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April 13, 2023

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide Triplemania XXXI Monterrey: How to Watch on FITE

It is time for the biggest event in all of lucha libre as the greatest stars from Mexico and beyond converge once again for TripleMania XXXI as Lucha Libre AAA invades Monterrey, Mexico for the first chapter of their biggest trilogy of events for 2023!

Once again, FITE will be your exclusive home for TripleMania, bringing you all of the world's greatest luchadors and all the patented heart-stopping adrenaline rush action that comes with the fastest, most emotional and shocking professional wrestling you will find anywhere in the world.

Since 1993, TripleMania had set the standard in international events and in 2023, the legacy set for by Konnan and the late Antonio Pena continues to trailblaze, setting the bar for professional wrestling not just in the flamboyant world of lucha libre, but the world over.

Set for this Sunday's Lucha Libre AAA TripleMania XXXI, live from Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey in Mexico are the following main attractions:


AAA Mega Champion Hijo Del Vikingo has become one of the most talked about professional wrestlers in the world over the course of the last year, shattering the bar for insanity when it comes to versatility and courage as a high-flying risk taker. A modern day version of the likes of Sabu, Vikingo uses all of his athletic prowess and superheroic aerial assault skills to take out his opposition, but at TripleMania, will be tasked with having to overcome three of the best high flyers from across the world.

Chief among them is fellow Luchador Komander, who's uncanny ability to use the ring ropes as a foundation and springboard is unlike anyone ever seen before in professional wrestling. Komander's rise to prominence in Mexico has led to AEW and GCW opportunities and he is poised to shock the world with a major win at any moment, something that could happen as soon as TripleMania.

AEW's Swerve Strickland will join the fray, seeking to take his Mogul Associates international by shocking everyone with a massive championship win. A veteran of global wars everywhere from CZW's Cage of Death to MLW to NXT to his current battles with Keith Lee, Swerve has never stopped ascending and evolving as one of the best fighters in the world and should not be underestimated - as conniving as he is athletic, Strickland could walk out of Mexico with the title.

Then there's former Impact Wrestling World Champion Rich Swann, who out of all professional wrestlers today may be the purest of heart. Truly someone navigated by his belief in pursuing his athletic best while striving to capture another world championship, there's a reason he is so beloved by hardcore fans - he never lets anyone down from a performance standpoint. This opportunity to headline at TripleMania allows Swann the chance to erase the one blemish he feels haunts his career, losing the Impact title to then-AEW Champion Kenny Omega, a moment that he is still chasing to avenge. A big win in Mexico would more than allow him to exorcize that demon.

Four of the most gifted in-ring competitors in the world will take to the stratosphere and beyond to prove they are the true king of Lucha Libre AAA live on FITE this Sunday!


For the valiant luchadors who compete in the ever-vibrant world of lucha libre, their mask is sacred in a way that is seemingly impossible to translate beyond Mexico itself. A luchador's mask is everything to a lucha fighter. It is their larger than life expression of who they are as a competitor, it is the flag they wave when they enter their battles. The mask over their face and their soul within are eternally intertwined as their fighting spirit.

As much a family crest as anything else, the very essence of their lifeblood held out for the masses to see, something to cherish and something to defend. Losing that mask is tantamount to losing their very dignity, humiliating your family and fans forever, leaving you trapped in the abyss, desperate to somehow regain your lost honor.

This Sunday at TripleMania XXXI in Monterrey, ten of them proudest, most talented luchadors in the world today will enter a steel cage match and the second the cage is locked, they will be standing on an emotional cliff trying to fight their way to safety and protect their identity. The two final competitors left will be forced into mortal combat, and the final loser will have their mask ripped off and their identity revealed to the world in one of the most humiliating moments of their family's life..

Laredo Kid v.s. Antifaz del Norte vs Octagón Jr. vs. Villano III Jr. vs. Myzteziz Jr. vs. Argenis vs. Aero Star vs. La Parka Negra vs. Abismo Negro Jr. vs. Taurus - ten valiant fighters enter the cage and one walks out revealed to the world, their career shattered live on FITE for the world to witness as it happens.


Lucha Libre AAA will present several big tag team matches this Sunday live on FITE as part of TripleMania XXXI in Monterrey as well.

One of AAA's most popular and ferocious brawlers Psycho Clown will align with the devious Sam Adonis to battle the valiant Pentagon Jr. and internationally renowned former World Champion Alberto El Patron!

The legendary former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr. and DMT Azul will battle former Ring of Honor World Champion Rush El Toro Blanco and the legendary master of fright and fury, L.A. Park!

Each of these matches feature unique pairings between some of lucha's finest and generational stars who have seen their successful cascade across the world as some of the most influential luchadors of all time, but this Sunday, pride will be as much on line as any victory!

All of these major events, plus the Copa Triplemanía XXXI: Monterrey match will feature Dave the Clown & Negro Casas & Arez & Lady Shani & Latigo vs. El Zorro & Flammer & Toscan & Baby Extreme & Hijo de L.A. Park!

From family pride to insane aerial offense to brawling and beyond, the legacy of Lucha Libre AAA changed professional wrestling worldwide over the last several decades as luchadors rose to prominence and then battled to maintain their greatness. As grudges grew and emotions heightened and battle commenced, the one constant for Lucha AAA is that its existence evolved and ascended the art of lucha libre to the masses worldwide.

This Saturday, live on FITE, that passionate tradition lives on, bringing everyone the epitome of lucha greatness live from Mexico to your devices worldwide!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.