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October 5, 2021

"The carnage is not the end of something. Rather, it can be the beginning of everything. And the manner in which the carnage serves us will depend on the manner in which we see it."

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Since the advent of its creation, Game Changer Wrestling has brought the seedy underbelly of professional wrestling, which once seemed to have been homogenized out of existence, back to the masses.

It is a promotion where friction explodes into anger and anger seethes into violence. It is the fight pit where violence is the foundation and weaponry, brawling, shattered glass are simply the primal screams in the darkness as two competitors seek to not just defeat, but dispose of the other, forever etching their victory into flesh and stone.

Game Changer Wrestling has always buckled the norms and weathered the story to force new names out to the masses, to bring back forgotten, dangerous undercurrents and to stand strong and rage against the machine. The GCW way isn't for the weak at heart, but for those who embrace professional wrestling at its most base, who seek out danger and want the transformed enlightenment that comes with standing witness to the rawest of emotions and ferocity, Game Changer Wrestling is the shelter they seek.

Indeed, GCW may be one of the most unique experiences in all of professional wrestling, but let's call it as it is, Fight Club this Saturday October 9th may be the moment where even got GCW, the mighty ship may capsize and be submerged under the weight of the most violent match ever presented on FITE, by Game Changer Wrestling or anyone else.

The sheer imagery brought about by the names facing off in this Death Match, Jon Moxley and Nick Gage, explodes with crimson red carnage, all out lunacy and unbridled madness. The GCW World Championship, held by Moxley after his shocking, surprise victory over Matt Cardona, may be at stake, but even the luster of that championship gold is secondary to the true prize of this fight - bragging rights that one man has truly, finally, left the other laying a broken mass of humanity, bleeding, his soul torn asunder, perhaps never to be the same again.


Justice can span years. Retribution is not subject to a calendar." - Rod Serling.

For Nick Gage, Death Match Wrestling is everything. There is no moment in his lifetime where he'll walk the Hollywood red carpet. There is no family to embrace in his peaceful moment of reflection. There is nothing but the next fight, the next moment to be swarmed by his Murder Death Kill clan, another night where broken glass and broken knuckles are the norm. Another night where its bleed or be bled, win

or be left dead.

Gage has fought his entire life to prove himself, to push himself, to rehabilitate himself through the pain and anger and sadness. Every moment he is breathing, Gage is waiting for the next moment to pounce and destroy, to reign supreme as the best in the world at what he was born and bred to do, eliminate the competition and bask in the glory of being the King of his subterranean world.

To sit once more on his throne, Gage needs to vanquish Jon Moxley, who ascended out of the muddy, bloody realms of their youth and tasted that Hollywood spotlight, only to reject the sports-entertainment world. Walking away from an untold fortune, Moxley dove back into the origins of what made him great, brawling around the world not because he needed to, but because he wanted to. Someone who wants that level of depravity is someone not to be taken lightly, but neither is Nick Gage.

For Gage, this is a chance at retribution, to show himself and the world that despite everything Moxley has been handed, he's not the better man. It's Nick Gage who persevered through his greatest defeats, his greatest errors and even the loss of his freedom, only to rise up, a calloused, bruised hero who at the end of the battled, may bathed in broken shards of glass and droplets of plasma, but he lives to fight another day, victorious.

Moxley, however, is much like Nick Gage, in that he needs that competition, that bloodlust, that carnage, in order to feel alive. He has all the things that should satisfy that hunger - riches, family, success - but he isn't satisfied and unlike most who would simply lie to themselves, Moxley's not going to deny that he's not satisfied. So, he steps into GCW's most insane match of all time, not just defending his GCW World title, but knowing this moment and this fight are what he needs to keep quenching that innate hunger within that continues to drive him. With Nick Gage, it's an entire buffet of danger and torture and violence, just the sort of thing that reveals the sneer beneath Jon Moxley's smile.


Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor." - Robert A. Heinlein.

Moxley and Gage go back many, many years, having scarred and assaulted the others in ways that would have led to legal proceedings if they weren't inside a squared circle. All of that, good, bad and bloody, was just exposition. The true story gets carved across skin and muscle and father time this Saturday evening on FITE, when hardcore history is made and the art of the death match levels up to a whole new extreme.

So, you've been warned. Sure, Matt Cardona is attempting to wrest his Internet Championship back from Effy, desperate enough to put his entire GCW career at Fight Club. We know Ninja Mack is going to take to the air to shock the world one more time against Alex Zayne, who likewise has a massive chip on his shoulder. We know Lio Rush is going to grace a GCW ring again and we know that Atlantic City is going to be rocked to its core, but nothing, absolutely nothing will outshine the riot that will be Moxley vs. Gage.

The lure of this bout is so great that even Mick Foley, who left blood and body parts across the entire world in his pursuit of hardcore glorification, has been unable to avoid the magnetic pull of the violent majesty that Gage and Moxley will surely conjure up, conductors of the guerrilla warfare that only GCW can provide the world. FITE is the lone place in the world that can provide a safe refuge for those seeking to delve into the underground at its most savage.

GCW Fight Club this Saturday Night, only on FITE, the war, the resentment, the anger, the hostility, the bloodlust, all comes to a head. Gage. Moxley. What more even needs to be said?

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.