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Marty Scurll – Everyone’s favorite Villain

June 15, 2018

A fan favorite on the ever-growing UK wrestling scene, a top star at Ring of Honor Wrestling and a powerful presence in NJPW, Marty Scurll seems to have everything going for him.

And there is a good reason for that. A very well rounded – from his presentation with the umbrella, mask and top-hat, to his mic skills and his in-ring ability, he never goes unnoticed. As is his ever rising popularity.

The fresh face in a crowded championship scene

The main reason to talk about him today is his upcoming title match at ROH: Best In The World available right here on FITE, where Scurll headlines against the reigning and defending ROH World Champion Dalton Castle and the great Cody. What a Triple-Threat match that is!

Despite Cody's popularity and Castle's long and productive title reign, Scurll seems to be the stand-out in this match. On a closer look, there are many factors leading up to the hype that Marty manages to generate, all of which position him strong for a change of reign.

Part of me really wants to see Marty Scurll take that belt

As great as Cody is and as much as he is a fan favorite, he's been at the top position for a while now. His feud with Kenny Omega and their recent match managed to outperform the entire title scene or single organizations. Maybe fans want to see him going head to head with someone different.

Someone that can bring new things out of Cody.

Marty Scurll and Cody click when face-to-face – something rarely precious at present. The promos they cut on each other on ROH Episode 349 (available on FITE) were some of the best I've seen in a long while. And while Cody's ability to both talk and work can never be in doubt, Marty not only held his own but even got a bigger pop from the crowd at certain points.

I really like Dalton Castle and I think he deserves to be champion and carry over the belt into feuds with the all-time greats in the company at present. Dalton Castle has had a really great run but there are tons of great things he can do right now without actually having the belt.

Cody doesn't need a championship belt to be the company's top star.

He can go into a feud with any wrestler of choice, be it Austin Aries, Jay Lethal or any other top guy for that matter, and still be of main event quality for any PPV ROH puts on.

The belt would decorate Marty's career way more significantly than for anyone else. And here's why.

Marty Scurll The Villain Watch him in ROH Best in The World live on FITE.TV

Marty Scurll does something that I haven't seen in recent years – he lives his gimmick.

A brash, tough, young guy from the UK who truly believes in himself, he's extravagant to a point but is not defined by it. He is a part of the Bullet Club but not overshadowed by it. Marty Scurll's character is defined by his competitive spirit, by getting straight into anyone's face, making bold statements with his self-esteem on full display. And he is believed. I'd like to see him develop some really great story lines as champion and lead by example.

The stars align for the UK wrestler to take on Pro Wrestling to new territories.

European myself, I really want to see is the UK wrestling scene grow. I want that to influence other countries in the region. And there is no better way to get the message across to the fast growing fan base overseas than having a UK wrestler carry the ROH World Title.

Regardless of outcome, all three competitors could make some magic as ROH Champions. It doesn't really matter who gets the belt – fans win in the end. To see how this unfolds, watch ROH Best in the World right here on FITE.

FITE "Fighter in Focus" series is brought to you by Ivan Spassov, FITE Editor-in-Chief