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November 2, 2022


For months, fans have been clamoring for Game Changer Wrestling, the Frankenstein Monster of professional wrestling that carries the grit and grime that epitomizes the purity of the professional wrestling underground to plant their flag and name their permanent, streaming home - and FITE is proud to announce that going forward, all GCW events will be available as part of a FITE+ subscription, bringing you every Game Changer Wrestling event, domestic and international, under one umbrella for the first time ever.

Slowly and surely over the last decade, GCW has grown from urban legend, a mouth to mouth blue collar discovery that has exploded from the fight clubs of New Jersey into a true international phenomenon, presenting events in Mexico, Japan, Great Britain and beyond as well as every major market. From New York City to Los Angeles, Detroit to Chicago and all points in between, GCW's twisted and violent take on professional wrestling, pushing the envelope when it comes to athletics, courage and violence alike finds itself bonded with FITE like never before.

GCW is uncompromising, blunt and in your face. In many ways, it is a reflection of today's society, a world screaming out for action, for violence, for catharsis as much as any old school professional wrestling audience did, but also a revolutionary, progressive product that features different elements that logically, should not work on paper, yet continues to inspire a spark of true unbridled emotion for the fans across the globe seeking something different.

The Blumhouse Studios of pro wrestling, GCW brings back the shock and instills the horror that is its professional wrestling's unbridled essence. GCW is the last promotion to scream and rage against the machine, bringing a smashmouth style that is driven by physicality that solve true grudges and roller coaster-level aerial assaults that allow GCW stars to take to the skies as they attempt to drive their opposition straight to hell with their mind-blowing flights.

FITE+ will brings you directly into GCW's skewed universe, where chaos is the norm and the mosh pit surrounding the ring makes a viewer at home feel as if they are standing shoulder-to-shoulder, a core member of the mosh pit that is both celebrating and witnessing true insanity unfolding around them in all directions at once.

With the addition of GCW, FITE+ take a major step forward in ensuring its place as the definitive streaming home for professional wrestling across the globe. Already providing immediate, live and on-demand access to the extensive FITE+ library with over 4,000 hours from more than 108+ organizations from all over the world - professional wrestling, MMA, boxing and beyond, all waiting for you 24/7, GCW adds a vibrant, new dimension to your FITE+ subscription.

As of NOW, FITE+ brings you all the swashbuckling, boundary-shattering Game Changers directly to you, no matter where on Planet Earth you reside, streaming to every device imaginable. No matter where you are, you are ringside for every major GCW moment going forward as a FITE+ subscriber.

In GCW, battles can be waged without the ring. Women stand with the man and regularly battle them. The bile and blood that makes a true fighter great is constant in Game Changer Wrestling. It's a world where competitors from across the world collide, taking to the streets, the air and the mat to prove their supremacy and quell the uprising against them. It's a battlefield where the ends justify the means at all times, with steel chairs, glass tubes, doors, tables and barbed wire are as much part of the arsenal as great professional wrestling in-ring acumen and technique is, and now, FITE+ provides GCW's roster their new home to show the world this twisted slice of combat sports greatness.

FITE+ subscribers can now watch the next generation of true warriors rise from the GCW chaos. Over the last several years, PCO, Joey Janela, Allie Katch, Jacob Fatu, Effy and countless others have found their careers made - or reborn! - by virtue of their incredible accomplishments under the GCW banner.

Of course, perhaps no one symbolizes the GCW experience more than Nick Gage. The maste rof Murder Death Kill remains one of the most fascinating competitors of the 21st century. An uncompromising brawler who has bonded with his audience like no one else in combat sports today, Gage's criminal past often collides with his progressive views, melding into a one of a kind professional wrestling personality, the likes of which will never be seen again. Gage brings the heart, the soul, the violence and the grime, all at once as he seeks to vanquish his foes inside the squared circle and the streets surrounding GCW's venues - and now he leads the charge, unflinching and momentous, as GCW invades FITE+.

FITE is proud to announce that moving forward, FITE+ is the exclusive streaming home for all things Game Changer Wrestling, providing the true window into the brawling, the brazen, the criminal and the majesty that could only be housed in GCW's rings. Prepare yourself!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.