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September 21, 2021

"When you leave New York, you are astonished at how clean the rest of the world is. Cleanis not enough."

—Fran Lebowitz

If there was ever a professional wrestling promotion that feels like it burst out of the grimy apex of New York City, it very well may be Game Changer Wrestling.

In a world where combat sports may feel far too over-produced and too slickly pretty with bright lights and pretty video screens distracting from the carnage, GCW is the antidote for what ails you as a fight fan.

GCW is The Warriors come to life, that fight scene from your favorite gritty 70s film where blood pools with spit and only the best fighter walks out under his own power. It's that secret fight club that requires that word of mouth password for entry. The brick walls are ordained by broken glass and barbed wire, the darkness paused by the glitter of golden championships and smashmouth professional wrestling meshes with the sneering punk rock attitude that is not only pure GCW, but pure NYC.


"Curtains forcing their will against the wind, children sleep, exchanging dreams with seraphim. The city drags itself awake on subway straps; and I, an alarm, awake as a rumor of war, lie stretching into dawn, unasked and unheeded." —Maya Angelou

The Blumhouse Studios of professional wrestling, GCW brings horror, shock and awe alongside in-ring action that pushes the boundaries, bringing everyone present to an absolutely emotional boil.

As FITE fans who have witnessed recent GCW events are well aware, the promotion's anything goes blunt presentation allows for an atmosphere unlike anywhere in the world of combat sports. GCW fans demand action, violence, blood. They want to see real men and women throwing down and proving they are the best.

GCW is about taking the expectations you have when the show begins, flipping it over and piledriving it on its head. It wants the audience to live vicariously through the wars, to take them on a roller coaster ride that is equal parts bloodlust and adrenaline and bloodlust.


"New York is an ugly city, a dirty city. Its climate is a scandal, its politics are used to frighten children, its traffic is madness, its competition is murderous. But there is one thing about it—once you have lived in New York and it has become your home, no place else is good enough."―John Steinbeck

If ever there was a promotion built for NYC, it is Game Changer Wrestling - and this week, they make their stand not once, but twice from The Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York, live on FITE for the entire world to see as vibrant as they would from front row center.

It all commences this Thursday evening with Emofight, which GCW promises to combine, "the best elements of "Emo Night", a popular celebration of emo, pop punk and your favorite music from the days of Myspace with the world of Game Changer Wrestling. Featuring LIVE pro wrestling matches, along with musical performances, live DJ's, a heavy dose of nostalgia and a unique presentation, EMO FIGHT will give fans of both EMO and WRESTLING a night to remember. "

If there was one wrestler who epitomized that scene and brought its dark radiance to the masses in professional wrestling, it is Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs steps back into the spotlight after a number of years of influencing the world behind the scenes in professional wrestling, choosing GCW to make a statement.

With no matches announced, Emofight will truly be the definitive GCW experience as everyone walks into the unknown waiting to see what madness unfurls around them this Thursday night on FITE.

Then, on Friday, dream matches and more abound when Game Changer Wrestling once again goes live on FITE with Getslostalot.

Just days after Nick Gage and Japanese legend Minoru Suzuki agreed to throw down at GCW's return to Los Angeles, these world renowned fighters will be in the house in NYC. While Gage is preparing for his Death Match with Jon Moxley, could Suzuki decide it's time to go to war early?

Even if everyone remains on their side of the locker room, Nick Gage will step inside the squared circle to bring the fight to NYC, stepping inside the ring with one of New York's most beloved hometown heroes, Grim Reefer. Reefer had fought through every major NYC-based promotion and is still standing tall, sailing through the air to bring a Five-Borough flavor to hapless opponents. In Nick Gage, Reefer faces off with one of the most ferocious combatants of his entire career. A win means immediate gratification not just in front of his hometown fans but before a global FITE audience. If Gage takes him lightly, distracted by all the other competitors he's scheduled to face in the weeks to come for GCW, Reefer will surely bring the fire.

Meanwhile, Minoru Suzuki, renowned for his toughness and eternally respected by all, finds himself in the same position as Gage. Homicide is proudly Bed Stuy Do or Die, representing all corners of NYC as much as his own native Brooklyn. Having trained the best wrestlers to ever come out of New York City, Homicide's storied career has taken him from the LIWF to Ring of Honor to GCW and beyond. In Suzuki, even the venerated veteran finds himself in the rare position of being an underdog on his own turf. Suzuki has been bringing physical punishment and his own patented badassery to the world his entire career, but if there was a mirror image of that rugged madness that was bred to stare back at him, it's Homicide.

Meanwhile, having earned a hard fought victory over comedian Ron Funches in Los Angeles, Tony Deppen is prepared for his next international conquest, taking on Japan's Taiji Ishimori. While Deppen's momentum in GCW is next to none, Ishimori brings his own patented submission style and fluid, hard-hitting offense, providing Deppen yet another test in his ongoing quest to prove himself as the fiercest fighter in GCW. The showdown may have international implications but when the bell rings, only one will emerge victorious, proving his worth before the most rabid wrestling fans in NYC.

If there is one talent with a chip on his shoulder seeking to prove his worth, indeed, it is Alex Zayne, who has returned to GCW after an excursion to WWE NXT. Zayne has returned to the promised land, seeking to shove his success down the throats of all critics and detractors. This Friday, he'll shine brightly as he takes on the pride of Georgia, the aerial assault artist known the world over as AR Fox. Fox's mind-blowing stratosphere-defying offense takes pro wrestling fans on a ride while driving his opponents straight through physical hell. If there was ever a match that promised to deliver in GCW history, this is the one.

As if those main events weren't enough, the most unlikely GCW Champion in history, Matt Cardona will return, promising a major announcement. In a world where up is down and dogs are cats, not even Cardona's native NYC is likely to embrace him with open arms. Whatever his latest antics in GCW may be, it's certain to trend on Twitter and shock the world.

This Thursday and Friday, FITE, the exclusive home for GCW, provides the only true window into the brawling, the brazen, the criminal and the majesty that is GCW, live from New York City!

New York, a hell of a town, indeed. GCW, a hell of an experience. Two distinct, sneering entities colliding in the best way possible, only on FITE.

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.