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OVW Christmas Chaos - A Holiday Special, Presented By Al Snow

December 12, 2018

The holidays are coming and there is no better time to sit back by the fireplace, pull out a drink, a cigar or whatever you fancy and enjoy some special fights. If your plans are even remotely similar, FITE's got you covered with OVW's Christmas Chaos PPV. A Pro Wrestling spectacle that will surely leave all fans satisfied, the event will air on December 14th at 8:00 PM Eastern Time much to your holiday delight.

To talk about this great event, Ivan The Editor had the pleasure of talking to the man behind the scenes - the legend himself, Al Snow. Sit back, relax and read on, as one of Pro Wrestling's most iconic performers talks about what's next for him and OVW.


Ivan The Editor (I):
Hi Al! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. How are you doing? Tell us a bit about what you've been up to recently. Anything exciting on the horizon?

First thank you very much for interviewing me.

In June of this year I purchased OVW from Danny Davis and with my partners formed Gladiator Sports Network. Under the parent company of Gladiator Sports Network we operate OVW producing a weekly television product and live events, alongside Top Knotch Boxing promoting live boxing events.

Your COLLARxELBOW appeal line is going great, I love the T-Shirt designs you have going there. I'm personally a big fan of the PROTECT shirt with the golden eagle. Can you tell us a bit more about what you have planned for COLLARxELBOW?

Thank you so very much that truly means a lot.

We're continuing to expand the line and offer more designs and styles as well.

Really trying to appeal to a larger variety of tastes and I just want to take a moment to say just how appreciative I am of our designer and his amazing work. Dean Whittaker is so creative and innovative in creating something that speaks to the passion of wrestling fans and appeals to non wrestling fans everywhere.

Great! You mentioned OVW earlier and speaking of that, we have a very special event lined up for all pro wrestling fans to enjoy - OVW Christmas Chaos. And you have quite the attraction in store. "Hurricane" Shane Helms will clash with "The Monster" Abyss in what's shaping up to be a pretty brutal match as described - the proverbial dungeon of destruction. And with the OVW Heavyweight Championship on the line. Obviously we've come to associate Abyss with these types of matches over the years. Was that what gave you the idea to have such a spectacle at the top of your fight card? What other matches can the fans expect?

Well my goal for day one has been to stretch OVW's limits creatively in every way possible.

Doing a show like this where we have an external cage and then an internal one on the ring itself, was just too much of an opportunity to do exactly that to pass up.

We're also going to attempt to do a Triple Threat Tag team ladder match inside the cage as well. Think of it as part TLC and Ultimate X combined and should be a memorable and amazing spectacle of a match.

We're also featuring our own version of War Games. Two teams of five. Two men start and then alternating between teams the next man enters and the match does not start until all the men are in the cage. Once the match starts a competitor must get out of the interior cage to the exterior cage where weapons will be hung and then enter the interior cage and use those weapons to win the match.

I am very excited to see how this match unfolds.

A very fond memory of mine from OVW back in the day was a cult classic Christmas Chaos match between a man you know all too well - the legend, Glenn Jacobs "Kane" and at that time newcomer "Leviathan" who would later become a superstar - Dave Batista. Now with you at the helm, what match from the 2018 Christmas Chaos can you point out to on the card and say it has the potential to become a cult classic?

Well I am hoping they all become classics lol but I believe the Heavyweight title match could definitely become that next cult classic for sure and I believe just because of its uniqueness the Triple Threat ladder match could as well.

What are your plans for OVW in 2019? Where would you like to take the promotion in the next year?

We are going to continue to rebuild OVW's television presence and live event schedule.

We are also rebuilding the training school and will bring it back to its prominence once again.

OVW has been called the Harvard of Professional Wrestling and for good reason, we have a ridiculous number of alumni who have been WWE Superstars or been in a major position in other major companies around the world. Not to mention a very significant percentage of those alumni have been Wrestlemania main event performers.

Watch for a very big announcement that will redefine professional wrestling training facilities going forward from OVW.

Great! Hope everything goes the way you want and you have a great 2019! Is there anything you'd like to tell to your fans here on FITE?

I would like to say to the Fans of FITE thank you so very much for being a fan and I give you my solemn promise to give you your moneys worth and more whenever you sit down to watch an OVW event.

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us Al!

Again thank you so very much.