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WrestleMania 36 Hot Take

April 2, 2020

For over three decades, the most important night in sports-entertainment has been WrestleMania

For over three decades, the most important night in sports-entertainment has been WrestleMania and this year, the ultimate marriage in combat sports will take place as World Wrestling Entertainment's WrestleMania will stream this Saturday April 4th and Sunday April 5th live right here on FITE!

FITE will be streaming all of the WrestleMania action, streaming from the WWE Performance Center as well as other locations to be revealed, including WWE's Kickoff Shows for both nights of WrestleMania excellence!

Over the course of the first WrestleMania so massive it has to take place over multiple nights, World Wrestling Entertainment will produce perhaps the most unique broadcast in the history of its flagship event, with FITE viewers witnessing the following colossal clashes this weekend:

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs. Drew McIntyre

 Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyreBrock Lesnar is perhaps the most decorated combat sports star of all time, obtaining championship gold in UFC, World Wrestling Entertainment and beyond. One of the most fearsome competitors to ever step into the ring, Lesnar has crushed all competition in recent months, holding a firm grasp on the WWE Championship. The only competitor who appears to have figured out the riddle of the sphinx and has broken past Lesnar's defenses is Scottish star Drew McIntyre. Years ago, McIntyre was released by World Wrestling Entertainment but refused to be denied. Crisscrossing the globe, McIntyre wrestled, brawled, fought and scrapped his way back to prominence, using the Claymore Kick to slay the competition. This year at the 2020 Royal Rumble, it was the Claymore Kick that led to Lesnar being eliminated from one of the biggest matches of WWE's year. Since then, McIntyre has been able to take Lesnar down several more times before disappearing into a grueling training camp to prepare for WrestleMania. Even Lesnar's Advocate Paul Heyman has declared McIntyre to be a special competitor but has also cautioned that while McIntyre will enter the right special, he'll be departing Brock Lesnar's bitch. At WrestleMania, it will be Lesnar's F-5 vs. McIntyre's Claymore Kick with the fate of World Wrestling Entertainment at stake.

WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns

Bill Goldberg vs. Roman ReignsAfter Bill Goldberg captured the WWE Universal Championship at Super Showdown, Roman Reigns confronted Goldberg and declared he is next for the WWE Hall of Famer. Reigns has been one of WWE's most inspirational stars but can even he stand strong against the might of Bill Goldberg's spear and Jackhammer combination? It should be noted that rumors continue to persist that Reigns will not compete at Wrestlemania and perhaps Braun Strowman will step onto the Wrestlemania stage to challenge Goldberg, which, if that comes to fruition will place Strowman into the biggest challenge of his career. Either way, Bill Goldberg will be defending the Universal Championship, looking to seek and destroy whoever is indeed next!

WWE Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler

Becky Lynch vs. Shayna BaszlerThe good news for Becky Lynch is that she is celebrating the rare WrestleMania anniversary, having captured the Raw Women's Championship last year in a Triple Threat, defeating Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. In the chaotic world of WWE, holding a championship for a complete Wrestlemania cycle is a feat to be celebrate, but for "The Man", there is no time to party as she's being hunted by not only one of the most dangerous athletes in all of World Wrestling Entertainment, but all of combat sports. Shayna Baszler is a true shark, a hybrid athlete who has tapped and snapped competitors in UFC and NXT alike. The two-time former WWE NXT Champion viciously set her sights on Lynch and the Raw Women's Championship, attacking her on Monday Night Raw, biting the back of Lynch's neck. Rising like a bloody vampire in hazy moonlight, Baszler has been relentless since, bringing out a more violent side of the Irish Superstar. This past week on Raw, Lynch declared that she had figured out Baszler's true goals in attacking her – her desperation to rise out of the shadow of Ronda Rousey – but Lynch has promised to send Baszler hurtling back into the darkness. Furious, Baszler attacked and choked out Lynch, leaving everyone to question whether The Man can stand up to perhaps the most ferocious foe in the history of her career?

Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena in a Firefly Funhouse Match

Bray Wyatt vs. John CenaThe Fiend, Bray Wyatt, has pillaged and plundered all of World Wrestling Entertainment but his reasons for doing so were revealed after John Cena appeared on Friday Night Smackdown in Boston to announce he would not be competing at WrestleMania this year. Although Cena intended to step aside and let those who have been toiling weekly in the trenches, competing around the world for World Wrestling Entertainment to have their moment at WrestleMania, Bray Wyatt had other ideas. Wyatt challenged Cena, revealing that The Fiend itself – an extension of Wyatt's personality – exists because of the downward spiral Cena exiled Wyatt into after defeating him several years ago at WrestleMania. Blaming Cena for the vortex that consumed his life, Wyatt returned even more demented and destructive, even winning the Universal Championship before Cena returned from Hollywood. Not wanting history to repeat itself, Wyatt has challenged Cena to enter his Firefly Funhouse, the alternative dimension that exists somewhere, theatrically, inside Wyatt's mind. While the rules of engagement are not exactly clear, one thing FITE can confirm is that this battle is not just about wins and losses, but about vengeance for the Fiend and for John Cena, it is about perhaps one last victory on the WrestleMania stage. But, can John Cena emerge victorious on a battle ground where Bray Wyatt defines very existence itself? Time will tell.

Edge vs. Randy Orton in A Last Man Standing Match

Edge vs. Randy OrtonNine years is a long time to be imprisoned inside one's mind, but that was the reality for WWE Hall of Fame Adam "Edge" Copeland. Forced into retirement after being medically disqualified from competition following neck issues, Copeland trapped from competing in the ring, standing ever so close to the combat sports that defined his professional career but unable to take part. For nearly a decade, he obsessed over how he might find his way back to the ring until finally, a solution presented itself, allowing Copeland to return to the ring at the 2020 Royal Rumble in one of the most emotional ring entrances in WWE history. The next night, however, the celebration for Edge's return ended, thanks to three letters – R K O. Randy Orton, Edge's former tag team partner, attacked the Hall of Famer, claiming that he was doing it out of love, trying to put Edge out of his misery once and for all, because he loved Edge more than anyone, even his wife. In doing so, Orton only hardened Copeland's resolve to compete, because now Edge had a greater reason to step inside the ropes – revenge. Challenging Orton to a Last Man Standing match, the Wrestlemania battle to come will prove who is truly the better man, who can sustain the most damage and who will survive. Edge declared that while Randy Orton had accused him of being a junkie for the reaction of the audience, it was Orton who was the true junkie, dying for a fix of the passion and energy that Edge brings into the ring, because without him, Orton knows his harshest critics are telling the truth – that Randy Orton just coasts along. When the dust settles on this battlefield, only one man will stand tall. But, will the Last Man Standing be fit to compete going forward? WrestleMania may be the final stand for everyone involved.

The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match

The Undertaker vs. AJ StylesA Boneyard is the 18th century description for a graveyard and that is a fitting environment for one of WrestleMania's harshest grudge matches. After being chokeslammed and pinned by The Undertaker after the Phenom made a surprise appearance at Super Showdown, AJ Styles began a slander campaign against one of the most iconic WWE performers of all time. Claiming that The Undertaker is 15 years past his prime and that his one rock-hard edge as a competitor has been diluted and softened by his wife, Michelle McCool, AJ Styles has brutally attacked the legendary star's reputation. Undertaker, the ultimate veteran fighter in WWE, has warned Styles that by invoking his wife's name, Styles has gone beyond usual business when it comes to building a big match feel. Styles responded to that by cutting through the very essence of The Undertaker, calling him by his given name, Mark Calaway, continuing the disrespect, before demanding the first-ever Boneyard match. While all of the confirmed details surrounding this explosive bout remains to be revealed, Undertaker's goal is obvious, he wants to bury everything AJ Styles stands for six feed under. Styles, one of the highest flying and hardest fighting competitors in WWE today, remains steadfast in his goals as well – take down The Undertaker's legend and in doing so, make himself immortal in the process. FITE viewers will learn firsthand for whom the bells toll this weekend at WrestleMania.

WWE NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair

Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte FlairWhen Charlotte Flair captured the 2020 Royal Rumble, speculation immediately began over whether she would challenge for the Raw or SmackDown Women's Championship. As it turned out, the decision was made for her. WWE NXT Champion Rhea Ripley confronted Flair and dared her to challenge the Australian-born star for the NXT title, offering Flair a generational challenge – the woman who helped set the stage for the success of NXT and the Women's Evolution within WWE could face the top star who had exploded out of that initial success. Flair accepted and since then, the war has been on. Every week, the verbal assaults have been lobbed back and forth and this week, Flair attacked Ripley as she entered the WWE Performance Center. Undaunted, Ripley rose and declared that Flair would see her at WrestleMania. This is a war not just over a championship, but for the entire heart and soul of NXT itself. As WWE's youngest brand sees one of its championship defended on the grandest stage of them all, Rhea Ripley is seeking to prove she, and all of NXT, are as good as anyone who has ever entered a WWE ring. Charlotte Flair is among the 1% of the greatest WWE performers of all time, so for her, it's about maintaining her greatness and proving once again, that she stands tall overall. In what may be one of the most physical battles in WWE history, the true winners will be the fans watching on FITE across the world.

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens vs Seth RollinsTruth be told, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens are two sides of the same coin, self-made men who rose to prominence in World Wrestling Entertainment, a realm in which they had each been told that neither of them would have much success. Instead, championships and scurrilous reputations followed. In recent months, however, Rollins' self-obsession with his greatness has led one of the most celebrated WWE stars to become one of the most hated, although its also led to Rollins finding quite a group of followers, including Murphy and The AOP. As Rollins continues to try and enforce his will and oppress others, Owens was the first to stand up against him and accuse Rollins of not being forthcoming with his intentions. Unfortunately for Owens, he was correct and found himself on the wrong end of many a beating. While a multitude of partners have stepped forward to assist him, at WrestleMania, Kevin Owens is a lone gunslinger walking into town trying to take down his most hated rival. At WrestleMania, it will be a battle for the ages among two competitors who are among the most dangerous in WWE history. WrestleMania has always been the epicenter for grudges that need to be settled and this may be the most personal, emotional battle over the course of the most important weekend in sports-entertainment.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan

Sami Zayn vs. Daniel BryanIf there was ever an unlikely WWE Intercontinental Champion in 2020, it would be Sami Zayn. While Zayn toiled and battled his way to World Wrestling Entertainment like many other valiant competitors, in recent times, Zayn has been content to antagonize other stars while advising the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. Indeed, it was with their help that Zayn was able to capture the legendary WWE Intercontinental Championship from Braun Strowman in a three-on-one bout. Since then, Zayn has been avoiding having to defend the championship before finally being trapped into doing so when Daniel Bryan's confidante and mentor Drew Gulak defeated Nakamura on Friday Night Smackdown to ensure Bryan's Championship opportunity at WrestleMania. For years, Bryan has been one of the most beloved technical wrestlers in World Wrestling Entertainment and on paper, some might assume he's going to score an easy victory over Sami Zayn. However, even if one doesn't factor in Cesaro and Nakamura interjecting, the reality remains that Zayn is one of the most overlooked and underrated competitors today and he might provide Bryan more a fight than Zayn's detractors might believe – but only if Zayn brings the fighting spirit that landed him in WWE in the first place. While Zayn's championship reign has been controversial for a number of reasons, one thing that won't be is that when the bell rings, the better man is going to win. Under Drew Gulak's intense training, will that man be the leader of the Yes Movement? Stranger things have certainly happened in the WWE Universe.

WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans vs. Tamina vs. Naomi

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans vs. Tamina vs. NaomiSince her attitude change and most recent SmackDown Women's Championship victory, Bayley has emerged as one of the most bitter competitors in recent WWE history, demanding all the accolades and praise for the state of women's professional wrestling. One of her regular targets has been WWE legend Paige, who responded by announcing that Bayley would have the opportunity to prove herself in a Five-Way Battle at WrestleMania, facing some of her most hated foes, including former Marine Lacey Evans and the ever-dangerous Tamina. That Naomi, one of Bayley's fiercest rivals would also enter the fray was not a shock after their Super Showdown battle, but the announcement that Bayley's cohort Sasha Banks would also challenge for the Smackdown Women's Championship was like a lightning bolt that threatened to split the Bayley/Banks alliance in half. Will Banks step forward to assist her long-time partner or will WrestleMania see the ghosts of their past rivalry resurrected in explosive fashion? No matter what choice Banks makes, Bayley still finds herself in the most precarious situation of her entire career…can she make it out unscathed?

Elias vs. King Corbin

Elias vs. King CorbinIn a battle suggested by WrestleMania host Rob Gronkoski, Elias will take on Baron Corbin, a rivalry that had been dangerously close to boiling over in recent weeks. While Elias has long taken aim at Corbin's alleged royalty in song, it sowed the seeds of resentment and bitterness that exploded on Friday Night Smackdown several weeks back when Corbin attacked Elias and threw him from an elevated stage to the WWE Performance Center down below. With that hellacious act, Corbin insured that the situation was no longer just fun and games for Elias, but an emotionally charged mission for revenge Whether the King of the Ring can overcome this challenge to his Kingdom will be revealed at WrestleMania.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza with Zelina Vega

The Street Profits vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza with Zelina VegaJust when you think you know the answers, Zelina Vega changes the questions. With Andrade injured, Vega revealed this week on Monday Night Raw that 22-year old WWE NXT Superstar Austin Theory would make one of the most shocking WrestleMania debuts in history, teaming with Angel Garza to challenge The Street Profits for the Raw Tag Team Championships just six months after inking his WWE contract. This plunges the Street Profits, themselves making their WrestleMania debut, into the unknown after preparing for Andrade and Garza. Indeed, Theory may prove to be the unknown element that may turn the tide of battle. For Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, the party time is over and it's time to get to work. The Raw Tag Team Championships hang in the balance of one of the most youthfully-charged WrestleMania bouts of all time.

Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley

Aleister Black vs. Bobby LashleyAleister Black has been demanding competition since he's arrived in WWE and Bobby Lashley is more than happy to provide it. Lashley, a two-sport star in both professional wrestling and MMA, may be one of the most dangerous competitors walking the Earth today but can even he decipher the riddle that is Aleister Black inside the squared circle? While Lashley is dangerous in the ring and controversial , can even he stand up to Black Mass, Black's finishing maneuver, which has crumbled opponents like Godzilla storming through Tokyo? If Black can take down Lashley, untold doors will open for his WWE future. A major WrestleMania moment may be upon us.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz vs. The Usos vs. The New Day

John Morrison & The Miz vs. The Usos vs. The New DaySince John Morrison's return to Friday Night Smackdown, he and The Miz has reunited and it feels so good, for them, anyway. Since capturing the Smackdown Tag Team Championship, the partners in crime have been doggedly pursued by The New Day and The Usos, themselves all former Champions. Miz and Morrison thought they had figured out a solution to the issue by having the teams compete against each other, with the victor guaranteed a WrestleMania championship opportunity, but instead, they found themselves dealing with the impossible – both teams moved on to WrestleMania and now, Miz and Morrison are trapped in the worst position possible. New Day and The Usos have each defined what great tag team action is within World Wrestling Entertainment and now, one the biggest stage of them all, a moment of truth will take place as FITE viewers get to see who emerges as the definitive team for WWE's blue brand.

Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler with Mandy Rose

Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler with Mandy RoseAs WWE fans across the world are aware, Heavy Machinery's Otis has been smitten with the gorgeous Mandy Rose for some time. The surprising twist of fate, however, appeared to be that Rose had feelings as well. After Otis finally worked himself up to have the courage to ask Mandy out, it appeared he was in for the Valentine's Date of his life, Dolph Ziggler interceded. With Otis late for the date, Ziggler instead arrived and swept Rose of her feet. In the weeks that followed, Ziggler has used his relationship to torment Otis as it's become more and more apparently that someone prevented Otis and Mandy from having their Valentine's date. Fed up with Ziggler's antics, Otis challenged Ziggler to fight him at WrestleMania. Ziggler agreed but then decreed that Mandy, who has wanted no part of this mess, would be in his corner. Will Otis crush Ziggler? Will Ziggler hand Otis defeat as well as heartbreak? Where does Mandy Rose truly stand in all this? Will love truly conquer all? Stay tuned for WrestleMania as this soap opera scenario hits its climax!

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

The Kabuki Warriors vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki CrossAlexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are perhaps the most unique tag team in WWE's Women's division but one thing they have nailed dead on target is that the Women's Tag Team Championships were originally envisioned to be defended across all brands, something that The Kabuki Warriors, Asuka and Kairi Sane had seemingly been ignoring. After weeks of pushing and petitioning to get their rightful title opportunity, Bliss and Cross were overjoyed to learn they would battle The Kabuki Warriors at WrestleMania. The unorthodox Cross and the ever-resilient and dangerous Bliss might just be formula to take down the Japanese stars, but only if they can overcome Asuka and Sane's insanely dangerous striking and tag team excellence. This international battle will provide FITE fans the world over with something that will certainly be remembered for years to come.

For the first time ever, WrestleMania comes to FITE and now you can witness the biggest event of the year, chatting alongside fans from across the globe in what will be one of the most unique, newsworthy and historic events of the year!