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February 21, 2024

Total Nonstop Action No Surrender 2024 HOT TAKE

The stars of TNA all seek to have their arms raised in glorious victory, draped in championship gold with a side dish of vengeance - and TrillerTV viewers across the globe will witness it live as if they were sitting ringside themselves right there in New Orleans!

There's magic in the Bayou. Anyone who has traveled to Louisiana has felt it. It's a special place with a unique vibe, a special aura all its own. It's a place where culture and the arts explode during Mardi Gras and that brassy music reverberates from every direction, just bringing forth pure joy and dance and exhilaration.

Of course, for every magical place, there's a darkness that permeates underneath and New Orleans is no different. For every special moment in the French Quarter, there's the debauchery of Bourbon Street. For every celebrated jazz musician in the shining spotlight, there's echoes of the voodoo that lurks behind the darkened shadows. There's a tug of war between the great and the decadent in NOLA, and in that never-ending fight between the light and the dark, there's a hunger for action and violence.

Whether it be the ending of The Undertaker's streak, Ted DiBiase and The Junkyard Dog brawling, The Midnight Express inciting riots, or Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat battling in the Best of Three Falls, New Orleans is soaked in professional wrestling history, because of that never ending hunger. From Bill Watts to Luke Hawx to Butch Reed and back, NOLA loves their pro wrestling. They hunger for it, because that hunger represents the duality of The Bayou - the magic and the tragic.

That ravenous hunger brings TNA - Total Nonstop Action back to New Orleans for the first time in years, as they present No Surrender 2024 live on TrillerTV on Friday February 23rd emanating from the infamous Alario Center. With the return of TNA at Hard To Kill in Las Vegas last month, the main events presented by the promotion have become even more chaotic, insane and competitive. No Surrender will be no exception as these primary attractions have been announced for TrillerTV's live broadcast from NOLA:


Moose is at the top of the mountain once again, having captured the TNA World Championship from Alex Shelley at Hard To Kill in Las Vegas. Believing that his championship is proof that The System he has forged with Eddie Edward and Brian Myers is the correct, perfect system, Moose and his cohorts have been on a path of destruction across all corners of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling since, dishing out beatings and mocking the competition.

Enraged by the madness, Shelley challenged Moose to fight him center-ring inside The Alario Center in New Orleans in a first-ever match contested under No Surrender Rules. Shelley will arrive for the fight with Kevin Knight and KUSHIDA in his corner. Moose will storm the ring with The System and they fight until one of the designated cornermen throws in the towel for their fighter.

Alex Shelley is a world renowned technical wizard when it comes to professional wrestling, but he's always been out to capture a championship or attain a flawless victory. What happens when he walks the aisle in NOLA, seeking not to just win the World Championship back, but to do so by beating and injuring Moose to the point that even Myers and Edwards need to show mercy and throw in the towel. Are these angry, embittered fighters even capable of empathy? Would Moose instruct them to ignore even his own pleas to call for the end of this fight?

Needless to say, Moose has long been a force of nature inside TNA's rings. Recent actions have shown he's only gotten more lethal and more vicious, so what will happen when the entire goal of this bout is to beat and torture Alex Shelley until his cornermen refuse to allow it to continue beyond the point of no return? Will Shelley's allies worry that Moose's concussive-like strikes and violent streak could lead the challenger to no longer be able to intelligently defend himself?

There is no way to predict which way such a match could go. Tempers have exploded like erupting volcanoes in recent weeks and the very landscape of TNA have been tossed asunder countless times in recent days. If one was to approach a Tarot Card reader in New Orleans, it would be impossible for even the clairvoyants to see anything beyond pain, destruction and for one competitor, absolute humiliation. The TNA World Championship hangs in the balance in the first ever No Surrender Rules main event in TNA history!


It should be a glorious time for Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace. Whether it be her historical invasion of the 2024 WWE Women's Royal Rumble, defeating Trinity at Hard To Kill or seeing her popularity skyrocketing like never before, it should be a moment of reflection, enjoyment and contentment…but of course, this is professional wrestling, where there is always another competitor, another challenger, another attacker on the horizon.

For Grace, that antagonist is Gisele Shaw, the Quintessential Diva, who won the Ultimate X match that electrified fans in Las Vegas, earning herself a guaranteed shot at the Knockouts World Championship - a championship match she claimed for No Surrender, but not before assaulting and attacking Jordynne Grace.

Shaw has long weaved a web to torment and wear down her opponents mentally and emotionally before they ever lock up in the ring, but in "The Juggernaut", Shaw may have met her match. This bout will feature the sheer, unbridled power of Jordynne Grace against the tenacious, manipulating Gisele, who is seeking to capture her first Knockouts Championship. If Grace can use her power and strength to throttle Shaw quickly, her reign will continue on as impressively as it began. If Shaw can figure out a way to neutralize and wear down Grace, the entire face of the Knockouts Division may quickly change, shocking the world to its core, live on TrillerTV!


Mustafa Ali has always been celebrated by diehard professional wrestling aficionados as a competitor who deserved far more than he was given the chance to showcase during his tumultuous and, at times, disappointing time competing for WWE. While it was obvious to everyone from the outside looking in that Ali deserved more opportunities, that seemed to be oblivious to those overseeing the promotion at that time. Ali was outspoken and resilient, but those attributes only resulted in his exit.

Never one to be silenced, Ali has embarked on a worldwide campaign to spotlight his competitive skills and prove to any and all doubters that he is, indeed, the competitor his followers have long proclaimed him to be. That campaign has brought Mustafa Ali into Total Nonstop Action and in his sights is the X-Division Championship held by Chris Sabin. Ali is seeking to march into TNA at No Surrender and not only vanquish one of the most celebrated athletes of any era, but someone who has truly been the heart and soul of the TNA letters since their incarnation back in 2002.

Chris Sabin will go down as a true TNA Hall of Famer when his career is over, and for good reason. Sabin has never been complacent and continuously pushes himself to prove his greatness inside the squared circle. In Ali, Sabin not only has a fresh opponent, but someone seeking to break the chains of the past by forging his future in championship gold. For Ali to storm the gates and make history, he's going to have to out-wrestle one of TNA's most well rounded and perfect in-ring competitors of all time.

The X-Division has always been touted as being about no limits, and if there was truth in advertising, it's certainly this bout as Chris Sabin and Mustafa Ali are all but guaranteed to bring a classic inside the ring when they clash at No Surrender. It's a match neither competitor can truly afford to lose as it will set the course of their future trajectories in TNA, and with stakes that high, the TrillerTV audience are the true guaranteed victors when these gladiators meet center ring for the X-Division title


One of the truly chilling surprises at Hard to Kill was the emergence of Decay from the Undead Realm as Rosemary and Jessika returned from beyond parts unknown and stormed over MK Ultra to become the new Knockouts World Tag Team Champions. It was an attack that no one saw coming from the horizon, but of course, since when do Demons fight fair?

Now, Decay has come to New Orleans, where the unholy darkness may be the strongest in all of the United States, seeking to retain their crowns as champions when they defend against the former champions. Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly have long obsessed with destroying opponents to the point of humility, but how can they hope to achieve their usual goals of beating someone within an inch of their lives when those opponents have risen up from the Undead Realm to begin with?

One major factor in the challengers' favor this time around however may be that unlike Hard To Kill, Masha and Kelly know who they are facing, allowing them to hit the dojo and train even harder than usual, arriving in NOLA ready to seek and destroy in a vengeful attempt to erase the championship loss from their ledger. To do so, they'll have to somehow take down a newly empowered Decay as they step into the one place on Planet Earth where their wickedness may be even more stronger than ever before.

The Knockouts World Tag Team Championships are on the line in this unholy rematch where revenge may incite violence, destruction and indeed, the entire world may twist and turn until TrillerTV viewers witness some of the greatest chaos ever conjured into the Bayou at TNA No Surrender 2024.

These tremendous attractions and more are set for February 23rd, where once again the world of TNA watches an amazing array of combat sports superstars wage war in a world where there truly is No Surrender and no escape and the only way to emerge victorious from the battlefield is to go to war and fight your way through to the other side.

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.