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NWA All Access on FITE Launches with More Value for Wrestling Fans

January 7, 2022

President William Corgan announced the addition of two more Pay-Per-Views bringing the 2022 schedule up to 6 epic events; Also, expanding on the existing monthly subscription, the National Wrestling Alliance rewards devoted viewers by including all PPV events in a brand new annual All Access Pass; New Saturday morning show NWA USA debuts January 8th– all in partnership with FITE

New York, NY (January 05, 2022)-The National Wrestling Alliance and FITE announced the expansion from 4 Pay-Per-View events for 2022 to 6, and a major shake-up of current subscription plans—one that will make fans very happy and reward them for making the modern era of the NWA what it is today. President William Corgan calls the expansion in the amount of events – which bring the total PPV events scheduled from four to six – the result of a wildly successful year.

Watch the National Wrestling Alliance 2022 announcement video here.

NWA All Access launches today, giving viewers all NWA PPV events for one annual price. In addition, by popular demand NWA POWERRR will return to YouTube each Friday (after debuting on FITE on Tuesdays). President Corgan also announced the debut of the new show NWA USA, a return to the Saturday morning time slot so many fans grew up on, which will air free on YouTube before becoming available as replays via the NWA All Access plans on FITE.

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With the NWA coming off our biggest and most successful year of this modern era, I can't express just how thrilled I am to make this newest offering to fans via NWA All Access," says NWA President William Corgan. "And to that, we will work that much more to exceed expectations. Which is what makes the inherent savings in this annual package so exciting. Because we as an organization really believe this new model will change the game for us; all whilst rewarding our most loyal and ardent fans with more shows and more PPV events."

With the NWA All Access Pass–Annual Plan, $49.99 will get fans all 6 of NWA's live and scheduled PPV events for 2022 (saving them $100 off the per-event price). Plus, every All Access Pass holder, whether monthly or annual, will continue to see the flagship NWA POWERRR show first, each Tuesday at 6:05 ET. Exclusive specials such as the docu-series Ten Pounds of Gold will be available only with All Access plans..

In order to include even more wrestling fans in the fun, NWA and FITE have partnered to put NWA POWERRR shows on YouTube free on Friday nights at 6:05 PM ET. NWA USA will debut on YouTube on Saturday mornings at 12:05 AM ET, restoring the NWA to its rightful dominance over the best morning of the week, before moving to FITE for NWA All Access members on Sunday nights.


Most wrestlers and wrestling fans grew up watching Saturday morning matches with classic promotions like NWA," said Nick Aldis, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. "We wanted to bring back that joyful state of being and indoctrinate impressionable young minds into the National Wrestling Alliance."

The NWA USA season starts this Saturday, January 8th and will revive the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship as an extended tournament and a title. We guarantee that this fresh and exciting addition to the brand's quickly growing slate of programming will be can't miss.

The Deals:

  • Monthly NWA All Access Pass - $4.99

  • Annual NWA All Access Pass - $49.99 – includes two months free + all PPV events

  • Pay-Per-View events - $24.99 individually or part of the Annual NWA Access Pass

The Run Down:

  • NWA POWERRR: Tuesday nights at 6:05pm ET first run on NWA All Access Pass; Available on NWA and FITE's YouTube on Fridays at 6:05pm ET.

  • NWA USA: Saturday mornings at 12:05am ET; Available on NWA and FITE's YouTube first for 48 hours and then available on NWA All Access Pass on Sundays at 6:05pm ET.

  • NWA Monthly Specials: Exclusively on NWA All Access Pass; Date each month to be determined; Never available on YouTube>

  • NWA Pay-Per-View events; Live as standalone PPV event or on the Annual NWA All Access Pass; Never available on YouTube

*Some content is also available 14-30 days after the airdate for FITE Plus subscribers.

For media inquiries contact: owen.phillips@fite.tv

About NWA:

Founded in 1948, the National Wrestling Alliance is one of the oldest and most prestigious professional wrestling organizations in the world. Current programming includes the critically acclaimed NWA Powerrr and NWA PowerrrSurge. More info at nationalwrestlingalliance.com

About FITE:

FITE is the premier global platform for live sports and entertainment offering the industry's marquee PPV events and SVOD packages with over 5MM registered users. FITE is available worldwide through its iOS and Android mobile apps, Apple TV, Android TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Huawei apps. In addition, FITE supports Samsung, LG, Cox Contour, Vizio SmartCast™, Foxxum, Chromecast, PS4, XBOX, ZEASN, Netrange, Vidaa/Hisense, VEWD, Netgem TV, Virgin Media, Comcast's Xfinity 1 and Xfinity Flex as well as 7,000 models of SmartTVs. Available online at www.FITE.tv. FITE is owned by TrillerNet.. Follow FITE on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIN, and Facebook. FITE: It's ON