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MLW Hot Take

October 31, 2019

You never forget your first

After many years and several evolutions as a professional wrestling company, Major League Wrestling will make the big leap and present their very first live pay-per-view event Saturday Night Super Fight on Saturday November 2nd, streaming live on FITE.

Since debuting back in 2002, MLW has carved out their own unique niche in combat sports, proving a haven for every fighting style, whether they be the pure essence of lucha libre, the mayhem of all out brawling, a hybrid combination of MMA and pro wrestling or all of the above to settle scores, determine who is the better competitor and to grapple for the gold.

Emerging out of the smoky fight clubs and landing on international television, Major League Wrestling has become one of the destinations for combat sports fans who lust after something a little different in their sports. They have become the spark that lights the resistance for professional wrestling in the 21st century. The little engine that could has become the place where stars come to be discovered, veterans come to get their groove back and discerning fans find a little bit of everything, plus more that they never expected.


Saturday Night Super Fight, emanating from the Windy City of Chicago, will be the battleground for some of the most important bouts in MLW history, all staged on the biggest night in the promotion's existence, streaming live and on demand for FITE viewers!

Here is a breakdown of the top matches scheduled for Saturday Night Super Fight!

MLW Champion Jacob Fatu vs. LA Park with Salina de la Renta – Perhaps it is fittest this battle of monsters is taking place just a few days removed from Halloween as CONTRA Unit's monstrous Jacob Fatu continued to hold the MLW World Championship hostage, having shockingly defeated Tom Lawlor several months ago. Salina de la Renta's legendary Luchador L.A. Park cashes in his title opportunity against Fatu at Saturday Night Super Fight in a battle that promises to rage across the Windy City and beyond. LA Park has held championships galore in his native Mexico, but thus far in his MLW run, has yet to capture title gold. Can he hold the key to stopping the unstoppable Samoan Monster, Jacob Fatu? Will de La Renta's Promociones Dorado be able to hold CONTRA Unit at bay? Can even the Chicago Police Department withstand the onslaught of these frightful fighters?

MLW Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart vs. Austin Aries – The MLW Middleweight Champion has always marched to the beat of his own drum as one of the more esoteric personalities in combat sports. High-flying and controversial since his teenage years, Hart has finally found a home and purpose in MLW. Enter Austin Aries. The brash, laser-focused star exploded into MLW, prophesizing that he would be the kingpin of the Middleweight division With Hart recovering from an attack by Aries, the question is whether Aries has won the battle before they have even entered the ring. Hart's futuristic high-flying may very well find itself grounded against Aries' multi-pronged in-ring excellence. The egos and the fists will fly, but the dives will be higher when the bell rings here.

MLW Tag Team Champions The Dynasty vs. The Von Erichs: Texas Tornado Tag – Marshall and Ross Von Erich are bringing the Von Erich family dynasty into the 21st century, but to do so, they'll have to finally overcome the MLW Tag Team Champions, Richard Holliday and MJF, who have used every weapon at their disposal, legal and otherwise, to keep themselves from entering the ring with the favorite sons of Denton County, Texas. With a Texas Tornado tag match, where anything goes and everyone is in the ring at the same time, could Ross and Marshall finally have trapped the Dynasty in a corner? Will the Dynasty shock the world by fighting their way out? MLW's Tag Team Championship match has been brewing for months, so what happens now that it's about to explode? We'll see at Saturday Night Super Fight.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Tom LawlorTom Lawlor is seeking his passage back to the MLW World Championship, but to do so, he's going to have to defeat one of the most celebrated additions to the MLW roster, ever. World traveled grappler Timothy Thatcher may be the modern day reincarnation of Billy Robinson, meshing submissions, finesse, strength and grappling into a silent but deadly package of perfection. Lawlor will need all of his MMA-hybrid fighting excellence to overcome one of the soundest professional wrestlers who has ever lived – and with Thatcher seeking his own entry into the MLW title picture, he's not going down without a fight. Future ramifications for all of Major League Wrestling begins with this fight.

Low Ki vs. Brian Pillman Jr. – Low Ki has always been a competitor who has mixed the honor of the fight with cruel intentions. Like the Predator, once he is fixated on you, your career, perhaps your entire life, is in peril. Brian Pillman Jr brings the maverick legacy of his father with him everywhere he goes, coupling that with the brashness of youth and an inability to care what anyone else thinks of him. Having disrespected Low Ki one too many times, Pillman now finds himself in the cross-hairs…but was that his plan all along? No matter how disrespectful he may be, Brian Pillman is not a stupid man. Is he seeking to use Low Ki to springboard himself into greatness? If so, he may have bitten off far more than he can chew. Whether it will be Pillman's insane antics of Low Ki's intense preparation that hold the keys to victory, we will discover the answers when MLW invades Chicago.

MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. – Alexander Hammerstone has represented The Dynasty and MLW worldwide as the National Openweight Champion, but if there's one challenger who has been the definitive thorn in his side, it's The Hart Foundation's Davey Boy Smith Jr. The third generation star has stalked Hammerstone across the globe and back in seeking one more title opportunity and with the bout signed for Saturday Night Super Fight, it is a moment of reckoning for them both. Will Smith finally achieve singles gold in MLW or will Hammerstone forever have the bragging rights that he's turned away the challenge of one of the best grapplers in the world?

Injustice (Myron Reed & Jordan Oliver & Kotto Brazil) vs. Septimo Dragon & Puma King & Gringo Loco – Injustice has claimed that MLW management and officials have stifled their greatness and presented them from achieving the stardom, the income and the victories that they deserve. At Saturday Night Super Fight, the excuses will be out the window as they step into trios action with some of the best luchadors that MLW has to offer in Puma King, Gringo Loco and Septimo Dragon. This international brigade of high flyers seek to take Injustice down, once and for all.

Stairway to Hell: Mance Werner vs. Bestia 666 vs. Jimmy Havoc – Old Mance Werner has been on a tear in MLW in his attempts to take Promociones Dorado down. Only a collapsed lung has proven to slow Werner down. Cleared to return to the ring, Werner steps into a Stairway to Hell match, not only against the formidable international death match star Jimmy Havoc but the fearsome luchador Bestia 666. With Salina de la Renta using her leverage to stack the odds against Werner, perhaps his only friend left in the world will be the coils of barbed wire hanging above the ring. In order to access them and use them as a weapon of mass destruction however, Werner will have to somehow take out both competitors and ascend to the top of a ladder, then returning to battle. It may the toughest fight of Mance Werner's life, but he'll never go down anything but fighting…

Careers will change. Lives will change. MLW will never be the same.

Saturday Night Super Fight on FITE!

By: Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.