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March 14, 2023

GCW Eye For An Eye & Worst Behavior 2023 HOT TAKE

All across the United States and Canada, the insanity that is Game Changer Wrestling rages on this week on FITE+ as all roads lead to the Collective on the biggest weekend of the year

But, before the insane and outlandish competitors that populate GCW can bring their criminal designs back to the City of the Angels, two major events are set to go down this week as Game Changer Wrestling returns back to the Big Apple before heading back North of the Border to settle some scores with The International Wrestling Syndicate in Toronto.

GCW Eye For An Eye

It all begins this Friday March 17th when GCW invades The Melrose Ballroom in NYC on one of the wildest nights of the year, St. Patrick's Day for the greater Metropolitan area. GCW will present Eye For An Eye live on FITE +, appropriately bringing one of the most anticipated Game Changer Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship defenses in some time as Nick Gage steps into the ring to defend against the Russian Dynamo known as Masha Slamovich.

Slamovich has taken the entirety of professional wrestling to the extreme over the last year, facing down everyone from Mickie James to Josh Alexander to Alex Shelley and more, but now, coming off a big tour of WXW in Germany, Masha will have to bring all of her cunning and hard-hitting aggression inside and beyond the ring to its apex to face the literal living incarnation of GCW, Nick Gage.

Nick Gage isn't a man known for his sportsmanship and he's not going to take it easy on anyone, much less Masha Slamovich. Gage, the leader of Murder Death Kill is going to bring all the violence imaginable this Friday, but the reality is, so will Masha, who in many ways could be considered the mirror image of Gage. Whether it's broken glass or broken knuckles, each of these fighters will bring the crimson and the carnage to the ring, each pushing the other to the brink of madness, all in the name of claiming the most cherished prize in all of GCW, the World Championship, in their first-time ever encounter.

This Friday's NYC event will also feature several unique and awe-inspiring tag team battles. New Japan Pro Wrestling's Time Splitters, KUSHIDA and Alex Shelley will exit the Delorean to enter GCW, battling the dream team of Mike Bailey and Jordan Oliver. This match that all but promises tag team excellence with four competitors who will physically push the envelope and shatter all expectations of what a classic tag team presentation can be in the 21st century and beyond.

But, if you flip the hourglass and want more anarchy in your tandem competitions, the pissed off former GCW World Tag Team Champions Los Macizos, Ciclope and Miedo Extremo, are seething after losing their titles last weekend and are looking to take their anger out on everyone who steps in their way. Luckily for the GCW faithful watching worldwide on FITE+, two of the toughest, fearless female competitors on Planet Earth are ready for that challenge as Rina Yamashita and Sawyer Wreck align to battle the savage luchadors. These two Nick Gage Invitational alumni are no stranger to bloody carnage across the world and now they step into NYC seeking to show the world that Los Macizos are no longer the true apex predators in GCW.

If there are favorites in NYC, it's the hometown boys who have made good and they'll be seen in full effect this Friday night on FITE+ at GCW's An Eye for An Eye. The Grimm Reefer, who has been fighting in NYC streets and shocking opposition with his unique aerial assault combinations, is seen as one of the fans' own in the Five Boroughs. This Friday, he'll have his biggest singles opportunity in GCW to date, challenging Extreme Champion Joey Janela. Could we see a little hometown magic lead to a new ascension in GCW?

Then, Bed Stuy Do or Die himself, The Notorious 187, Homicide charges into the squared circle to face another NYC original, Matt Cardona. The Streets of Brooklyn and Long Island couldn't be any different, but over the years, Cardona has matured and evolved into the self-proclaimed King of the Death Match. For Homicide though, every fight is live or die, and this Friday live on FITE+, we'll see who the stronger New Yorker is once and for all.

An Eye for An Eye will also feature a true lucha dream match as former Ring of Honor World Champion Bandido will battle GCW's Gringo Loco in a match that has international implications, Willie Mack will bring his hybrid fighting and flying offense against the ground and pound might of Tony Deppen and Blake Christian vs. Jack Cartwheel promises to evolve and astound worldwide FITE viewers as they take to the skies and to the ring with their unique offensive maneuvers and hard hitting strikes.

GCW Worst Behavior 2023

In most cases, New York City is the main attraction for the weekend, but after the events of UnFNSanctioned, Game Changer Wrestling has some scores to settle as they march back into enemy territory in Toronto's Opera House for Worst Behavior. Last week in Montreal, GCW's Nick Gage, Mance Warner & Rina Yamashita combined to battle PCP Manny, Sexxxy Eddy and The Green Phantom in a Fans bring the weapons match that can be watched now on FITE+ on Demand, but the war continues this Sunday March 19th.

First, Sexxxy Eddy, the original IWS loyalist will step into battle with perhaps the most unlikely of GCW defenders in Matt Cardona. If there's ever been a battle between two men that would be hated by the denizens of GCW, this is it, but with the match set for Canada, IWS loyalists will certainly show their support for Eddy. Eddy is no stranger to bloodshed or destroying himself physically to claim the ultimate victory, but could the self-centered Cardona ever be willing to do the same? FITE+ viewers will learn this Sunday.

A true women's dream match is also set for Toronto as Lufisto, the Indie Wrestling Hall of Famer and the most important women's competitor in Canadian Wrestling history will again defend IWS and her country alike, hoping to defeat one of the most popular and extreme Japanese women's wrestling stars today, Rina Yamashita, the current, reigning and defending GCW Ultraviolent Champion. While Yamashita's very essence in the ring scares most opponents, Lufisto has battled in the harshest of environments, including the CZW Cage of Death. She doesn't scare, she battles. This Saturday, a two generational war is set for every FITE+ fan to experience live as if they were standing ringside in Toronto!

No matter whether she walks out the GCW World Champion in NYC or not, Masha Slamovich is always looking for her next opponent, her next victim. This Sunday in Toronto, it will be Speedball Mike Bailey, who made the terrible mistake of aligning himself with his native Canadian brethren from IWS in the battle against GCW. Now, Bailey finds himself the next target the insatiable Russian Dynamo wants to dominate and destroy. Two of the most incredible professional wrestlers, from a performance standpoint, of the last year across the world will face off against each other, live on FITE+ this Sunday.

GCW's Worst Behavior this Sunday live from Toronto is also slated to feature Allie Katch, Blake Christian, Effy, Gringo Loco, Tony Deppen and more to be announced.

This week in two very different, unique cities, tempers will flair and the temperature will boil, with all roads leading to Los Angeles for The Collective, the biggest week of the year for GCW and beyond - but before that, wars will be settled, championships will be fought for and blood will be spilled as the most combative and criminal of all combat sports companies, GCW seeks to change the game yet again, live on FITE+.

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.