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March 2, 2023

Revolver's Drip on FITE+: An Unforgettable Night of Wrestling Action

"Drip is your attire, the clothes you wear." ― Gunna

If there is one wrestling promotion that can proudly declare that their Drip - slang for one's outfit that shows off their swagger - it is certainly Wrestling Revolver.

A promotion that is the nexus for all competitors and promotions that allows for the most unique dream matches and incredible competition under one assembled roof, Wrestling Revolver regularly captures the imagination of fans across the globe with their unique presentation. If there's a place, a promotion, a collection of talents who exude The Drip that comes with the greatest of swag and braggadocio, it is indeed Wrestling Revolver.

This Saturday, Wrestling Revolver returns this to FITE+, allowing all subscribers to witness a true international dream match, several bouts that are taking place for the first time ever, championship encounters and more with a truly unique, special cast of characters all vying to prove their supremacy and capture the imagination of FITE's global audience with their in-ring performances from bell to bell.

Wrestling Revolver's DRIP this Saturday will feature the following main event encounters:

KUSHIDA vs. Jonathan Gresham:

You want a dream match?

In one corner comes The Octopus, Jonathan Gresham. The former Ring of Honor World Champion Jonathan Gresham, who radiates the greatness of Dean Malenko and Billy Robinson from the eras before him. A competitor who plays the master chess game of professional wrestling three to four moves ahead of everyone else in the world and is one of the most sublime in-ring grapplers in the world. He's battled the best in the world but he's never been tested like he will be by the opposition this Saturday, KUSHIDA.

In the opposite corner, New Japan Pro Wrestling star KUSHIDA, one of the most versatile stars of this era, who combines incredible scientific acumen and incredible timing with aerial maneuvers and a devastating hoverlock submission. KUSHIDA has succeeded in all realms and promotions, but has never been tested like he will be this Saturday by Jonathan Gresham.

Two worlds collide. Two unique athletes clench up. Two classic professional wrestlers seek to prove they are the best of their era. Live, this Saturday, exclusively for FITE+ subscribers.


Since capturing the Wrestling Revolver World Championship from Trey Miguel last December, Steve Maclin has defended that championship with absolutely zero regard for the sanctity of life, much less the sportsmanship of professional wrestling. Maclin has been decimating all comers, making himself one of the most hated men in Wrestling Revolver.

This Saturday, when Revolver presents Drip on FITE+, it will be one of the most respected competitors in the history of the promotion, Rich Swann, stepping up to battle Maclin for the title with no restrictions as he and Maclin step into a Iowa Street Fight. Swann has survived the Hell of War against Swerve Strickland, so he has lived through the rigors of war inside professional wrestling as well as the insanity that goes with battles outside of the ring.

Street Fights in Wrestling Revolver allow for the battles to go anywhere in the State of Iowa with all weapons and instruments of destruction legal until one competitor has been decimated to the point of no return, where he can be pinned or submitted. Certainly, the man who walks out of this encounter with the championship will prove himself perhaps the toughest man to walk the aisle this year in Revolver, but only one man will emerge champion.


The reigning and defending Revolver World Tag Team Champions Chris Bey and Ace Austin are still high on life as the Bullet Club members, along with manager Gia Miller, are coming off winning their championships at Night at the MOXBury from Manscout and Dan the Dad. There is no rest for the wicked, as their first-ever championship defense will see them battle not one, but two worthy sets of challengers.

The Second Gear Crew's Matthew Justice and Mance Warner have walked the walk and talked the talk. They have brawled the brawls and Extremed the Extreme. You name the professional wrestling trope, they have perfected it. These two throwback bad-asses have shattered tables and careers alike but are seeking perfection in Tag Team gold. To do so, they'll have to shoot down the Bullet Club, but also entrap The Rascalz.

Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz have been chasing the Revolver Tag Team Championship dating back to the promotion's first ever event back in 2017. Could this Saturday see them finally unlock the keys to victory? Miguel has been a darkened soul in recent months after several setbacks in Revolver and Impact Wrestling, but could a rekindling of his duo with Wentz be the moment that sees him start to rekindle the old magic? Three teams will walk into this battle. Only one team will emerge victorious but none will exit unchanged.


Since capturing the Revolver Remix Championship from Trey Miguel, Alex Shelley has reshaped the division in his own image, proudly sneering at the Revolver faithful while capturing win after win. Having taken down Rich Swann and Masha Slamovich in recent months, Shelley is prepared to return to the ring this Saturday on FITE+ with perhaps his most fearsome challenger to date.

Indeed, The Monster Hunter himself is hunting for the Revolver Championship. Matthew Palmer has reigned supreme in Texas rings over the last decade and is now seeking to make history by taking Alex Shelley to the limit. Palmer has fought valiantly alongside Rich Swann and Swerve Strickland in the past but this will be his biggest singles encounter to date under the Wrestling Revolver umbrella.

If Palmer has come to hunt the monster and claim the title, he will have to overcome the incredible in-ring skills of someone's mental and physical acumen as a professional wrestler is near perfection. Shelley's pro wrestling is perhaps only outshined by his attitude as he knows he's one of the best in the world and everyone else is beneath him. Whether Matthew Palmer belongs to that last as well will be revealed this Saturday live on FITE+.


Ninja Mack has risen from the independent rings of The United States to become one of the most in demand international stars in Japan's Pro Wrestling NOAH. This Saturday, Ninja Mack returns to Wrestling Revolver, seeking to prove his supremacy as the best high-flying professional wrestler in the world, but to do so, he'll have to defeat someone who literally helped design the game when it came to modern day high-flying professional wrestling.

Johnny Revolver, known elsewhere as Johnny Morrison (Mundo, Impact, etc., etc.) steps into the Revolver ring seeking to soar down from the stratosphere and showcase his ridiculous versatility as a competitor. Revolver has raised the bar across many promotions over the course of his career, sparking imaginations and inspiring careers aplenty, perhaps even Ninja Mack.

This generational battle will see one of the best of the last 20 years taking on one of the fastest rising stars of the last year - and only one man will have his hand raised when this awe-inspiring battle blows the minds of FITE+ subscribers across the cosmos.

Wrestling Revolver Drip will also feature the following encounters:

The Death Dollz unite as Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie, & JesSICKa take on The UNIT's JT Dunn & Infrared with Phil Stamper!

CMLL's World Historic Welterweight Champion Rocky Romero will defend his championship against Lince Dorado and Jake Crist!

Dan the Dad will battle Impact Wrestling's Dirty Dango, the artist formerly known as Fandango!

In a Hoss Fight, Crash Jaxon vs. 1 Called Manders!

Wrestling Revolver is the most vibrant, unique professional wrestling promotion in the world, kicking down all doors and welcoming all competitors seeking to showcase they are the greatest combat sports pugilists in the world. This Saturday, the eyes of the world descend upon the great State of Iowa as FITE+ broadcasts Pro Wrestling Drip for the world to witness!