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August 22, 2023

For 75 years, The National Wrestling Alliance has reigned over the world of professional wrestling, epitomizing all that can be and is great about the king of sports, professional wrestling.

From the days of Frank Gotch as the pride of Iowa to the storied, shimmering aisle walked by Ric Flair, the NWA has been the sun by which the entire galaxy of professional wrestling has revolved, ebbing and flowing like a mighty river, surging with energy and pulling the entire industry along its majestic current.

Whether it be hard times, four raised fingers, the greatest wrestler on God's green earth or the glorious number 6:05, the National Wrestling Alliance is synonymous with presenting the best in true professional wrestling from every corner of the globe to the discerning professional wrestling fan that lived and died by "The King of Sports" and all those who vied to prove themself as the best athlete, the best fighter, the best competitor on the globe.

A Clash of Titans: Tyrus vs. EC3

This weekend, live on FITE, will prove to be no different as two of the most dynamic, controversial personalities in the National Wrestling Alliance will collide head-on, as The Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus steps into the ring, bound by a bull rope to EC3, the revolutionary who gave up his NWA National Championship for the ultimate opportunity - a chance to unseat Tryus, who has maintained control of the NWA Worlds title the way a dictator beats down a lowly country since first capturing it back in November 2022.

While that championship reign has crushed the hopes and dreams of challengers and fans alike, EC3 has risen from the shadows of his Control Your Narrative promotion to take the NWA by storm. Obsessed with shaking the cages and rattling the chains to force the evolution of professional wrestling, EC3 has always sought to raise the level of warfare - physical and psychological - but even he was likely shocked by Tyrus' brazenness, demanding a bullrope match against EC3 and defiantly stating that should he not emerge victorious, Tyrus will retire.

With his career and the Worlds Championship on the line, Tyrus has forced himself against a wall, a rapid animal looking to fight his way out, but could he have overestimated EC3, who has been laser-focused on finally achieving the power and adulation he's been consumed with regaining. With the power of a bullrope in their hands, bruises will be raised, blood will be spilt and the golden glory of the world's most prestigious championship will be on the line live on FITE!

The Battle for Women's Championship

The Diamond anniversary of the NWA will continue this weekend when the powerhouse NWA World Women's Champion walks the aisle in St. Louis, once again makes the Chase Ballroom her Kingdom as she takes on Russian superstar Natalia Markova. Since debuting for the National Wrestling Alliance in 2021, Markova has enraptured fans with her courageous battles against The Hex, Max The Impaler and more.

The first ever Queen Bee has challenged Kamille before but with her additional international experience following an excursion to Lucha Libre AAA, she's poised to attempt to solve the problem that no one in NWA history has seemed close to figuring out - a successful strategy towards toppling Kamille from the mountaintop.

Coming off her first film role, Kamille wants to again prove herself the Queen of the Ring, empowered by all the massive female stars who have shined in the past for the National Wrestling Alliance, but if Markova has her way, the only star shining at NWA 75 will be a newly crowned champion.

Of course, even after this clash of titans is over, the work won't be for the victor as the reigning World Women's Champion, no matter who she is, will have to turn around and defend the title against the winner of the Annual Mildred Burke Invitational Gauntlet on Night Two of NWA 75. With CJ, Ruthie Jay, M.J. Jenkins, Allysin Kay, Heather Monroe, Taylor Rising, Sierra, Samantha Starr, WOAD and. more competitors all battling for that prestigious championship bout, the champion, battered and bruised, will have to enter into the unknown with very little time to prepare. Live on FITE, the world will see whether Kamille will once again stand tall as the centerpiece of the National Wrestling Alliance, or whether a new kingdom will rise to glory.

Lucha Legends Clash

Lucha legend Vampiro will lead the reigning and defending NWA World Tag Team Champions La Rebelion into battle at NWA 75's Night One as Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf, who have stopped at nothing to retain their titles face their most dire moment yet, the challenge of the seemingly unstoppable Blunt Force Trauma. Indeed, Aron Steven's mysterious and unknown forces of nature have beaten and destroyed everyone in their path, but the real question leading into NWA 75 is whether Vampiro's machinations and the unique lucha synergy the Champions possess could bewilder and offset Stevens' monsters of war. It will come down to one of three elements - the superior style, a surprise twist of fate or the mental ingenuity of those leading these impressive tag teams.

Murdoch and Knox's Quest

Of course, the surviving NWA World Tag Team Champions will have to contend with competing yet again on Night Two when former NWA Worlds Champion Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox, one of the fightingest blue collar tag teams in modern professional wrestling history, come knocking for the titles.

Murdoch and Knox have been on a streak since winning the Crockett Cup earlier this year, but championship gold would help drive out the demons haunting Murdoch's soul after he failed to regain the Worlds Championship from Tyrus. Accomplishing a major win in the very same historical Chase Ballroom that his mentor Harley Race once ruled would make a World Tag Team Championship ever sweeter. For Mike Knox, this moment in time represents the biggest spotlight of his career, one he's forced his way into with every strike and kick. The Tag Team Championships has never been as hotly contested as they are today, with three very different tandems, all with a very distinct in-ring style, set to collide over the NWA 75th Anniversary celebration on FITE!

Junior Heavyweight Championship Battle

The NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Kerry Morton has seen an attitude change of late. Since securing his Championship, he has come to rule the roost of The Southern Six, bringing him quite the entourage, including his father, all-time great Ricky Morton, with him to help run interference. The irony here is that his challenger, Colby Corino used to use The Fixers to handle that sort of business himself, but now, since returning to the National Wrestling Alliance, Corino has fought alone, trying to prove his fighting spirit to everyone watching on FITE and beyond. Now, with the biggest championship match for each of these multi-generational stars at NWA 75, they seek to carve their own legacy into the annals of the National Wrestling Alliance and into professional wrestling history. When the bell rings, one of the most anticipated Junior Heavyweight Championship matches of the modern era will commence!

The Return of Matt Cardona

As if all of this wasn't enough, the despicable Matt Cardona has promised to return to the NWA at NWA 75 and there's no telling the level of disrespect the self-proclaimed Indy God will bring with him. The Fixers will do battle with Daisy Kill and Talos on Night One, with the victors advancing to challenge NWA United States Tag Team Champions The Country Gentlemen on Night Two. Plus, new NWA National Champion will be crowned as Thrillbilly Silas Mason, JR Kratos and Odinson all vie to end NWA 75 with the largest milestone moment of their life, seeking to become the new champ!

The National Wrestling Alliance has long been the spine to the book of professional wrestling destiny and on August 26th and 27th, today's stars seek to write their own, personal chapters in blood, sweat and tears. The NWA is still going strong today and this weekend, it once again aligns with FITE to show the entire world the might of the National Wrestling Alliance!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.