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April 13, 2023

“Platinum” Mike Perry vs Luke Rockhold - A Bare Knuckle Collision Course That Will Produce Fireworks - Five Reasons You Need To Watch

By Curran Bhatia


If you've been following combat sports, you've been aware of "Platinum" Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold for quite some time. These two have been mixing it up in combat at the highest level, and now we are getting to see them come together in combat on Saturday, April 29, for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 41 live from Denver, Colorado.

There is no love lost between Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold. The two fighters have been engaged in a war of words on social media and interviews in the lead-up to the fight. This personal animosity adds another layer of intrigue to the matchup and promises to make it a heated affair.

Luke Rockhold, when asked about this matchup with Mike Perry on The MMA Hour, did not hold back:


"Mike Perry, he's a little dog. I like what's in front of me, and I like the opponent, and I like the f****** stage, and it's f****** new, it's different, and it's challenging. It's f****** scary, and it's f****** fun, and I love it. That's fighting. It's straight to the roots of fighting, and it's just so f****** pure. There's something about it, you have to think differently. It's a different game, and it's back to where it all began for most of us. I think anybody from the early days of fighting was a street fighter. All these new kids are MMA fighters now, they're grown into it now. But a lot of us growing up, we all started in the game. So I'm making it as real as possible. Just bringing it back."

A throwback to the old days of fighting - with modern production, venues, and storytelling - That is all part of the Bare Knuckle Experience. BKFC has been the fasting rising promotion for some time, and the lack of gloves means that every punch landed will be felt with more force and impact, adding an element of danger and excitement to the fight. Perry and Rockhold will have to be strategic in their approach and find a way to land significant strikes without risking injury to their hands.

When asked about this matchup - "Platinum" Mike Perry did not hold back his prediction:


"I'm looking to knock Rockhold out with every punch from the start. I'm going up against a taller, stronger, uglier fighter. I love punching people in the face and breaking their hands with my head."

It all goes down at BKFC 41 on April 29. Catch it on FITE with a unique offer for FITE users. The price for the event is $49.99 on PPV but only $24.99 for FITE+ subscribers (50% off the PPV price).


"Platinum" Mike Perry is 2-0 when competing in BKFC. The #3 ranked middleweight sent shockwaves through the sport when he defeated highly touted Michael "Venom" Page at BKFC 27 in London in August of 2022.

What that means is Perry's undefeated record will be on the line on April 29. BKFC has been a fresh start for Perry, who spent time in UFC and several other top promotions throughout his career. Perry certainly does not want to get an L on his record this early into his promising BKFC run.

And on the other side of the coin - Luke Rockhold will be making his BKFC debut. Rockhold told The MMA Hour:


"It's an offer I couldn't refuse. That's the beauty of life. That's the beauty of where we're at and where we're going to keep it. BKFC, I'm loyal to them."

What that means for Rockhold is a fresh start and an opportunity to make his name in BKFC. That is not something Luke will take lightly. A win here can set him up for major success in BKFC and many other opportunities to continue to be a top name in combat sports.


Mike Perry is one of the most dangerous fighters in combat sports today. Known for his explosive striking and aggressive fighting style, Perry has built a reputation as a fighter who is willing to go to war with anyone in the cage, ring, or octagon.

At 5'10" and competing at middleweight, Perry is a compact and powerful fighter who possesses excellent punching power and knockout ability. He has won over half of his fights by knockout and has shown the ability to end fights with a single punch.

Perry's striking style is unorthodox and unpredictable, making it difficult for opponents to anticipate his next move. He often throws wild and looping punches from unusual angles, catching his opponents off guard and leaving them vulnerable to his devastating knockout power.

What sets "Platinum" Mike Perry apart from many other fighters is his willingness to take risks when he fights. He is not afraid to trade punches with his opponents and is always looking to finish fights. This mentality has led to some of the most exciting and memorable moments in his bouts.

As Perry prepares for his upcoming BKFC 41 fight against Luke Rockhold, everyone is eager to see how his aggressive fighting style will translate to this new and brutal form of combat. With his knockout power and willingness to take risks, Perry is sure to be a formidable opponent for anyone who steps into the ring with him, and that will be Rockhold's challenge on April 29.


Luke Rockhold is a former UFC middleweight champion who has built a reputation as one of the most exciting and dangerous fighters in the sport today. Known for his slick grappling and powerful striking, Rockhold is a well-rounded fighter who poses a serious threat to anyone who steps into combat with him.

At 6'3", Rockhold is a physically imposing fighter with a powerful frame and an impressive reach. He uses his size and strength to his advantage, overpowering his opponents with his striking and dominating them on the ground with his grappling.

Rockhold's striking style is characterized by his precision and accuracy. He is a skilled kickboxer who uses his long legs to land devastating kicks to his opponents' legs and body. He also possesses powerful punches and has shown the ability to knock out opponents with a single shot.

In UFC, Rockhold shined in his signature grappling ability. He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and has some of the most dominant grappling skills in the sport today. He is particularly dangerous in the clinch, where he can use his size and strength to control his opponents and deliver devastating strikes and submissions. It will be interesting to see how Rockhold adjusts to not having this weapon in his arsenal on April 29.


The undercard for BKFC 41 does not disappoint - featuring another can't miss showdown between Eddie Alvarez vs. Chad Mendes.

Mendes spoke about this opportunity:


"It's been tough staying motivated, but this excites me and motivates me. Eddie Alvarez and I have both been at the top and we'll be pushing the pace which will make this a fantastic BKFC fight."

For Eddie Alvarez, this challenge excites him:


"The right opportunity and the right opponent. It's a very cool new sport, and I have someone really violent in front of me…I've had numerous bare knuckle fights back in Philly, but this is the first time I'm getting paid, and I'm going to defend my honor."

BKFC President spoke about the magnitude of BKFC 41:


"This is the biggest event we've done in five years and will be seen by over 20,000,000 viewers worldwide. This show is amazing to have these true MMA legends coming over to this new sport. If you've never watched BKFC, this is the one to see, the most exciting, fast-paced sport in the world featuring the baddest men and women in the world."

It all comes back to the headline fight: Luke Rockhold vs. "Platinum" Mike Perry. Two motivated men ready to battle it out and go out on their shields.

Luke Rockhold is ready to seize the moment:


"I'm ready for Mike Perry, I'm different, and there's a reason he never made it to the top. I believe in my strength, footwork, and power, and I'm going to adapt just fine. A win is a win and I'm going to capitalize on all of his mistakes. You can't avoid a fight in BKFC, and there's nothing more exciting than a fight with Mike Perry."

On the other side of the coin, Perry is equally motivated to make a statement and improve to 3-0 in BKFC:


"This is the height of your [Luke Rockhold's] career. I'm going to knock you off the tip of the mountain and send you back packing."

For fans of combat sports, this is a matchup that simply cannot be missed. The combination of Perry's brute force and Rockhold's technical skill makes for an explosive matchup that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The stakes could not be higher, and the opportunity for an action-packed main event could be greater. Every punch will carry weight on April 29 - the combat sports world will be watching as two veterans in the game put it all on the line. Both men posses fight-ending power - a good thing to remember on April 29th will be "Don't blink."

It's a matchup and a full card that you don't want to miss and is guaranteed to produce fireworks. "Platinum" Mike Perry vs. Luke Rockhold. The main event for BKFC 41 on April 29. Catch it on FITE with a unique offer for FITE users. The price for the event is $49.99 on PPV but only $24.99 for FITE+ subscribers (50% off the PPV price).

Curran Bhatia


Curran Bhatia is a 4-time Emmy® nominee at HBO Sports. With nearly a decade of experience at HBO, Curran produced/directed long-form documentaries (including the Emmy award-winning series "24/7"), and 250+ live events. Since HBO, Curran has stepped in front of the camera as On-Air Talent, Host, Play-By-Play Announcer, Analyst, Essayist, and Interviewer on NBC Sports, ESPN, FOX Sports, DAZN, FITE, and more. Curran hosts Ask The Experts podcast. Follow Curran on all social channels: @CurranBhatia