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Wrestling Revolver a Night at the MOXbury HOT TAKE

February 2, 2023

This Thursday, Wrestling Revolver returns live on FITE+ with a special event, A Night at the MOXBury. As professional wrestling fans very well know, any time that former WWE and AEW World Champion Jon Moxley enters an arena, the only thing guaranteed is chaos and carnage.

With Wrestling Revolver emanating from Dayton, Ohio, however, insanity is what is on the bill and madness is what's guaranteed, because Dayton is not just the epicenter of Revolver's showdowns on Thursday February 2nd, but it's also the hometown of Jon Moxley. It's where he first brawled, spilled blood and made a name for himself with his sleazy, gritty, patented style of combat arts inside the ring. If there is anyone who can call the bloodied trenches home, it is indeed Jon Moxley.

When Revolver returns to Dayton this week, Moxley and his compatriot in extreme violence Sami Callihan will join forces once again, this time as the hosts of A Night at the Moxbury, overseeing championship showdowns and grudge matches galore, for once again, the only place to witness all of the unbridled violence and acting that is Mox approved is live on FITE+!

A Night at the MOXBury will be headlined by the first-ever Revolver Championship title defense by newly minted champion Steve Maclin, who captured the belt from Trey Miguel at Revolver's Season Finale last year. Intensely focused and directed by an angry streak that demands respect while giving nothing but disrespect in return, Maclin will defend the title against Crash Jaxon. "The Animal" has built his reputation over the last several years by being a consistent, bruising competitor, capturing titles in Rockstar Wrestling and IWA East Coast as well as appearances in GCW.

A Night at the MOXBury, however, represents the biggest spotlight and opportunity Jaxon has earned to date, putting him at a most interesting crossroads for his career - can he shock the world by defeating a Maclin who has proven to be at the top of his game, or will Jaxon be forced to recalibrate his career after a most major loss? Jaxon's last two bouts in Revolver have been in competition against Maclin, so is it possible he's taken that experience and figured out a way to solve the riddle to attain ultimate Revolver victory and gold? All will be revealed this Thursday on FITE+!

One of the most controversial personalities in Wrestling Revolver will once again grace the ring as Alex Shelley will defend his Revolver Remix Championship against former Impact Wrestling and Revolver Champion Rich Swann. Several months ago, Shelley shocked the world with his controversial defeat of Trey Miguel in an Iron Man match, where after 30 minutes-plus of intense in-ring excellence, Shelley used the championship belt to score the controversial win, a moment that some feel may have set Miguel into a downward spiral that has changed his Miguel has approached his career in Impact Wrestling and beyond.

After defeating Masha Slamovich in the Season Finale, Shelley seeks his sights on defeating Rich Swann, one of the most beloved and talented wrestlers in the world today. Swann is coming off major wins against Brian Pillman Jr. and Swerve Strickland and is now seeking to kick off 2023 with some championship gold back around his waist. This match will be the 21st century rendition of the most classic professional wrestling rivalry there has ever been - the mat technician against the aerial assault artist. Shelley can lock up Swann, take him down and try to submit him 1,000 ways but to do so, first he's going to have to catch someone who can run, fly and attack at ludicrous speeds, from all angles and heights. It's impossible to predict much of what happens in professional wrestling, but FITE+ can guarantee a classic when the bell rings for the Remix Championship at Night at the MOXBury.

The Wrestling Revolver World Tag Team Champions DADScout have long been among the most beloved tandems in Revolver and their title victory over Infrared was one of the true feel good moments of 2022, but now a new year has arrived and with it come nearly insurmountable challenges. Enter The Bullet Club. Ace Austin and Chris Bey, managed by Gia Miller, have conquered rings in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Impact Wrestling alike, but now they are seeking championship gold. Manscout Jake Manning and Dan The Dad are in for one of the biggest fights of their lives, but if they can achieve victory, they'll also be rewarded with total vindication and the knowledge that if they can upend Bullet Club, they can take anyone else down. To do so, however, means trying to achieve something that very few have been able to accomplish, wearing down and defeating two of the most amazing hybrid style competitors in all of combat sports today.

Wrestling Revolver is, if nothing else, a nexus where anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling. It's where stars go to be born and veterans return to resurrect their careers. Due to the sublime, unique nature of Revolver, matches that wrestling fans could never hope to witness elsewhere come to life live on FITE+, electrifying live audiences across the world as they unfold. This Thursday at a Night at the MOXBury, under no DQ Rules, a reunion of the Rascalz - Trey Miguel, Myron Reed and Zachary Wentz takes place as this explosively talented trio go to war with The Second Gear Crew's Mance Warner, Matthew Justice and 1 Called Manders. With zero restrictions and all competitors encouraged to take it to the extreme by Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan, you can expect all sorts of unhinged flying offensive maneuvers, insane brawling and all out madness. From Dayton to Cincinnati and back again, no one will be safe except those watching live on FITE, we think!

Wrestling Revolver's unique positioning inside the world of professional wrestling allows for champions from other realms to appear. This Thursday, Jon Moxley's Blackpool Combat Club blood brother Wheeler Yuta will return to Revolver, entering into a Pure Rules match against the diabolical JT Dunn. Will the reigning and defending ROH Pure Champion show in-ring supremacy against Dunn, or will the Revolver staple upend Yuta, sending shockwaves across Revolver, ROH, AEW and more promotions across the world?

SpeedballMike Bailey has once again opened the door for his Invitational Scramble match, as the former X-Division Champion takes to the air and the ring alike in combat against international lucha sensation Gringo Loco, the monstrous Fulton, the feared powerhouse JeSICKa, renowned veteran Tyler Matrix and more!

In an unique first-time encounter, the leader of AEW's Dark Order Evil Uno will battle Revolver stalwart Jake Crist in a bout that may tell the tale of their future fortunes in Revolver and beyond!

Billie Starkz has long been one of the hardest fighting competitors in Revolver and this Thursday, she'll once again be put to the test as she battles Allie Katch, accompanied by The Unit. After her wars with JeSICKa, Katch is seeking to climb the ladder of success, but in order to do so, she'll have to contend with Starkz, the 18-year old sensation who has been scoring victory after victory and looks to do so again in her Revolver debut, live on FITE+.

Marina Shafir has proven to be "The Problem" for competitors across the globe in both MMA and professional wrestling, but this Thursday at Night at the MOXBury, it will be Blair Onyx, "The Russian Spider", trying to prove that she's the solution to the Shafir conundrum. Onyx has competed on AEW Dark and Glory Pro, among other promotions, but this Thursday, she seeks to make her mark when she competes for Revolver for the first time. If she can stand tall against Shafir, even in defeat, she'll have earned her stripes before the blue collar Dayton audience.

Wrestling Revolver has always proven to be the measuring stick of what is great in professional wrestling. Achieving victory is akin to earning the respect of some of the most discerning fans across the world and this Thursday, a Night at the MOXBury will again tell the tale of which stars will ascend to the next level in 2023 and which will be left behind in the wake of destruction.

This Thursday live on FITE+, we humbly invite you to join us inside our personal underground fight club for a NIGHT AT THE MOXBURY!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.