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February 6, 2020

QPW Super Slam II - Hot Take

Qatar is a country steeped in mystery for those outside of the Middle East. It is a proud country, known for futuristic skyscrapers and amazing architecture with natural gas and oil its chief exports. The sea is a primary source of culture and art and now, professional wrestling has become one of the country's most popular imports.

There's a reason Combat Sports are universal. They translate all languages, creeds and cultures. No matter who and where you hail from, the rise of the victor in battle is a universal inspiring moment. The loss for the fighter who has gone above and beyond but just didn't have enough energy left is something all can sympathize with. Punches, kicks, dives, they need no translation – all who stand witness to the battle lives vicariously through the competitors.

Now, Qatar Pro Wrestling will present QPW Super Slam II on Friday February 21st with internationally acclaimed stars from across the pro wrestling cosmos converging at the Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena in Doha, Qatar for a night of action that will see QPW changed forever.


QPW_Championship_Fatal_Four_WayQatar Pro Wrestling Champion Alberto Del Rio returns as a victorious champion, facing down three worth challengers to his throne. The legendary Rob Van Dam, known for pushing the boundaries of extreme athletics and a cocksure attitude alike, is seeking to make international headlines aby shocking the world. To defeat the always game Del Rio, Van Dam will also have to contend with one of Europe's most celebrated veterans Bambikiller Chris Raaber. Raaber has scored championship gold in his native Germany as well as Japan and countless other countries, but a title win in QPW could propel his stardom even further. The enigma is this Four-Way battle is Alofa. The Samoan Super Heavyweight is the walking definition of a Juggernaut, a powerhouse who can snatch wrestlers from the air like a monster wiping out fighter pilots. For Del Rio to emerge victorious, he'll have to play the ultimate game of chess against three completely different challengers with three unique fighting styles. The man who emerges champion will truly define QPW going forward.


QPW_Midddle_East_ChampionFans of Impact Wrestling have witnessed firsthand the path of destruction left behind when Michael Elgin and Brian Cage step into battle. Cage is known as "The Machine" for a reason – built like a tank, he fights with the ferocity of a Wolverine and performs athletically in a way that defies gravity and logic alike. If there was a polar opposite for Cage, it certainly would be Michael Elgin, a walking MACK Truck with a lariat that concusses opponents as if they were struck with a granite missile. When two competitors with arsenals that dangerous face off with radiating hatred for the other, the ripple effects will be felt for years to come. With the first ever Qatar Pro Wrestling Middle East Championship hanging in the balance, all one can predict is pain.


NZO_Brian_Pillman_JRIn the world of professional wrestling, the brash and the bold will command the attention of global audiences. It's a world where microphones are as lethal as any weaponry and if there were two competitors who are mind game wizards, it would be second-generation anarchist Brian Pillman Jr and NZO, who's entire pro wrestling run has been embroiled in controversy. Behind the scenes, Pillman's father was one of the inspiring figures in NZO's career, but don't believe for one moment that sentimentality will stand in either's quest of having their arm raised in victory. Pillman has continuously raised his game over the last year while NZO has been picking and choosing his battles. This will undoubtedly be a battle with long-term repercussions for each talent. A victory for NZO means another step back into the mainstream. A victory for Pillman means ascending yet again towards glory.


King_Of_LaddersIn 2015, Caprice Coleman shocked the world by becoming the inaugural King of Ladders at QPW Super Slam I. Now, Coleman returns to Doha to prove dominance over the most skilled competitors that have mastered one pro wrestling's most awe-inspiring, dangerous battlefields – the Ladder Match. Combatants from across the world have targeted Caprice in order to ascend to the heavens, seeking to be crowned the King of Ladders. France's Tristan Archer, having competed in some of the most prestigious tournaments across the globe, looks to plant his flag in victory as he shocks the world. Mexico's Dos Caras seeks to bring honor to the ling line of luchador kings in his family by achieving victory. South Africa's PJ Black seeks to prove his dominance over all, proving yet again that he is the one and only Darewolf in professional wrestling. Rich Swann brings all the grit and bluster that he can carry from the United States, looking to outshine all in aerial combat. Mil Muertes emerges from the darkness, seeking to smash all that stand in his way, with his might perhaps proving to make him the most lethal competitor in this chaotic fray. If Caprice Coleman can somehow repeat his miracle victory, he'll have traveled through hell and back through a battle where your greatest weapon – a ladder – is also your most dangerous opponent.


Triangle_Tag_Team_MatchVeterans Chris Masters and Carlito have battled foes across the world, but at Super Slam II, they have quite the international array of stars opposing them. Jonny Storm and Jodie Fleisch are living legends in Europe, their high-flying abilities helping to evolve the entire professional wrestling scene over the last 15 years. Their high-flying styles will certainly come collide with the ground and pound and submission skills of the former WWE veterans, but Nuevo Gran Apollo and Apollo Jr. seek to silence the might of each team – looking to repeat Apollo's past success in QPW's Tag Team ranks. If there is such a thing as a sleeper bout for an event this steep in talent and attractions, it will be this tag team war.


Some of the biggest and most powerful names have made Qatar Pro Wrestling their destination. Former World Champions Kevin Nash, The Great Khali and Mark Henry will be in Doha as speculation continues to run rampant over their role and influence on the biggest event in the history of Qatar. Eric Bischoff, one of professional wrestling's biggest power brokers, will be on hand and there's no predicting what puppet strings he may pull. As questions abound as to who else may appear, the real question is how will all these massive personalities ignite the powder keg that is Qatar Pro Wrestling?


Cross_WhiteEagle_SydalQatar Pro Wrestling has become known as a destination for professional wrestling's best hybrid fighters, talents who can mix their athletic feats, technical finesse and ability to soar through the stratosphere in any combination in order achieve victory. Matt Cross, one of professional wrestling's best kept secrets, has an innate ability to break down opponents with his striking ability while making gravity seemingly disappear at will. Matt Sydal has electrified audiences for years, performing shooting star presses and other dazzling moves with ease as he collects victory after victory. Of course, the mysterious White Eagle seeks to claim his greatest win to date, creating international headlines with an upset that would certainly soar beyond all predictions.

Super Slam 2 will bring an international audience ringside to Qatar, live as it happens, for the first time ever, but only here on FITE!