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May 20, 2019

Decades ago, the name Starrcade evokes images of the best in physical combat, of gritty and bloody brawls and of the ultimate destination event to see the most important and violent showdowns inside the squared circle.

Although the days of Starrcade have long past, the need, the want, the hunger for destination events that define and change the landscape of professional wrestling have never disappeared. FITE is proud to present one of the most star-studded gatherings of all time, Starrcast II, live from Las Vegas.

Over the course of Memorial Day weekend in the United States, the most die-hard and hardcore professional wrestling fans will descend upon Sin City to see the most amazing array of superstars and legends ever assembled. These avengers of the king of sports will take part in perhaps the most audacious series of events ever seen, and they will all unfold right before your eyes, right here on FITE!


Cody & the Bucks hosted by Alex Marvez

An Evening With the Cody & the Bucks hosted by Alex Marvez

With All Elite Wrestling's Double or Nothing just 48 hours away, the most Elite tag team in the business and one of the most talked about in-ring stars of this generation sit down to discuss their journey in life and professional wrestling, what to expect from AEW and of course, bring you up close and personal with your own superkick party. Never ones to hold back, this will be full-on, unbridled discussion that will certainly make headlines and perhaps even change the face of Double or Nothing.


Behind the Paint: Sting

Behind the Paint: Sting hosted by Tony Schiavone

Tony Schiavone was one of the definitive voices of World Championship Wrestling and at Starrcast, he reunites with the most definitive hero in WCW history, The Stinger. Steve Borden, the man behind Sting, will sit down to reflect on his long-career, taking us from the beaches of California to the center of Nitro and Wrestlemania. One of the most popular stars of all time, Sting will step out from behind the paint for all the world to see and gift his fans with the memories of a truly storied career.

JR & The King

JR & The King

Two best friends and one of the greatest commentary teams of all time reunite at Starrcast to share the stories of their unique life experiences in and around professional wrestling, their time working with each other and the new chapters in their lives. Lawler and Ross have witnessed it all and been in the center of controversy over the course of their careers and at Starrcast II, it will all be laid out in the open as only the King and Good ol' JR can present it!


NITRO: 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

For 83 weeks, WCW Monday Nitro was the dominant TV series during the Monday Night Wars. Eric Bischoff was the man who steered the ship for the roller coaster ride that was World Championship Wrestling during its most successful and important era. Bischoff will address the highs and lows of WCW, dismiss the BS reports and bring everyone inside the war room to discuss what it was like going to battle with Vince McMahon…and winning.

The Taz Show

The Taz Show LIVE

One of the most dominant performers in ECW history, Taz has evolved into one of the most opinionated and popular personalities on CBS Sports Radio. For the first time ever, the Human Suplex Machine brings his unique brand of pro wrestling talk and jocularity to the stage for TAZ SHOW LIVE with AEW'S MJF scheduled to appear (if he can make it past Starrcast security) and more. Join Taz if you can, Survive if he lets you!

Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson Live!

The Enforcer Arn Anderson has been the cornerstone of every incarnation of the Four Horseman and the master of the Spinebuster. Whether he was battling solo in the ring or alongside one of his many classic tag team partners, Anderson's grit in the ring and intense verbal acumen crafted him into one of the most respected and beloved professional wrestlers of our time. For the first time ever, Anderson will sit down for a long, in-depth discussion of his career, his life, controversies during his career, living the life of a Horseman and being one of professional wrestling's true treasures.

Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing Press Conference & Weigh Ins

The night before AEW's Double or Nothing, the stars of All Elite Wrestling will come face to face for final words and to take part in the official weigh-ins for the event. What will happen when Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho go face to face? Can brothers Cody and Dustin Rhodes keep the harmony before they settle their differences in the ring at the MGM Grand Arena? We will discover that together, live on FITE!

Wrestling Observer

Wrestling Observer Live

Wrestling journalists Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez sit down to discuss the news of the week and answer questions about wrestling history and more, giving their takes on everything going on during the road to Double or Nothing.

The Art of Wrestling

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana has been long celebrated as independent wrestling's greatest ambassador. His Art of Wrestling podcast may be the most important and controversial wrestling discussion series of all times, taking listeners through the journey and life of making one's art and one's career inside the squared circle. Cabana will be joined by a series of special guests, including The Young Bucks, as he brings his patented style of podcasting to everyone watching on FITE.


Booker T's

Booker T's Hall of Fame Podcast

Can you dig this sucka? The five-time, five-time, five-time World Champion and Hall of Famer arrives at Starrcast to discuss his incredible life in professional wrestling, giving his expert insight into the world of pro wrestling and beyond and perhaps even a shucky-ducky quack quack moment live for all to witness. Booker T carries a great deal of respect for everything he has accomplished in both professional wrestling and life and this will sure be a discussion you won't want to miss.


Sharpshooter: Bret Hart in his Own Words

Bret Hart is known for being the excellence of execution and for being someone who has always stood up for what he believed in over the course of his career as one of professional wrestling's greatest in-ring competitors. At Starrcast, Hart will sit down for a discussion about his career, his life, his legacy, his greatest matches, his unique upbringing within professional wrestling, and reflects on a series of life experiences that have gifted others with memories they still hold dear many years later. There is only one Hitman and he'll be live on FITE!

Monday Night War

Monday Night War Stories hosted by Sean Waltman

Sean Waltman was one of the first WWF stars to jump to WCW and he was the first to exit WCW and the NWO to help spark the attitude era and DX. Waltman has been in the center of the storm and has been part of countless major angles and moments inside and outside the ring over the course of his career. As he navigates the rough waters of the Monday Night War era, Waltman will share inside stories and first-hand experiences that only he could, because he was one of the few men "in the room where it happened" on both sides of pro wrestling's greatest promotional war!

I Quit

"I Quit" with Magnum TA & Tully Blanchard hosted by Tony Schiavone

As Gordon Solie once famously said, "Two Words. Five letters. I Quit." If there was one I Quit match that has lived on infamously for its sheer, unbridled violence, it's Magnum TA vs. Tully Blanchard. The former enemies turned family (it's true!) will sit down to bring viewers back to the edge of their seat as they review the climax of their famed rivalry, their respective careers and the legacy that was forged in violence inside a steel cage forever.


Crazy Like a Fox

Crazy Like a Fox: Remembering Brian Pillman

Brian Pillman broke ground and changed the parameters of professional wrestling. If there was a fourth wall, he dropped a nuclear bomb on it, but then, he was gone before he ever truly got to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Author Liam O'Rourke toiled tirelessly on a book that properly captured the life, spirit and madness of Brian Pillman inside and outside of professional wrestling. He comes to Starrcast to discuss the life and legacy of one of pro wrestling's greatest mad scientists, joined by those who knew Brian best. Celebrate the legacy of what Brian accomplished and think about what could have been had life not taken twists that even the Loose Cannon couldn't have manipulated.

Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn

An Extreme Rivalry: Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn

If there was a rivalry that pushed the boundaries of physical combat and aerial warfare in Extreme Championship Wrestling and beyond, it was the battles for the ECW World Television Championship between Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn. For the first time ever, they discuss the incredible chemistry they had inside the ring, the fan base that pushed them to achieve that insane level of performance and the legacy of what they've left behind for future generations to explore and enjoy.

Lita's Panel

Lita's Panel on Women's Wrestling

Amy "Lita" Dumas is not only a Hall of Fame but one of the most important figures in the history of women's professional wrestling. Dumas will discuss the journey of her career and the evolution of women in professional wrestling, joined by the ever-controversial Madusa, AEW stars and more for a truly insightful look at everything that makes women's professional wrestling so great.

Bruce Prichard

Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

Well, you know….Bruce Prichard's storied career in professional wrestling has taken him from Houston's pro wrestling office to the right-hand man of Vince McMahon and back again. Prichard's Something to Wrestle podcast has brought the sights and sounds of Prichard's first-hand knowledge of pro wrestling's most controversial stories and some of the most exciting characters he's working alongside to life. Prichard and Conrad Thompson will do what they do best, explore the tapestry of professional wrestling's insane insides while celebrating the product that insanity brought to life on your TV screens.

Talk is Jericho

Talk is Jericho

The day after Double or Nothing, Chris Jericho will sit down to record a live podcast, giving his reflections and thoughts on the debut AEW PPV, joined by special guests and surprises galore.

Inside the Ropes

Inside the Ropes: Dustin Rhodes hosted by Kenny McIntosh

With his decision to exit WWE and just a day after his emotional battle with his brother Cody, Dustin Rhodes sits down to discuss his life in professional wrestling, what's next for him, the legacy of the Rhodes family, bidding farewell to Goldust and the aftermath of AEW's Double or Nothing in what will surely be an emotionally charged discussion.

House of Hardcore

House of Hardcore Podcast with Tommy Dreamer

The heart and soul of ECW has become the host of one of the most insane podcasts ever released, breaking down memories of all extreme and insane over the course of his career. Dreamer sits down on stage to record before a live audience for the first time in what will surely be a raucous affair.