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FITE.TV presents the Original "BRAWLIN’ BEAUTIES of GLOW"

June 6, 2018

Narrated by the legendary "Mean Gene" Okerlund, this Classic Wrestling documentary features matches, interviews and behind-the-scene segments from the original hit television show of the Eighties.

On June 27th GLOW fans will be able to relive 88 minutes of all the action, glitter and extravaganza from the first-ever all-female prime time wrestling show that later inspired Netflix hugely popular original series.

Distributed on a Pay-Per-View Broadcast 9pm EST June 27th on the FITE Network, "Brawlin' Beauties: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W)" comes straight off the video archives of Professional Wrestling History and offers a classic look back into GLOW flamboyant characters, depicted both in front and behind the wrestling curtain.

The producers of this classic wrestling documentary pay-per-view special have combined with the original producers of GLOW to present an action-packed look at the women who pioneered the female version of sports entertainment.

The documentary follows the early years of the Tina Ferrari, who was later called "Ivory" from the WWE. In addition, fans will see the fiery Spanish Red, a bevy of beautiful sisters who were the Farmer's Daughters, the spunky cheerleading trio of Suzie Spirit, Debbie Debutante, and Vicki Victory, the monstrous Mountain Fiji, Matilda the Hun and Big Bad Mama. Other GLOW legends featured within this spectacular include Hollywood and Vine, Ninotchka the Soviet Spy, The Heavy Metal Sisters, The Housewives, Beastie, Dementia, and many more.

"Brawlin' Beauties: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" is hosted by legendary wrestling announcer and WWE Hall of Fame member "Mean Gene" Okerlund. The program features not only matches but also highlights of the sketches and segments that made GLOW truly unique, taking on professional wrestling entertainment with a beautiful twist.