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August 8, 2019

Feature Overview by Ivan Spasov
Editor-In-Chief at FITE.TV

How many times have you watched a very competitive match and wanted to see parts of it over and over again? Maybe you missed some of the action and you want to go back and take a look? FITE.TV has you covered on all of that and more!

What is FITE DVR?

FITE DVR is a cutting edge feature that fans have wanted for a long time so we're very excited to finally be able to showcase it!

With FITE DVR you can scroll back during a Live event and take a closer look at the action! You've seen something unbelievable and you want to go through it again? Now you can! Maybe a fast knockout that you didn't see coming? Maybe a contentious knockdown - was it a knockdown or was it a slip? Maybe a detail in a Pro Wrestling match - an expression, a move, a spot that was so well executed you had to watch it again?

You can think of FITE DVR as an Instant Replay button at the palm of our hand!

With this great new feature, you control the action - the screen is yours to command. Never again will emergency bathroom breaks, pesky phone calls or ringing neighbors be a problem. Need to open the door for the pizza delivery person? Now you can and you won't miss a thing! Simply scroll back to the moment you want and you'll see all you've missed!

FITE DVR is FREE and available across ALL Events!

FITE DVR is a default feature that everybody gets! It's NOT locked behind a "premium" package, it's NOT a paid feature and it doesn't require you to "watch an ad" to unlock!

FITE DVR is available to every single FITE.TV user and across ALL events! You can enjoy it as much as you like, whenever you like on whatever you like!

All you have to do is update the FITE.TV app to it's latest version and you're all set!

It doesn't matter what sports you watch or what program you watch - Free or PPV, everything gets this great new feature.

FITE DVR is also very easy to use! Check out the pictures below:


Fast and effortless, all with a snap of your fingers!

Test FITE DVR out with BKFC 7!

FITE DVR is out so you can take it for a spin any time you like! But if you've not decided what to watch and what to test it on, here is a great suggestion - Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 7!


BKFC 7 will be LIVE and FREE on FITE.TV on August 10th at 9:00 PM Eastern Time and this will be an event that will surely leave you with the desire to watch moments from it over and over. The stacked card will feature former UFC fighters like Melvin Guillard, Leonard Garcia, Jim Alers & much more!

Sit back and prepare to experience the excitement that FITE DVR brings to something as intense and thrilling as a Bare Knuckle event. You'll be able to replay all Knockouts, all split-second exchanges, all moments that leave you at the edge of your seat! Enjoy BKFC 7 & FITE DVR!

A quick note from the Team

Before we go, we want to thank our fans for being supportive and letting us know what they want! We've received and read your emails, we've seen your suggestions on social media and we take great care in building the combat experience that you want to see. It's exactly that feedback that pushed us to make FITE DVR a thing. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it in an effort to bring the experience to you, the fans.

Let us know what new features you'd like to see in the future! Let us know how you want to experience your combat sports! We'll try to deliver on as much as possible - you're what makes all of this worth it and we want you to be happy!

Sincerely,Team FITE