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July 27, 2023

The Problem Child Takes on an MMA Legend in the Boxing Ring - New Blood vs Old Guard - Five Reasons to Watch Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz

By Curran Bhatia


Jake Paul, a controversial figure in the world of boxing, has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the sport, drawing both fervent admirers and strong critics. His ability to generate interest and keep people talking has played a pivotal role in his success. A masterful self-promoter, Paul knows how to create buzz around his fights, captivating audiences from various backgrounds.

One key aspect of Paul's success lies in his strategic choice of opponents. By facing a diverse range of challengers, including former MMA fighters, NBA players, and YouTube stars, he has managed to widen his appeal and attract a new audience to the world of boxing. This approach has not only elevated his own profile but has also given his opponents greater exposure and recognition.

Regardless of the polarizing opinions surrounding him, there is an undeniable truth: Jake Paul's presence in boxing has had a positive impact. Among the most notable contributions is the increase in the sport's popularity, particularly among younger viewers who may not have otherwise shown much interest in boxing. His crossover appeal has helped bridge gaps between different fan bases, making boxing more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

More eyeballs are a good thing - even if they come from a different walk of life or from a non-traditional avenue. In addition, Paul has been vocal about fighter pay. He has helped undercard fighters not only with exposure but also with padding their bank account to get closer to being compensated for what they deserve.

Critics who question Paul's legitimacy as a boxer must acknowledge his evident skill and talent in the ring. While his journey from YouTube personality to professional boxer raised skepticism, he has proven his worth as a capable fighter who can deliver entertaining bouts and big events. As he continues to make waves, there's no denying that Jake Paul's influence on boxing will be felt for years to come.

The next stop for "The Problem Child" will be against Nate Diaz on August 5th. The crossroads clash can be seen worldwide outside of USA globally on FITE.


Jake Paul will have his hands full on August 5th - Taking on the man who beat Conor McGregor, Tony Ferguson, Anthony Pettis, and countless others - Stockton's own Nate Diaz.

Nate Diaz, a revered legend in the realm of mixed martial arts, boasts an impressive record and background. Famed for his indomitable spirit and unwavering determination, Diaz has earned the adoration of a fervent fan base known as "The Diaz Army." Alongside his fighting prowess, he is celebrated for his outspoken personality and candid expression of thoughts.

Having been a seasoned veteran in the UFC, Diaz brings with him an invaluable wealth of experience to his forthcoming bout against the rising boxing attraction Jake Paul. Despite Paul's successful transition from YouTuber and social media influencer to professional boxer, his in-ring experience pales in comparison to Diaz's extensive career at the highest echelons of mixed martial arts.

In his journey to secure victory against Paul, Diaz must deftly leverage his veteran expertise and glean insights from years of competing at the sport's pinnacle. In the clash between Diaz and Paul, fans can expect an exhilarating display of skill and tenacity from both fighters. Diaz's seasoned prowess, coupled with Paul's relentless drive to establish himself as a legitimate force in the boxing world, ensures a thrilling and closely-watched encounter. As the stakes are high for both competitors, the bout promises to be a captivating spectacle, leaving everyone eager to witness who will ultimately emerge victorious.

Diaz is riding high after a spectacular submission win over Tony Ferguson in September of 2022. It marked an end to an unreal run in the UFC, which started in 2007 - when Jake Paul was only ten years old.

While Diaz is over a decade older than Paul - Diaz will be able to match Paul in size and exceed Paul many times over in professional fighting experience.

The classic battle of "Youth vs. Experience" will come together on August 5th. Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz can be seen worldwide outside of USA globally on FITE.


The matchup between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz promises to deliver an electrifying spectacle for fight fans - not necessarily with boxing at the highest level like Spence vs. Crawford but instead with larger-than-life personalities and entertainment and production value. Both fighters are renowned for their showmanship; this showdown is no exception.

The motivations are clear - Jake Paul aims to affirm his standing as a legitimate boxer, eager to showcase his prowess against a seasoned opponent like Nate Diaz. It's even more important for Paul to have a good showing after taking his first professional loss to Tommy Fury on his last time out. If Paul can build upon anything from his loss - he knocked down Fury with a jab and was able to fight to a split decision against Fury, who has been training in boxing since the age of six compared to only a few years of training for Paul.

For Diaz, it's his first time competing outside of the UFC in 15 years, and he certainly doesn't want to lose to a fighter who started his career on YouTube. If Nate can have a good showing on August 5th, he will have countless options in all different forms of combat: MMA, Boxing, Bare Knuckle Fighting, and more.

The fight is poised to be a captivating spectacle, with both fighters leaving it all in the ring to entertain their fans. Jake Paul's boxing brashness and threat of power will be on full display, countered by Nate Diaz's unyielding veteran determination and never-say-die attitude. The result is a recipe for action-packed exchanges, and even more likely (and entertaining): brash displays of showmanship and showboating.

The pair will come together on August 5th. Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz can be seen worldwide outside of USA globally on FITE.


While Paul vs. Diaz will be entertaining - you may also be interested in seeing some of the best boxers in the world compete. Enter Amanda Serrano.

Amanda Serrano, often referred to as "The Real Deal," is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable and dominant female boxers in the history of the sport. Her extraordinary talent, relentless determination, and diverse skill set make her a force to be reckoned with inside the boxing ring.

Amanda's style in the ring is a true testament to her versatility and adaptability. She possesses a unique blend of aggression, precision, and finesse, allowing her to excel in various weight classes. Whether she's fighting as a featherweight, super featherweight, or bantamweight, Amanda consistently showcases her exceptional boxing prowess.

One of the aspects that make Amanda Serrano so dangerous is her punching power. Her knockout ratio is outstanding, and her punches pack immense force. She has the ability to end fights with a single devastating blow, which keeps her opponents on their toes throughout the match.

Amanda Serrano's capability to move up and down weight classes effortlessly is a testament to her dedication to her craft. Not all boxers can transition between weight divisions smoothly, as it requires adjusting to different opponents with varying strengths and styles. However, Amanda has consistently demonstrated her ability to do so with grace and success.

Serrano will be taking on a rematch with tough and talented Heather Hardy, who is coming off a big win herself earlier this year.

Also in action is 19-year-old phenom Ashton "H20" Sylve. Sylve is 9-0 with 8 KOs and has been lighting up the boxing world with sensational highlight-reel knockouts and imaginative outfits that he wears to the ring to showcase his personality.

Ashton is a can't miss prospect, and Jake Paul and the team at Most Valuable Promotions deserve credit for signing the young future star. Sylve will be taking on William Silva on August 5th.

Shadasia Green will also be in action on the undercard - coming off of her shocking and thoroughly impressive TKO win over tough Elin Cederroos.

The undercard fights will all lead to the exciting main event of Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz. The entire MVP card on August 5th can be seen worldwide outside of USA globally on FITE.


Jake Paul has been a master marketer and entertainer in the sport of boxing. That part was expected. The highlight reel knockouts were not. And even though the Paul train was slightly derailed with a loss to Fury - it can get right back on the tracks with an impressive showing against Diaz.

In Jake's own words:


This is the only thing I'm focused on, and I'm filled with that hunger, and I have more conviction now than ever of what I'm gonna do in this sport. And when you're doing a lot of fights, back-to-back-to-back, I'm knocking everyone out, putting them on their ass, making tens of millions of dollars, you can lose that hunger. That loss re-instilled that in me, and I'm excited to come back. I said don't judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses. So, I'm gonna come back. I've been working in silence. I promise you that. I promise you I know what I'm capable of, and this is going to be the best version of Jake Paul that you're ever going to see in the ring.

And for Nate Diaz - the combat sports legend knows this fight is part of the post-UFC plan, and an impressive win is all but required. And as legendary as Nate's career has been in MMA - he relishes this opportunity to box:


I was being stereotyped as an MMA fighter. I don't like being stereotyped as an MMA fighter. I'm a black belt in Jujitsu, and I would have been a pro boxer when I was 18 years old, but a cage fight came up first. So I was stuck in a cage my whole career. And there were times when I got locked out and contracted right away, so I was just locked in longer and longer. I've been going to boxing gyms since I was 15 years old. I'm a pro boxer, and I don't think I've ever got my a– whupped in a boxing gym and not come back as the last guy to win when the round ends. So, I've always wanted to box, and like I said, I've felt like a pro boxer the whole time. Every fight in MMA, I was training just like any boxer trains for a boxing match. So yeah, I'm glad I get to come here and showcase my skills in boxing.

The stage is set for an entertaining crossroads clash - a young, brash upstart who has flipped the traditional boxing model on its head vs. the outspoken MMA legend who is set to embark on a second act in the sport he was most passionate about all along.

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz will take place on August 5th and can be seen worldwide outside of USA globally on FITE.

Curran Bhatia


Curran Bhatia is a 4-time Emmy® nominee at HBO Sports. With nearly a decade of experience at HBO, Curran produced/directed long-form documentaries (including the Emmy award-winning series "24/7"), and 250+ live events. Since HBO, Curran has stepped in front of the camera as On-Air Talent, Host, Play-By-Play Announcer, Analyst, Essayist, and Interviewer on NBC Sports, ESPN, FOX Sports, DAZN, FITE, and more. Curran hosts Ask The Experts podcast. Follow Curran on all social channels: @CurranBhatia