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December 10, 2019

NWA Into The Fire - Hot Take

Since its debut on FITE, the National Wrestling Alliance's weekly series POWERRR, airing from the historic wrestling city of Atlanta, Georgia has brought a consistently entertaining wealth of action and nostalgia, balanced by passion and a perveance of old school work ethic inside the squared circle.

Over the course of its first season, the National Wrestling Alliance has brought wrestling fans back to the classic days where a 6:05 PM Eastern timeslot meant the best of professional wrestling was about to shoot from your television screen and sear itself into your imagination, riding cathode rays into immortality.

On Saturday December 14th, the NWA will take its lava-hot weekly series and bring its audience literally INTO THE FIRE with a series of showdowns and bout to make viewers of any age excited. What was once old is new again and what is ground-breaking remains, at its core, remains chaotic, passionate and proud.


Nick Aldis vs James Storm for the NWA World Title - Best of Three Falls

Nick Aldis vs James Storm

James Storm, since arriving in the National Wrestling Alliance, has claimed there is a conspiracy against him to keep him from attaining greatness and championship gold. Whether there is any legitimacy to The Cowboy's claims, NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis has demanded the opportunity to defend the Ten Pounds of Gold against Storm, seeking to shut him down once and for all while defending the prestige of the National Wrestling Alliance itself. Seeking to prevent any additional protests from Storm, Aldis has demanded a Best of Three Falls bout with each fall featuring a guest referee. NWA official Brian Hebner has given Storm his word there will be no issues with fairness in calling the title bout right down the middle. Former NWA Worlds Champion Tim Storm has been tapped by his former rival, Nick Aldis to step into the zebra stripes as well, insuring fairness and respect be given to the main event. Should a third fall be necessary, a coin toss will determine the referee. With Aldis having announced his mainstay Kamille has been given the night off, will Into The Fire be his next step towards greatness or will he go down in flames as a new champion ascends to the throne?

NWA World Tag Team Champions The Rock N' Roll Express vs. The Wild Cards

The Rock N' Roll Express vs. The Wild Cards

It was just this past week that one of the all time greatest tag teams of all time, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson shocked the world one more time, winning their ninth NWA World Tag Team Championship. With the Wild Cards, Royce Isaacs and Thomas Lattimer looking to regain their championship, the question going into this championship bout is whether tag team wrestling's elder statesmen can repeat their feat or whether the younger, angrier and hungrier tandem will be making history of their own. Could this be the death of Rock N' Roll or will Morton and Gibson once again shine and rise above all expectations? Can a double dropkick be enough to exit holding the gold again? The clock is ticking until all is revealed at Into the Fire.

NWA National Heavyweight Champion Colt Cabana vs. Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

Colt Cabana vs. Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

Colt Cabana's reign as the National Heavyweight Champion has been one of the true feel good moments of 2019, but at Into the Fire, he finds himself defending the title against two of the more outrageous personalities in the National Wrestling Alliance. Aron Rex has returned from an allegedly successful acting career, bringing all the drama and deceit of a true Hollywood train wreck with him. Ricky Starks has channeled all his attitude into a mixture of success and disdain, perhaps believing he deserves far more than he's been gifted thus far in his career. Each of these individuals have the opportunity to dethrone Cabana, but will their individual needs cancel the other out? Can Cabana use his globetrotting skills to upend two opponents at once? FITE viewers will discover the answers live as they happen.

Ashley Vox and NWA Worlds Women's Champion Alyson Kay vs. a combination of Melina, Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle to be announced at bell time

Ashley Vox and NWA Worlds Women's Champion Alyson Kay

Alyson Kay has been the definition of a fighting champion within the National Wrestling Alliance, so naturally, she takes umbrage with Melina's claims that she is the one who has led to raised level of competition and interest in the NWA's women's division. Melina has gone as far as to claim Kay isn't a worthy champion and that the prestigious belt would be better off around Melina's waist. With MMA hybrid fighter extraordinaire and the hellcat that is Marti Belle at her side, Melina's trio have the element on surprise in this tag team encounter. What will be no surprise is the level of hatred and intensity involved inside the circle squared, especially after the attack on Kay that transpired on NWA Powerrr this past week.

Ken Anderson vs. Eli Drake

Ken Anderson vs. Eli Drake

It should come to no surprise that when two of the mouthiest competitors in the entire professional wrestling world compete in the same place, they are going to end up at odds and seeking to settle the score. With their previous showdown spiraling out of control after the involvement of James Storm, each man is looking to prove supremacy over the other as well as cement their place as a future NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship contender. Indeed, with so much on the line, this may be the sleeper match of Into the Fire, providing each with a platform to shoot doubters down and preview their importance in the sport as 2020 looms ahead.

Trevor Murdoch vs. The Question Mark

Murdoch vs. The Question Mark

The strange enigma known as The Question Mark has been one of the most talked about competitors in the National Wrestling Alliance in recent weeks as he's attached himself at the hip to Aron Stevens. Unfortunately for him, the resurgence of Trevor Murdoch stands in his way at Into the Fire. Murdoch has been revitalized in the sport since earning an NWA contract, but can he remain focused when faced with the odd antics of The Question Mark? Will Aron Stevens provide an assist? All will be revealed at Into the Fire

With Into the Fire set for Saturday December 14th, the National Wrestling Alliance looks to make all aware of its POWERRR, live on FITE.