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NWA Hot Take

October 25, 2019

The National Wrestling Alliance returns to FITE weekly with its brand new studio wrestling series NWA POWERRR, airing from the historic wrestling city of Atlanta, Georgia. So, why should you care?

The discerning professional wrestling fan is always looking for the next great thing and even in 2019, when there are more slices of the pie than ever before to choose from, the National Wrestling Alliance brings everyone back to the days where the 6:05 PM Eastern timeslot meant the best of professional wrestling was about to shoot from your television screen and sear itself into your imagination, riding cathode rays into immortality.


The National Wrestling Alliance's POWERRR is equal parts comforting and original all at one. It's bright blue and yellow façade, its intimate studio setting, its throwback television graphics all bring forth those seminal memories where one discovered professional wrestling and its classic battles between the forces of good and evil. It returns one to that classic staple, those off the cuff, mesmerizing interviews where the champions and challengers boasted greatness and threatened violence, speaking directly to you at home, inspiring you to get out of your living room and venture live to the arenas, because you needed to be there to champion your hero and see your villain vanquished.

POWERRR celebrates all those aspects of professional wrestling, but does so in a way that feels unique in an alphabet soup of professional wrestling promotions. Focusing on the importance and grandeur of its champions and their championships, utilizing a roster of mavericks, individualists and rebels who march to the beat of their own drum, the NWA allows these unique men and women the freedom to be professional wrestlers in an era of sports-entertainment.

That freedom means chaos. It means emotion. It means wars to settle the score. It means championship gold emblazoned with specks of blood and sweat, washed away with tears. It means that men and women brawl and wrestle to show the world that they, and the promotion they work for, are the best in the world.

While the love and nostalgia the words National Wrestling Alliance resonate when they are spoken will never fade, today's NWA roster are seeking to cut a swath across the pro wrestling world first and foremost, carving their own legend. Led by NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis, grapplers and brawlers like James Storm, Colt Cabana, Allysin Kay, Ken Anderson, Aron Rex, Melina, The Wildcards, accentuated by legends like The Rock N' Roll Express and Jim Cornette and upstarts like Ricky Starks, The Dawsons, Caleb Konley and enigmas like Jocephus, the NWA today remains as vibrant and eclectic as any previous incarnation of those letters.

There's an aura in the NWA's Studio when the cameras' red lights turn on. There's a danger and a wonder in not knowing what will come next, but knowing it feels familiar and different, all at once.

With their next FITE broadcast Into the Fire set for Saturday December 14th, the National Wrestling Alliance looks to raise its profile more than it has in decades and truly, without hesitation, make all aware of its POWERRR.