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GCW Blood on the Hills HOT TAKE

December 13, 2021

This Saturday December 17th, Game Changer Wrestling returns to the scene of the crime, Los Angeles for Blood on the Hills. The title of the event is quite appropriate this time around, as even for GCW, some of the most insane lawlessness has exploded within and around the GCW Chaos Theory, making The Golden State as the epicenter for some of most brutal, hard-hitting, criminal professional wrestling insanity to ever unfold.

FITE will once again be your way in, a chance to explore the underground fight club known as GCW while also having some plausible deniability. You'll be able to revel into the true insanity of unbridled madness from the safety of your chosen device while also being completely safe and sound, your chance to experience the difference in all of its crimson glory and indulge in GCW lunacy once more as they push the boundaries of all that's holy and traditional in professional wrestling and combat sports.

Indeed, the stage being set for the main event of GCW Blood on the Hills may have been perhaps the most ruthless, evil act in the entirety of Game Changer Wrestling and for a promotion that considers Nick Gage it's heart and soul, think about the infinite ground that statement covers. It was just several weeks ago in Texas where Atticus Cogar, one of GCW's most demented antagonists, stole the control for GCW's pyrotechnics and then activated them while holding Jordan Oliver over them. A beaten Oliver was left defenseless as the pyro burst into his face for an extended period.

This being GCW, there is only one way for Oliver to attempt to avenge this atrocity and that's for the ring ropes to come down and the barbed wire to be strung up. While the rest of the world stand in awe of blinking holiday lights, GCW's faithful denizens will instead enjoy the glint and gleam of barbed wire as it tears the flesh and devours its victims, evil acts secondary only to the combined hatred all will witness at GCW's Blood on the Hills as Oliver and Cogar face off.

Of course, if one wants to embark upon viewing combined hatred so thick that even the smog in Los Angeles is secondary, look no further than the intrusion of Matt Cardons and Chelsea Green to Game Changer rings. The former GCW Champion and self-proclaimed King of the Death Match Cardona continues to antagonize both fans and combatants alike with his continued mocking and attacks on all things Game Changer. At Blood on the Hills, two of GCW's most loyal soldiers, EFFY and Allie Katch, will step forth to defend GCW and attempt to paint the Hollywood Hills red with blood. With the Cardonas dug down deep like an Alabama tick, it'll take the combined might of Katch and EFFY to extricate them once and for all.

The GCW World Tag Team Championship will also be at stake in Los Angeles as the reigning and defending Champions Mark and Jay Briscoe return to California to face two dishonorable foes from their past as PCO and Brody King unite under the Game Changer banner, bringing forth their patented brand of violence to a realm where such brutality is not only welcomed, but celebrated. As Mark and Jay step into a brave new world post-Ring of Honor, they'll be seeking to maintain their championship glory in GCW, but to do so means taking down the master of the Gonzo Bomb and the Undead French Frankenstein in a battle where no one is safe.

Look up in the sky! The stars of GCW have always pushed the boundaries of good sense, safety and gravity but perhaps the strongest lure for talent to a Game Changer ring is the ability to test one's self physically and emerge transformed after descending into the Lazarus Pit. Former Ring of Honor World Champion Bandido will seek to do just that by clashing in the ring and soaring above the squared circle with Blake Christian at Blood on the Hills. Since returning to GCW following his time in the Stamford penitary, Christian has been reborn, relishing in the GCW competitive mayhem. Now, he'll be tasked with stepping into a true dream match against one of Mexico's finest luchador sons.

Even with the bloodlust and bedlam that runs through the streets of Game Changer Wrestling, this is always a moment to reflect on the beauty and artistry of professional wrestling at its finest, when it morphs into the ultimate mental and physical chess game, two combatants at their peak, attempting to break down the defenses of their opposition in pursuit of gold, glory and victory. This past week, Jonathan Gresham ended an era by ascending into immortality as the new, perhaps final Ring of Honor World Champion, but even that accomplishment means nothing when it's time to step into the ring with AJ Gray. Gray has morphed into one of GCW's greatest flag bearers with a series of incredible in-ring accomplishments and performances that have turned the heads of FITE fans worldwide. Now, the FITE global audience will get to see what happens when these two superstars attempt to break the barrier of what defines great in-ring grappling at Blood on the Hills.

One of the most legendary masked men of CHIKARA and beyond, Jigsaw returned to GCW this Saturday in Los Angeles for a rare West Coast appearance, facing off with the undeniably intense Tony Deppen. Deppen, never one to mince words or deflect his aggressions, is looking to pluck Jigsaw out of the sky and grind away, beating the mystery man down in order to achieve another hard fought victory. Game Changer Wrestling has been a nexus where different combat sport styles go to war with each other and this will be no exception. Jigsaw is looking to steal the conversation as GCW prepares to close out 2021 and heads to the Hammerstein Ballroom in his hometown of NYC while Deppen is looking to claim another soul en route to victory.

GCW is where pro wrestling's baddest asses dream of arriving in order to indulge in some of their most carnal, vicious desires and Jacob Fatu has been no exception, an unstoppable beast that has left a path of destruction at GCW venues worldwide. At Blood on the Hills this Saturday in Los Angeles, the former MLW Champion may be facing off with his most shocking opposition to date - Dark Sheik. One of the most twisted and dangerous female combatants in GCW, Sheik has never shied away from a challenge, being just as ferocious in the ring against AJ Gray as she would be against Allie Katch. Fatu, however, is a beast of his own animal, an apex predator with no equal. This Saturday could prove to be one of the most daring undertakings by anyone in a GCW ring.

GCW's Blood on the Hills will go down this Saturday live from the legendary Ukrainian Culture Center in Los Angeles, CA. Lock the doors and log into FITE, the greatest way to experience the culture change that comes with living that GCW life.

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.