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May 19, 2018

FITE Instant Streaming hacks

As the weekend approaches, we start getting lots of questions on what streaming setup is best for you so you can watch your favorite pay-per-view wherever you happen to be.

And you, FITE fans, are everywhere! At the office or in the gym, on the commute or on vacation, from visiting your mom to camping in the desert – we've seen it all!

Even with a PPV we've duly pre-ordered and planned around, priorities may turn on the top of their head if we get stuck with a long layover or have to give up the living room to wife and kids.

Well, the battle for the living room is over and you wouldn't be into FITE unless you know it. Plus, you can catch up with your favorite programming from any place where there's WiFi. In other words, pretty much everywhere.

It is not appointment TV viewing that's hard to accommodate into our schedule today. It's the need of a 360-degree viewing experience so we can tune in on the top of the hour from anywhere without missing out, and then be able to switch screens by simply turning on the TV. Because nothing beats the big screen impact when watching a live show and not miss a single move of the HD action.

So, here are a few tips how to make the best of your streaming experience, everywhere. We can't wait for you to share your own streaming setup with us.

Happy Streaming Day!

Stream combat sports via Instant cast-to-TV

Get smarter with your Smart TV. All you need is your TV (or your friend's TV, or any TV) to be connected to WiFi as your phone. Install the free FITE app on your phone and pick a video to play. The app automatically discovers your TV and asks you where to stream.

We stream playback via the cloud with no battery drain or extra hassle for your phone. You can take calls and work with your phone as usual. We're very proud of the magic we've worked here and our streaming technology has 3 patents because, well, it's pretty awesome and safe.

Instant support for Fire TV & XBox - No App needed

You don't have to look for a Fire TV or XBox FITE app as we don't have one. Use the instant streaming recognition from the FITE mobile app instead. Again, playback streams directly to your TV screen via your FireTV and Xbox.

Sync your FITE on ROKU

If you're new to FITE, you can launch the FITE channel on ROKU and sign up for free to start watching. If you already have a FITE account, you can sync up your FITE profile during sign-in. To watch a PPV, your order goes through your ROKU store account but you can still enjoy the action on your screen of choice. Our ROKU app is state of the art and navigating through content is a breeze. Check it out!

The best way to watch live fights on Apple TV and Android TV

Earlier this year we announced the rollout of our dedicated app for Apple TV. All you need to do is just get the app fro your iTunes for Apple TV and use the remote Apple TV to log in. If you are an Android TV user, download our free app from your store. Our Android TV app has the full blown FITE functionality and we've been proudly featured by Google as soon as we hit the store.

FITE Mobile Apps: live combat sports on the go and free videos

FITE mobile apps for Android and iOS are available as a free download so you can keep your fight sports programming handy.

Registration is free with no strings attached. PPV orders are seamless and go through your iTunes or Google Play account.

Back in 2016, we started FITE as an app-first streaming service and we've worked hard to polish our in-app experience to let you discover content like no one else. We dare say it's the best streaming companion for every fight fan out there.

How to watch live online and join the community

PRO TIP: If you love chatting with fellow fans and discuss the fights as they happen, here's your dream setup. Use the FITE mobile app to cast the stream onto your TV, then join our live chat room on the screen of your computer. Some call this second screen experience, we call it to FITE like you mean it.


Did we mention you can watch on every screen of choice with a single order on FITE? Regardless of where you've placed your order, you can later unlock the event on another browser/device because plans change and, well, we want your orders. Get caught up with your live programming on every screen with no fear of whether you can make it on time.

* How to watch on PS4

Due to platform limitations, direct streaming to PS4 is not currently supported but you can log in and watch on www.FITE.tv from your PS4 browser.