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November 3, 2020

Talk N' Shop A Mania 2 HOT TAKE

You Wanted the Worst?
FITE and Talkin' Shop-A-Mania Delivered!

Now, you want more?
Well, FITE has great news for you, because the minds behind Talkin' Shop - Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows and Rocky Romero are coming back.

Like a bad one night stand that refuses to let you forget, like a hangover that just won't clear, Talkin' Shop-A-Mania 2 is on the horizon, streaming live from parts unknown (Gallows' house) on Friday November 13th live on FITE.

It's RISE OF THE TORTURER! That is right. From the depths of hell, from the deepest fathoms, from the darkest of night, the Cocktorturer will rise - seeking revenge on Chad 2 Badd, unless the creative really sucks and makes less sense than the Boner Yard Match last time everyone was carnied into watching.

Either way, Talking' Shop-A-Mania will indeed see the next chapter in the legendary feud between Chad 2 Badd and former brother in arms Sex Ferguson as they collide for the TNS Championship in the first-ever BALL FOR A BALL MATCH. That's right, a match so brutal that not even the Boner Yard can contain the sheer essence of hatred that is needed to contain a match so vicious and so ridiculous that testicles are at stake!

Will Sexy Ferguson, who rose from the Boner Yard resurrected, take the manhood of Chad 2 Badd? Can his steel testicles prove to be Ferguson's undoing? Can the confines of time and space, pay-per-view and professional wrestling all withstand the insanity and sublime nature of this event's artistic subtext?

There is only one way to know if your delicate heart can withstand the might and the fright of the Ball for A Ball Match, and that's to stand witness (and potentially be called as a witness down the line) by ordering Talkin' Shop-A-Mania 2!

However, the main event won't be all that is dragged across your FITE screens on Friday the 13th! As viewers saw last time, the eternal blood feud between Chavo Guerrero and Chico el Luchador could not be contained to one location (Gallows' house) or even his backyard and accompanying properties and now, the feud won't be contained to even these two luchadors!

These legendary combatants will each lead a team of expert combatants into a Lucha Libre Death Match, seeking to scorch the earth and decimate the opposing side once and for all. It's Team Chico vs. Team Chavo and no one is safe.

Team Chico vs Team Chavo in a Lucha libre Death Match

FITE can't truly promise you everything that will go down (or go wrong) at Talkin' Shop-A-Mania 2 but sources have stooged that a new faction will debut. Who will it be and how badly will they ruin your streaming devices? Dive into the muck and learn on November 13th.

Our stooges have also confirmed the following talents will somehow find themselves at their career crossroads at Talkin' Shop-A-Mania 2!

-Freight Train
-Scott Steiner
-The Warlord
-The Barbarian
-Bryan Myers
-Sami Callahan
-Madman Fulton
-Tommy Dreamer
-Justin Credible
-Mark Jindrak
-Paul Lee
-The Koloff Dynasty
-Lariato Man
-Vernon Love
-Scott D'Amore
-George North

From the backwoods and the backyards, from the trampolines and the dilapidated warehouses, from the twisted souls and drunken minds of everyone who brings you all that you love about professional wrestling and then throws it out the window, leaving whatever is left for you to watch, it's Talkin' Shop-A-Mania 2.

Let's be honest, we're in a pandemic, it's not like you have a better choice, so order NOW right here on FITE and for God's sakes, protect your balls - the Cocktorturer is afoot!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.