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Wrestling Revolver Cage of Horrors 2023 HOT TAKE

June 28, 2023

The summer of Revolver is here and it kicks off on Saturday July 1st live on FITE+, the home for all things Wrestling Revolver!

As Revolver continues to gain momentum and tour numerous States, perhaps the only aspect that has remained unchanged in this tremendously popular promotion is that when the time comes to step into war, you have to look within, swallow your pride, find your courage and know that your life and career won't emerge unscathed. But still you stand steadfast, unrelenting and charge into battle.

For the fans and competitors of Wrestling Revolver, there is no more dangerous environment than the one that will be erected when Revolver returns to Clive, Iowa - The Cage of Horrors. Once more, the mysterious, murderous structure will rise, seeking to contain the fray as The Rascals and The Second Gear Crew charge inside towards certain doom and destruction. Scores will be settled with barbed wire boards, scaffolds, weapons and more inside the confines of a steel cage.

The war between these two sides has become molten lava hot in recent months, sparked by Trey Miguel's shocking betrayal of all he once held dear and the Revolver fans in general. His dark turn led to the return of Zachary Wentz and Myron Reed, who joined their long-time compadre and held the line, terrorizing all of Revolver in the process. This led to a very unique trio riding into town seeking to save the day, The Second Gear Crew - Mance Warner, Matthew Justice and Steve Manders.

None of these six combatants have ever shown their fear inside the ring or when facing off against the impossible. With the Rascalz having defeated Bullet Club at Mayhem for All, they seemed to have it all figured out, at least until The Ring of Destiny. When Revolver traveled to Dayton, it was SGC united with Jon Moxley, shocking The Rascals and Rickey Shane Page with a humiliating loss.

Seeking ultimate vengeance, now The Rascals want to decimate SGC and settle their scores and now. Like all great horrific cinematic monsters of old, The Cage of Horrors has once again returned to life. Out of the shadows, the crimson masks will rise and the violence will again be infinite, live on FITE+!

Beyond the carnage of the Cage of Horrors, there will also exist beauty with a true dream match exhibited live from Iowa. Roderick Strong, the world renowned master of the backbreaker and one of the most successful and influential wrestlers of the last several decades returns to the Revolver ring, seeking to prove his might against the beloved Speedball Mike Bailey.

While Strong methodically breaks down his opposition's defenses and ligaments in a slow, soul-crushing process while seeking the keys to victory, Bailey is a cat of a different color. He's a fierce competitor who is able to accomplish the unthinkable athletically as he molds his karate infused array of offensive maneuvers with mind-blowing aerial speed and timing. In most cases, Bailey dazzles and destroys his hapless opponents but Strong is a fighting machine who has mastered every strategy known to man.

This Revolver dream match may come down to which competitor, as unlikely as it is for each, makes the first error, opening things up for the other to take advantage and score the big combinations that stun their opponent into submission. This special attraction can only be seen live as it happens on FITE+ on July 1st!

Jake Crist met his destiny in Dayton on June 17th when he captured the Wrestling Revolver World Championship in a furiously hard-fought victory over Impact Wrestling's Steve Maclin but now he returns to Iowa seeking to retain his claim to the iron throne of professional wrestling. To be successful, he will have to defeat Jake Blackwood, one of the most successful stars of the West Coast in recent years, who recently took to social media to stake his claim that he was coming for the entire world and would travel everywhere he needed in order to prove himself. Blackwood is coming for the Revolver king and as the saying goes, he best not miss. If he does, Crist, who has fought the last several years to ascend to the next level as a fighter, will end his insurrection in record time.

The chaos doesn't stop with these big main events! Revolver's Cage of Horrors will feature the following unbridled battles that will certainly become the stuff of legend in the days, months and years ahead:

Masha Slamovich and JesSICKa will battle The Unit's JT Dunn and Allie Katch in a Tornado Match with no tags, everyone battling in and around the ring at the same time until one team emerges the victors! While Dunn and Katch are no strangers to violence, the sheer insanity of a street fight seems to bring the best out of Slamovich and JesSICKa, so everyone in the entire Hawkeye State may want to lock their doors!

In a Dog Collar Match, Fulton (with Matthew Rehwoldt) will take the fight to Crash Jaxon, a rivalry that has spewed out of their interactions in the battle for the Golden Ticket at the Ring of Destiny. Fulton is riding high on the momentum of his Impact Wrestling return but The Animal" has built his reputation over the last several years by being a consistent, bruising competitor, capturing titles in Rockstar Wrestling and IWA East Coast as well as appearances in GCW. He is seeking to take out Fulton and continue his ascension.

In Four Corners of appropriately promised mayhem, a quartet of the best fighters from around the world will battle at the Cage of Horrors. Gringo Loco, who has become one of the most renowned luchadors in the word, Texas' bounty hunter Bryan Keith, the internationally hated Bullet Club chaos-causing ELP and one of the hardest fighting and fastest rising competitors out of New York State Jordan Oliver will all collide until one competitor stands tall, primed for future Revolver glory.

Revolver's Cage of Horrors will also feature the return of a woman with zero fear when it comes to being locked in a fighting environment, Marina Shafir of AEW, one of the Four Horsewomen of MMA!

We are only halfway to Halloween, but the frights and might of Wrestling Revolver will be on full display for FITE+ subscribers across the world. Keep the lights on, for the Cage of Horrors will reach out and entrance, infect and transfix every FITE fan around the world, because the only rule is to survive, somehow, some way. Who will emerge victorious, if anyone emerges at all? Only FITE+ will provide the answer!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.