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The premier sports organization Karate Combat kicks off its first regular season on April 26 live from Miami

April 24, 2018

The inaugural event of Karate Combat, Inception, will stream live on FITE as a free-view program and will bring the modern version of the ancient mixed martial arts to connected screen around the world.

Karate Combat kicks off their first season with a Pay-Per-View worthy, yet completely FREE live event showcasing Karate Combat's best fighters who earned their spot through elimination fights in the closed pre-season event.   

The first of its kind Full Contact professional Karate Combat League is on a mission to promote the ancient martial arts of Karate and bring it into the future innovating the rules of the sports and modernizing viewing experience to complete the product offering with a mainstream appeal.

Tremendous speed and mastery of the art with clean fights in the Bushido way are on full display at Karate Combat's events respectful of the tradition of the sport. Karate Combat's new 10-point scoring system favors continuous and intense action under rules developed by Karate experts and top competitors. Fights are taking place in the unique patent-pending Karate Combat pit and are streamed with multimedia viewing experience never seen before. Interactive heads up displays show up real-time analytics and fighters' biometrics data to show what fighters are going through while they are going through it. Multi-viewing angles and music scores add up to a Hollywood presentation style.

To get a sense of the quality of the program and treat yourself to a high-paced action and outstanding streaming experience, replay Karate Combat's private pre-season event with Bas Rutten and Phoenix Carnevale on commentary, then come back at 9:30pm ET on Apr-26 for the live stream of their kick-off program.