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Impact Wrestling - Hard To Kill

January 8, 2020

An opinion piece by Ivan Spasov
Editor-In-Chief at FITE.TV

Impact Wrestling: Hard To Kill hits this week and it's going to be awesome!

Impact Wrestling has been at the forefront of many waves that have changed Pro Wrestling forever. From the X-Division in the past to the integration of multi-sport athletes in mixed-sport competitions in recent memory. And in 2020, Impact is riding in the front of another huge step forward in the progression of Pro Wrestling.

A Woman is Fighting for the Impact World Title!

Tessa vs Sami

It is indeed an interesting time for Pro Wrestling fans. At Hard To Kill we'll get to see the first intergender match for the Impact World Title between arguably the two faces of the company today - Tessa Blanchard and Sami Callihan!

This is truly a rematch to look forward to! Last time Tessa and Sami were in the ring, they had a truly awesome performance. Both gave everything they had, both pushed the envelope as much as possible and it resulted in an instant classic.

I still remember the strong visual of Sami handing over the golden baseball bat over to Tessa after he got the win. It was something that reminded me why I'm a fan of Pro Wrestling in the first place. The story ... the emotion - everything was told perfectly and people loved every bit of it!

Now in 2020, Sami Callihan is the champion and Tessa Blanchard is the challenger in a groundbreaking match! And this is where Tessa has a chance to make history and become the first woman to wear the Impact World Title around her waist!

How will this go down? We'll all get a chance to see on January 12th at 8:00 PM Eastern right here on FITE. Still … I have some strong feelings on the topic.

Tessa Blanchard should be the face of Impact Wrestling!

Tessa Blanchard

Time for some personal bias here - after all, this is an opinion piece. I love watching Tessa Blanchard work! I love the way she moves with power and confidence inside the ring. I love the way she cuts her ferocious promos. I love the way she sells moves. Her face is so expressive with everything she does … her body language tells a story each and every time.

Tessa gives off a champion's vibe! Everything about her screams superstar and champion.

Her physical performance inside the ring reminds me of the old days of Pro Wrestling where every move was executed with authority. Where you felt the weight of each bump. However, along with that she brings the attitude of modern-day wrestling - she looks fresh, she knows how to work the audience and is able to captivate the entire spectrum of fandom.

I truly think that Tessa Blanchard has every attribute of a champion. I also believe that she can be the face of Impact Wrestling! Not only that, I believe that she has the right attributes to push Impact Wrestling to the front of the line in the industry.

Now that I got that off my chest, there are still other things we need to talk about!

A Truly STACKED Fight Card!

Impact Wrestling has really outdone themselves with Hard To Kill! Four title matches and four non-title matches, this card looks like a Pro Wrestling fan's dream. Of these matches, there are three that really interest me a lot.

Ken Shamrock is Fighting Madman Fulton!

Ken Shamrock is Fighting MadmanI got a chance to interview Ken a while ago about his Bare Knuckle fighting promotion. Little did I expect that he'd be back in the Pro Wrestling ring in 2020 and going up against the 6'8" Madman Fulton! Quite possibly the scariest person on Impact's roster right now, Fulton is a true force of nature. Giving off that monster vibe, this behemoth will truly pose a challenge to Shamrock! Ken is in outstanding shape and his fighting ability has not gone down one bit. I really want to see how the MMA & Pro Wrestling legend's mastery of martial arts stacks up against the monstrous power of Madman Fulton! This is not just a case of technique versus brute strength, this is not just a case of experience versus power and it is not just a case of the old guard going up against the up-and-coming lions. This is a clash of styles, eras, and personalities! Do not sleep on this match!

Moose and Rhino Collide! Only One Will Sand!

Moose and Rhino CollideI've always been a huge fan of Rhino. To me, he was always something special and I've had a real blast with his return to Impact. He fits so well with what Impact Wrestling has become the past couple of years. More gritty, more old school. And the greatest thing about Rhino is that his performance is not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane. He still feels exciting. He still performs at top-level. Everything that he does fits right into modern-day Pro Wrestling.

Ahead of Rhino is the one and only Moose! Moose is great! He's been on a tear, defeating legends left and right. He has evolved to a point where his presence in a match is enough to make it exciting. Who will get the win? Will Moose add another name on his resume or will Rhino avenge Ken Shamrock and Rob Van Dam?

And Speaking of RVD…

Cage vs RVDHe is fighting Brian Cage! This has the makings of a future classic. There has very rarely been a performer with the attributes of Brian Cage. He is huge, he is mobile, he is very versatile, he can move - he is the full package! There is nobody better to test Brian Cage's abilities than Rob Van Dam! RVD is a true legend and he's still very capable in the ring. He still performs at a very high level and his style of work is perfect for Cage. Together they can put on one outstanding match for the fans! This is one for all fans to enjoy - young and old. Both Brian Cage and Rob Van Dam bring something truly universal to the table. The way they work, look and talk is not something that fits into one era or style of Wrestling.

This is exactly why I'm so hyped up about this match!

In Closing … Do Not Miss This!

Impact Wrestling's Hard To Kill is something a true fan won't want to miss out on! With so many great matches, so many stars and such a great main event, it's really something to look out for!

Mark this date: Sunday, January 12th. Begin with the 30 minute free Pre-Show at 7:30pm Eastern Time and make sure you've ordered the live PPV event which starts at 8:00 PM ET and watch what happens!

Who will leave as champion in each of the title matches? Who will get their hand raised and go one step forward in their journey to the top? Will we see the triumph of legends or will the new faces of Impact dominate the old guard? Only time will tell!

Enjoy the matches!