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Reasons to watch SENSHI: Pro Fight Night on FITE

February 19, 2020

An opinion piece by Ivan Spasov
Editor-In-Chief at FITE.TV

Tune in on February 23rd at 2:30AM Eastern Time and watch this combat experience LIVE!

I love old school kickboxing. I love martial arts. Although I've spent most of my time inside a boxing ring, I've been around a lot of kickboxers and martial arts practitioners and so I get very excited each and every time they get to showcase their skills on the big stage.

With that in mind I can't help but write a piece on why people should watch SENSHI: Pro Fight Night right here on FITE!

It's FREE!

I'm going to start with the most obvious reason. It's a free event! A full high-end production of kickboxing and martial arts combat and it will cost you nothing to watch! All you need to do is tune in on February 23rd at 2:30AM Eastern to watch the event LIVE or tune in at any point after that to watch in on VOD - again, completely free!

There will be top-notch competition & all-out action!

Three titles will be on the line! Maikel Astur is fighting Bogdan Shumarov for the vacant WAKO PRO European Title in K-1 rules! Adolfo Barao collides with Atanas Bozhilov with the WAKO PRO World Title on the line! Also the low kick WAKO PRO World Title is on the line. To top it all off, you'll see six other matches done under SENSHI rules!

Legends in the ring!

Yes! For all of you fans of the good old days of Kickboxing - Ernesto Hoost, Semmy Schilt and Peter Aerts will be special guests and referees on this event! You'll get to see three of the greatest competitors to ever set foot inside a kickboxing ring. There is no doubt that these three are the fathers of modern day kickboxing and they'll be up during SENSHI's event, leading the next generation into greatness!

The tradition lives!

You'll get to see the tradition of martial arts competition embodied in the ring! It's something that's been sorely missing in the world of martial arts for some time now. The warrior spirit and the will for combat will come out of each of these competitors - that's the SENSHI way and it's something the promotion has proven with previous events - all available on FITE

Did I mention it's FREE?

I don't want to repeat myself … but it's a top-notch free event! What more could one ask for?

Tune in on February 23rd at 2:30AM Eastern Time and watch this combat experience LIVE!