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August 4, 2021

Sean Waltman's Pro Wrestling 4 Life Launching On FITE

The weekly podcast will now be released on Wednesdays.
GCW Champion Matt Cardona and Nick Gage announced as first Wednesday guests.

August 2, 2021Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman's weekly podcast Pro Wrestling 4 Life will officially be released on Wednesdays going forward. It will be available Wednesdays at 6 am EST on all podcast platforms and will also premiere in video form Wednesdays at 3pm ET on FITE and YouTube.com/XPac!

Waltman will continue to be joined each week by his co-host and Wrestling Inc. managing editor Nick Hausman. For their debut on FITE Waltman and Hausman will be welcoming two men who have made a lot of noise on FITE recently... GCW Champion Matt Cardona and Nick Gage!


I look forward to bringing Pro Wrestling 4 Life to FITE," said Waltman. "FITE brings pro wrestling fans some of the best pro wrestling content on the planet each week and I know PW4L will be a great fit."


Cardona was on Pro Wrestling 4 Life back in June ahead of his match with Gage and had the following to say to Waltman and Hausman at the time, "Listen, deathmatch wrestling is not my cup of tea. It's not my style. I respect it, and I had to shut this guy up. It's plain and simple. I'm always trying to create buzz. I'm never happy in my spot." How will Cardona feel as he returns to the show to do a victory lap?

Nick Gage has obviously made his own big waves recently with his bloody No DQ match against Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite. Hot off his national appearance it will be interesting to hear Gage speak with Waltman about working with Jericho live on TNT. Something Waltman did nearly 25 years ago on WCW Nitro.

As a reminder, Pro Wrestling 4 Life with Sean "X-Pac" Waltman debuts on FITE this Wednesday at 3pm ET featuring GCW Champion Matt Cardona and Nick Gage. It will be released on all major podcast platforms Wednesday at 6am ET.

About Pro Wrestling 4 Life:

Pro Wrestling 4 Life with Sean Waltman launched in April of 2021. It is co-hosted and produced by Wrestling Inc. managing editor and Warrior Wrestling commentator Nick Hausman The debut episode featured WWE Hall of Famer "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair and since then the show has welcomed notable pro wrestling names like Lex Luger, WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali, WWE NXT Tag Team Champions MSK, Molly Holly, Chavo Guerrero, and more.

Each episode is edited by Marsh, @RefMarsh on Twitter.

For more info, check out Twitter.com/ProWres4Life; Facebook.com/ProWres4Life; Instagram.com/ProWres4Life; YouTube.com/XPac