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August 11, 2023

ICW Shug's Hoose Party 8 HOT TAKE

ICW will return to FITE+ this Sunday August 13th, Shug's Hoose Party 8, live from Glasgow in the most infamous garage in the entire world!

ICW's annual summer spectacle has always proven to be one of the biggest Hoose Parties in the world, bringin Europe's best into battle in the most intimate, balls to the walls environment possible, with all of the promotion's top championships on the line as the entire FITE+ Universe gets to join in the party live as it's happening, beamed to their devices across the globe.

This year's event will be especially electric as Scotland's most celebrated professional wrestling promotion, ICW, welcomes a number of familiar faces back following their journey through WWE NXT UK and NXT in the United States, including Big Damo, Lizzy Evo, Sha Samuels, Ashton Smith and Kenny Williams. All of these competitors are coming to rock the house and prove themselves, hungry to show the world that they remain as sharp and as dangerous as ever inside the squared circle. Hoose Party 8 is shaping up to be one of the most memorable, explosive events in ICW history, as seen by these dream match quality main events:


"The King Of Benidorm" Aaron Echo is on top of the world as the ICW World Heavyweight Champion but at Hoose Party 8, he faces his greatest challenge to date, having to defeat not one but two world-class competitors in Ashton Smith and Sha Samuels, needing to defeat both competitors in order to survive this Elimination bout with his championship intact.

Since defeating Leyton Buzzard to capture the title this past May at Get The F Out! Echo has held a tight grip on the championship but the Rich Kids alumnus might need all the help he can muster this Sunday.

Since returning to the UK scene, the boisterous Sha Samuels has stopped at nothing when it has come to enforcing his will, seeking to continue the rebellious streak that was his calling card in NXT UK stronger than ever. However, the tantatilizing aspect of winning the World Championship has driven Samuels to drop an incredible amount of weight while training in anticipation for this moment.

"Once I found out I was getting an ICW Heavyweight Championship match at one of the biggest shows of the year, I had to pull my finger out." said Samuels. "It was the motivation I needed to get back to the best shape I could."

To capture the belt, Samuels will not only have to contend with Echo but former ICW and NXT UK Tag Team Champion Ashton Smith, also returning to The Garage and seeking to once again make history. Smith has been long known as "The Prestige" and could walk out with ICW's most prestigious championship this Sunday.

This unique Elimination style bout allows for all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, alliances and betrayals with the very balance of power for ICW and beyond at stake, live on FITE+!


A major showdown set at Shug's Hoose Party 8 will see the reigning and defending ICW Women's World Champion Rhio defend her crown against Lizzy Evo. Since her debut back in 2021, Rhio has been on a mission to decimate every opponent en route to capturing the Women's World Championship from Molly Saxton at the 11th Annual ICW Square Go! Since that time, Rhio has traveled all across Europe and beyond, defeating the top challengers in rapid succession.

But now, Lizzy Evo enters the game. Having returned to her original ring name after an excursion in WWE NXT UK that saw her battling the likes of Meiko Satomura and Xia Brookside, the 27-year old star is determined to use her strength and tenacity to win the championship and etch her names into the ICW time capsule forever. In order to do so, she'll have to figure out the riddle of defeating one of the most devastating competitors in ICW history.

Will Evo find herself joining a long list of challengers that were beaten down and defeated, or will she become the first person to make ICW history as she ascends to the pantheon of Champions? Only FITE+ subscribers will know the answer live as it happens! The fate of the ICW Women's World Championship will be determined this Sunday.


ICW's Zero-G Champion Jason Reed will step into Hoose Party 8 this Sunday, once again looking to show the entire world why the UK's most renowned Junior Heavyweight Championship remains coveted by every professional wrestler First established back in 2011 when inaugural champion Noam Dar first held the gold, the championship has not only set the standard for the modern day Cruiserweight style but has inspired countless competitors who has used it as a springboard to international acclaim.

"The Staunch Superstar" is seeking to retain his title, but to do so, he'll have to turn back the challenge of Stevie James, one of the men Reed defeated at Get The F Out! In order to capture the championship. James, proudly known as "The Outlaw" is seeking his claim to fame and will do nothing to erase the blemish of that loss, wanting to capture his first ICW singles championship. Whether his past achievements as Tag Team Champion will empower him to shock the world remains to be seen on FITE+ this Sunday!


Big Damo, the former Killian Dane during his WWE chapter, returns to ICW with a vengeance this Sunday, seeking to ensure that all eyes are on him as he pillages and plunders his way through Scotland and beyond to prove himself as THE dominant force in all of European professional wrestling.

"ICW is my home, they were the first to call me after my WWE release." said Big Damo. "I want to prove that I am the best heavyweight on planet earth."

In ICW, Damo has the platform that he can use as the foundation of his attempts to overtake and reshape the promotion in his own image, using all of his sheer brute force, but to do so, he'll have to take down the scheming Kenny Williams.

Williams, himself another former WWE NXT alumnus, has been crisscrossing back and forth over Europe and beyond to build his own momentum over the last year and now finds himself facing someone with the exact same goals of resetting their career and destroying all the obstacles that have been put in their way. It will be Damo's monstrous might against Williams' versatility and scheming - and the winner will have gone a long way towards building the next iteration of their legacy worldwide before FITE+ subscribers.

ICW's Hoose Party will also feature Theo Doros vs Jaxn plus The Manifesto, Molly Spartan, Angel Hayze and more in action, promising to tear down the Hoose as only ICW and all its insanity can. FITE+ invites you into the most exclusive party of the year as ICW presents Hoose Party!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.