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February 2, 2024

MLW SuperFight 4 HOT TAKE

This Saturday February 3rd, MLW and TrillerTV+ unite to present the 2024 edition of Superfightl, bringing international gladiators from across the globe to the rustic fighting city of Philadelphia.

In the world of Major League Wrestling, there will always be grudges. There will always be relentless competition. There will always be bloodlust. There will always be the night to take to the battlefield, to fight, for these men and women are primarily competitors, modern day warriors seeking to prove themselves as living embodiments of greatness. Above all else, they thrive not to survive, but to conquer professional wrestling's most vibrant tapestry.

Since exploding upon the combat sports world back in 2002, MLW has carved out a very unique niche, proving to be a nexus where every fighting style is revered. It matters not whether it be the pure essence of lucha libre, the mayhem of all out brawling, a futuristic hybrid combination of MMA and pro wrestling, pure Catch style physicality that would make the late, great Karl Gotch blush or any embodiment in between, MLW is home to the the fighter.

Emerging out of the smoky fight clubs and landing on international television, Major League Wrestling has become one of the destinations for combat sports fans who lust after something a little different in their sports. They have become the spark that lights the resistance for professional wrestling in the 21st century. The little engine that could has become the place where stars come to be discovered, veterans come to get their groove back and discerning fans find a little bit of everything, plus more that they never expected - all live for TrillerTV+ subscribers.

From the legendary 2300 Arena situated on the corners of Swanson and Ritner Streets will emanate an earthquake, a typhoon, a tsunami - a literal Fightnado - as some of the most important bouts in MLW history, all staged on the biggest night in the promotion's existence, streaming live and on demand for TrillerTV+ subscribers!

MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Chief among these spectacular attractions is the latest MLW World Heavyweight Championship defense as the leader of The Bomaye Fight Club, Alex Kane, presented by Don King Promotions, steps back into the ring, seeking to add a very unique accolade to his championship reign, defending against Satoshi Kojima. While Kojima is legendary for his exploits around the globe, especially in Japan, he is especially beloved in the pantheon of Major League Wrestling history as his 2022 MLW World Championship win in NYC put MLW on the map around the world. Kojima's 267 days as champion helped MLW foster its reputation and become one of the true leaders in combat sports.

With Kojima's return to MLW as part of its partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling, he returns seeking to match past greatness, but today's roster are beasts of a different breed, carved out of the might of today's fearsome competition. Alex Kane is a suplex master, a competitor who has broken bones and spirits, smiling through his mouthpiece with sheer disdain while dropping challengers on their head. Driven with a massive chip on his shoulder, Kane wants the entire world to know he is the master of all inside the squared circle.

While Kane is seeking just another victim Saturday in Kojima, if he takes the master of the lariat lightly, there will be a new champion rising in Philadelphia. After all, the legendary Kojima has held the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, All Japan Pro Wrestling's Triple Crown Championship, the NWA Worlds Championship as well as countless additional accolades. Kojima walks into Superfight with everything to gain. He is not flying across the globe to stand down, so Kane will have to truly up his already formidable game to defeat one of MLW's most celebrated legends of all time. What will happen when these forces collide live on TrillerTV+?

Lucha Spectacular

International competition may indeed be the theme for MLW Superfight 2024 as CMLL superstar Mistico makes his debut, facing long-time foe Averno in a match that will certainly shatter expectations as well as gravity in South Philadelphia. For Salina de la Renta, who has been controlling the influx of international talent from Mexico, the reveal of Mistico's arrival to Major League Wrestling has been a source of great resentment and disdain as she still has no idea what power broker is behind this move, which de la Renta feels is the ultimate in disrespect. Whether that mystery is resolved at Superfight remains to be seen, but Averno vs. Mistico will take to the air, bringing a special Mexico City flavor of lucha libre to South Philly this Saturday for TrillerTV+ subscribers.

Mistico is one of the most legendary luchadors of the 21st century, having captured the hearts and minds of fans across the world with his breathtaking brilliance, flying through the stratosphere to take out the opposition and raising the hearts and spirits of the international followers who live vicariously through his in-ring adventures. In Averno, Mistico finds himself facing a formidable foe, a pure Rudo ready to shatter the souls of the men he steps into the ring with, a pirate seeking to pillage and plunder their souls while dancing upon the remnants of their dreams with his victories. Ready to cut any corner necessary, Averno has to Philadelphia to do the bidding of Salina de la Renta and guarantee that her international power is forever intact by shutting down the incursion of Mistico and his mystery promoter.

As is the norm in both CMLL and MLW, the glass ceiling will be shattered as physical and emotional limits will be stretched beyond the point of expectation. Reality will twist and burst as these two international combat sports superstars bring the best in lucha action, flying through the air at hyperspeed and bringing a fierce fight that will not just embody the best of lucha, but continue on the lucha spirit that has been forged in the United States in the 2300 Arena by the likes of Eddy Guerrero, Rey Mysterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy and countless others! On TrillerTV+ this Saturday, the legend of lucha continues with the stars of CMLL!

Jacob Fatu vs Yuji Nagata

Yet another dream match is set for Philadelphia for TrillerTV+ subscribers as Blue Justice himself, the legendary Yuji Nagata walks tall into the squared circle to battle MLW original Jacob Fatu.

The former MLW World Champion who once ruled the promotion with an iron fist, dishing out violence like desert, Fatu remains one of the most furious and ferocious competitors ever seen in Major League Wrestling. Indeed, If you want to prove yourself in MLW, you need to battle Jacb Fatu - and in Yuji Nagata, Fatu has found one of the most unique combat sports superstars of all time to clash swords against.

The 55 year old superstar is a multi-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion, but also a former All Japan Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Champion AND a former Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Honored Crown Heavyweight Champion. These three accomplishments alone put the man into rarified air. Then, add in that he was an silver medalist in wrestling in the 2000 Olympics who also fearlessly stepped into the MMA world by fighting legends like Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Cro Crop, you know Nagata fears no man, so how does Fatu factor in that he will likely be stepping into the ring for the first time without the element of fear in his corner?

It is these types of big fight elements that make MLW so unique as they provide and promote these once in a lifetime collisions of combat sports superstars from across the many fighting realms. Fatu brings ferocity behind every one of his attacks but is a multi-faceted fighter who can take to the air with ease. Nagata is a no-nonsense technician who brings an intensity and a strive to fight like so few who have ever lived. So what happens when the globally renowned veteran steps into battle with MLW's greatest? This is exactly what MLW Superfight is all about and we will all watch it unfold live on TrillerTV+!

Rocky Romero (presented by Salina de la Renta) vs Ichiban

The international invasion continues as MLW Middleweight Champion Rocky Romero, presented by Saline de La Renta, steps into battle in Philadelphia in a Best of Three Falls encounter with Ichiban. While there is championship gold on the line, what is truly at stake here for the challenger is respect. In NYC, Romero and the rest of Promociones Dorado unmasked him, forcing him to protect his identity while enduring a grueling beating. Seeking to avenge that embarrassment, Ichiban seeks to wrest the championship and all it stands for - fame, prestige, power - away from Salina de la Renta and Romero by scoring two victories in the same match, proving once and for all who the better fighter truly is. It will be the biggest night of Ichiban's career, or his worst nightmare. Philadelphia will be the epicenter for one of the biggest MLW Middleweight Championship fights of all time!

Death Machine Rules

Philadelphia fans are no strangers to violence and this Saturday, MLW Superfight will see the first ever match held under Death Machine Rules as Sami Callihan, who has returned to MLW seeking to conquer and bludgeon all, will battle Akira. After aligning with The Calling and preventing Akira from winning the MLW National Openweight Championship, Callihan accepted Akira's challenge but as there always is with Callihan, Akira finds himself in a trap of his own making. Under Death Machine Rules, all weapons are legal, there are no disqualifications, the match cannot be stopped under any circumstances and it must be fought to the bitter end, anything goes, until the match is over. Akira is no stranger to violence, having fought all over the globe in some of the most heinous battles imaginable, but Sami Callihan is a monster of a very different, far more evil, despicable nature. There will be violence, unadulterated violence, this Saturday, as TrillerTV+ subscribers find their devices smeared in crimson.

International star Davey Boy Smith will make his long-awaited return to MLW this Saturday as well, returning from health issues that prevented him from challenging for the MLW World Championship last year. The long road back brings The British Bulldog into the ring opposite The Second Gear Crew's muscle, The 1 Called Manders. This will be a sheer battle of power and grit against power and determination. Don't expect nuance here. It will be two big fighters each attempting to enforce their will against the other until there is a final victory. This first-time ever bout will explode before everyone's eyes at MLW Superfight - and it may be the first step in Davey Boy Smith Jr's return to the main event scene.

With so many vibrant encounters, Major League Wrestling charges headlong into the abyss once more, bringing a unique taste and all out mayhem for fans of combat sports styles aplenty. This Saturday in Philadelphia, fighting history will once again be forged in fire, in steel, in fists, exclusively for TrillerTV+ subscribers! The countdown to Superfight is upon us all!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.