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April 3, 2018

Special field reports and daily recaps Live from Wrestlemania Weekend on FITE

It's officially Wrestlemania Week and if you will not be there in person, worry not - you can witness all the action from the comfort of your own couch. Just make yourself comfortable and get ready for a weekend-long programming of pro wrestling entertainment on FITE.

A binge-worthy marathon of 10 shows is coming up with a real star power from WWNLive and ROH Wrestling super shows set to air on FITE live pay-per-view.

Alongside live programming, our field reporter So Cal Val will take you behind the wrestling curtain bringing you the daily scoop, exclusive interviews and backstage sneak peeks into what's considered the biggest wrestling gathering of he year.

Here are our pro tips to get you started:

  • Review our live schedule from Wrestlemania weekend and bookmark the events you'd like to follow at our dedicated Wrestlemania Weekend Live Schedule
  • Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for live updates and giveaways @FITEtv
  • Get a primer on the top roster starring in upcoming showdowns and grudge matches this weekend (by Mike Johnson): FITE Forever rundown of top talent 
  • Bookmark FITE Daily Shows for exclusive videos and interviews and watch Free