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March 6, 2023

IWS vs GCW UnFnSanctioned 2023 on FITE+

Supremacy (Noun) - The state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status.

Wherever Game Changer Wrestling travels, it is home. The GCW faithful assemble in every city and country to stand proud and witness the most over the top, outlandish, groundbreaking professional wrestling available inside the squared circle and out on the streets. From NYC to Tokyo and beyond, just about every single destination that GCW has called home in recent years have embraced them as hometown heroes as the promotion has risen in prominence and infamy across the world.

This Saturday may prove to be the ultimate exception to the rule as Game Changer Wrestling heads to Montreal, the home of The International Wrestling Syndicate as the promotions face off at UnFNSanctioned.

Montreal is infamous when it comes to the annals of professional wrestling history, but the IWS is infamous when it comes to Montreal's history. Founded back in 1998 by Sexxxy Eddy, the promotion is renowned as the breeding ground for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, among other global stars who first made their reputation in the original Sin City. When it comes to pushing the envelope and the violence that comes with the hardcore element of professional wrestling, IWS remains one of the most infamous promotions to ever exist.

IWS are easily the Canadian equivalent to GCW with a fan base that brings a deep, undying loyalty to their stars. With Game Changer Wrestling heading to UnFNSanctioned this Saturday live for FITE+ subscribers, Montreal becomes ground zero for one of the most unique live atmospheres ever for a GCW broadcast as the stars of Game Changer head into dangerous territory against a roster of dangerous Canadian Combat Sports stars who are ready to wrestle, brawl, bloodlet and take things to a criminal nature as much as Game Changer's stars are prepared to do, but perhaps even more, because the IWS stars are the ones with the home base advantage.

This battle for supremacy between professional wrestling's most wild promotion this Saturday will feature the following marquee encounters live on FITE+ from Montreal:


Los Mazisos, Ciclope and Miedo Extremo have risen in Game Changer Wrestling to become reputed as the most dangerous and crazed tag teams in all of GCW history. Ciclope has mastered the elusive art of combining weaponry into his signature maneuvers. Miedo has masterfully melded the worlds of high flying above the ring, technical finesse on the mat and violent brawling across the arena. Combined, they have decimated the greatest tandems from across the globe, but this Saturday, they will enter the unknown as they face Canadian greats

Le Tabarnak de Team, Mathieu St-Jacques and Thomas Dubois for the first time.

A gritty, no nonsense tag team, Le Tabarnak de Team have conquered numerous Canadian promotions beyond IWS, including C4, Battlewar and America's Beyond Wrestling. They are considered the best team in the Quebec province, but also one of the most hated. If there are two competitors who could match Las Mazisos for sheer nastiness, it would be Dubois and St-Jacques.

Should they defeat the former GCW World Tag Team Champions, it would not only mean a massive ascension for the team internationally, but would certainly also mark the end of the reign of terror that Ciclope and Extremo have carved across the professional wrestling world over the last year. Losing again so soon after The Motor City Machine Guns captured the World Tag Team Champions could certainly humiliate Ciclope and Miedo. If Mazisos are successful, however, the bragging rights will certainly go to all of Game Changer Wrestling, while the former champions will have rebounded in pursuit of regaining their titles.

This Saturday, forget dream matches - perhaps the first-ever nightmare encounter will take place live on FITE+ at UnFNSanctioned!


If there is an everyman who represents the Game Changer faithful, it is indeed Tony Deppen. The hard-hitting striking Deppen has willed himself through some of the most historic GCW matches in history. A low key personality, Deppen lets his actions speak for himself, focused on breaking down a body part in the human game of combat chess that ignites when the bell rings. While he has challenged for the GCW World Championship in the past without success, a new opportunity emerges this Saturday at UnFNSanctioned, but for Deppen to make the most of it, he'll have to surpass Benjamin Tull in international combat.

A proud veteran of the Montreal wrestling wars, Tull utilizes his Phenomenal Driver to decimate his opponents and has ripped apart many a venue en route to victory. Since capturing the ICW World Heavyweight Championship from Matt Falco in October 2022, Tull has been a dominant champion. This Saturday, he seeks to impose his will upon not just Montreal but all of professional wrestling by showing the world that he and IWS are the force to be reckoned with internationally.

This Saturday on FITE+, it will be more than just a World Championship on the line. It will be international and interpromotional pride, crystallized by violence and mayhem.


If there are two true blue IWS originals, there is no question they are The Green Phantom and Sexxxy Eddy. IWS originated with Sexxxy Eddy. The legend of the promotion sprouts from his exploits in Montreal. He and Green Phantom were the first IWS originals to travel internationally, helping to build the rugged and bloody credibility of the promotion with their visits to the United States and the insane chaos that followed with their appearances in the CZW Tournament of Death and other milestone Combat Zone events. They are fearless brawlers, willing to submerge themselves and their opponents alike through every implement of destruction in order to attain victory, so one can only imagine how ferocious and demented they will be while representing IWS against Game Changer Wrestling, especially when it's fans bringing the weapons for this hardcore war.

Unfortunately for the IWS originals, no matter what extreme accouterments they are stocked with courtesy of Montreal's craziest fans, they are still facing GCW's insane combination of light beer and brawl loving Mance Warner and Rina Yamashita, perhaps the most Ultraviolent competitors who has ever lived. "The Deathmatch Amazon'' has shown her fearlessness in rings across Japan, The United States and beyond but live for FITE+ subscribers this Saturday, she'll be bringing her patented insanity into combat - representing Game Changer Wrestling, her adopted international home.

In a realm where anything goes and the creativity of some of the world's most depraved fans will be on display when Fans Bring the Weapons, anything can and will happen this Saturday at UnFNSanctioned.


One of the most intriguing matches this Saturday at UnFNSanctioned will see Game Changer Wrestling and The International Wrestling Syndicate send their most prominent female stars charging headlong into war against each other with the IWS Women's Championship on the line.

Melanie Havok has a crushing grip on the IWS Women's Championship, having captured the title back in August 2022. A veteran of the Montreal wars inside the squared circle, she has battled LuFisto, Veda Scott and Ruby Soho, among others while ascending to her current throne as the Queen of Montreal. If there is one woman who will bring every ounce of fight in her body to represent IWS and showcase their superiority, it is Havok.

Havok's challenger, Allie Katch, however, may be her most dangerous challenger to date. Over the course of her GCW tenure, Katch has taken fans to the highest of highs and the edge of insanity with her emotional matches, fighting to the bitter end against the toughest men and women across the spectrum of the GCW roster. She has evolved into one of the most versatile, enduring fighters and this Saturday on FITE+, Katch could be on the cusp of one of her biggest single victories to date in honor of the promotion that provided the foundation for her stardom, Game Changer Wrestling.

This international incident won't just stop with those announced main events!

Indie Wrestling Hall of Famer and one of the most important Canadian professional wrestlers who have ever lived, LuFisto, will return to the ring this Saturday, seeking to once again prove her superiority inside the ring at UnFNSanctioned. Her opposition will be GCW's Sawyer Wreck, the self proclaimed Matriarch of Mayhem, who recently impressed the world with her performance at the Nick Gage Invitational. Unafraid of any opponent, Wreck has clashed with the most violent and talented prize fighters in GCW, but LuFisto is a living legend for a reason. She blazed the trails that Wreck now hikes and refuses to step back one iota to anyone inside the ring. This may indeed be the battle that sets the tone for UnFNSanctioned.

GCW's youngest and hottest tag team, The East West Express, Jordan Oliver, hot off his 2023 Jersey J-Cup Tournament victory and Nick Wayne, the third-generational star who has captured the imagination of fans worldwide will one of the most vibrant Canadian tag teams, Fresh Air (Junior Benito and Macrae Martin). While Oliver and Wayne are looking to maintain their recent momentum, Fresh Air are stepping into the ring looking to secure what would easily be their highest profile victory with worldwide eyes watching on FITE+.

This Saturday on FITE+, there will be team warfare as Team GCW, as represented by Cole Radrick & John Wayne Murdoch & Wasted Youth's Dyln McKay & Marcus Mathers will enter eight man tag team combat against Team IWS's Casanova Productions (JT Producer & Shayne Hawke) and The Black Quebecois (Black Dynamite & Karl Jepson)! After IWS' attack on GCW in Atlantic City, the intensity and hatred between the two sides will certainly be on full display.

Then, of course, the beer will flow in a Beer Bash Match as The 1 Called Manders rides mightily into Montreal, taking on former IWS World Champion Matt Falco in a battle for the ages!

This Saturday for FITE+ subscribers, the two most daring and mind blowing wrestling promotions to ever shatter the norms and vivisect the rules will face off in a series of encounters that only guarantee one victor - the fans observing this history, live as it happens!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.