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November 16, 2017

New Arrivals on FITE: Live events from ROH, EVOLVE, WCPW and more

Weeky Update Nov 16th, 2017: NEW ARRIVALS on FITE Pro Wrestling calendar: ROH Final Battle 2017, Defiant / WCPW, EVOLVE and more

This week on FITE is heralded by the large selection of new arrivals that are coming until the end of the year.

The last ROH PPV for the year: Final Battle 2017 will air on FITE on the 15th of December headlined by "The American Nightmare" Cody vs. Dalton Castle.

On the 25th of November we will stream WrestleCade: New Beginning

WCPW is now known as Defiant and comes back on the 4th of December with their latest PPV: #WeAreDefiant headlined by Scurll Vs. Hendry vs. Kirby.

We have a very special new show that is returning to FITE – EVOLVE Wrestling is back with their latest PPVs on the 9th and 10th of December.

All of the shows will give a large earlybird FITE credit bonus so it is best to plan ahead and purchase them as early as possible.