more information about upcoming interviews and sending questions to fighters, join us on Twitter: @fitetv

Interviews streaming now on FITE:

Adam Cole, ROH Wrestling:

Link to watch: www.fite.tv/v/2j2cf

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Daniel Spohn, Hard Knocks

Link to watch: http://www.trillertv.com/v/2j2cc/

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About FITE:

FITE is a programming network that brings live and on-demand ring sports programs to MMA, wrestling and boxing fans around the world.  With only access to a smartphone and a connected TV, with the FITE app, viewers can watch live events, on-demand programming, interviews and fighting sports related movies and documentaries on the big TV screen.  More information can be found at www.fite.tv.

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