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July 7, 2022

Wrestling Revolver: Cage of Horrors HOT TAKE

There comes a time when nothing else matters but pride. No matter what anyone else believes, at the end of the day, you have to live with yourself and you have to look in the mirror and not see the person looking back at you staring with disdain and disgust.

Even in professional wrestling, the king of sports, a combat sports genre where men and women achieve superhuman feats weekly, emotions run high and bitterness drips past competitiveness, fueling anger, hate and all the dark, base emotions that strike deep that can only be settled by all-out war.

In the world of Wrestling Revolver, Iowa's premiere professional wrestling promotion, all out war can only be settled by one thing - The Cage of Horrors. This Saturday July 9th, that mysterious, murderous structure will be erected with one premise - two teams walk the aisle into certain doom and destruction with one group raising their arms in victory and the other utterly destroyed.

The last time circumstances required the Cage of Horrors to settle a score, barbed wire boards, scaffolds, weapons and more were brought inside the confines of a steel cage to allow the combatants to settle their scores and now, like all great horrific cinematic monsters, the time has come for the Cage of Horrors to rise once more out of the darkness, live on FITE!

Coming out of Wrestling Revolver's Stranger Thangs last month, The Unit has never seemed more mighty. JT Dunn is yet again Revolver Champion after defeating Chris Bey. Infrared, Tyler Matrix and Logan James, has been running rampant throughout Revolver, angered by their loss of the Revolver Tag Team titles to the Wolves and their inability to regain the gold. Thus, Stamper's trio have continued to assault and decimate the Revolver roster, leading to three of the Revolver's most corageous competitors to step up and enter the Cage of Horrors to end The Units reign of terror.

Rich Swann has been a Revolver original since day one, waving the flag and fighting the good fight. A former Revolver Champion, Swann's title reign was upended by Dunn with Stamper's assistance. While Swann hasn't been able to regain his championship, he will have a measure of revenge inside the Cage of Horrors. Alongside Swann will be Swerve Strickland, who has fought inside the CZW Cage of Death in the past and knows all too well the horrors that await inside Revolver's demonic structure. The Crew's third competitor, Matthew Palmer, the "Son of Anarchy" has reigned supreme in Texas rings over the last decade and will bring his unique monster hunting style to Wrestling Revolver, looking to help take down The Unit once and for all, live on FITE.

While carnage will reign supreme at the Cage of Horrors, there will be lots of history made on the live event before the cage goes up and the violence begins. The legendary Switchblade Conspiracy, Sami Callihan and AEW Interim World Champion Jon Moxley will FINALLY reunite as a tag team for the first time since 2011, reforming the legendary force that once held the WXW Tag Team Championship in Germany.

While Callihan and Moxley teaming again is headline news across the wrestling spectrum, the fact their first match together again is a dream match that any promotion would cherish makes the moment this weekend all that sweeter.

The Wolves, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, have reunited exclusively as a team in Wrestling Revolver, seeking the ultimate hunt in terms of competition. This Saturday, they receive exactly what they want when they step into the ring with the united might of professional wrestling's most hardened, gritty brawlers. Will the Wolves intense technical tag team finesse be enough to overcome the Switchblades' muddy and bloody mayhem? The Cage of Horrors will reveal the answers for the world to witness, live on FITE.

The victorious team will certainly emerge as future challengers for the Wrestling Revolver Tag Team Championship in the near future. At Cage of Horrors this Saturday, one of the best tag teams in the world, Impact Wrestling's OGK, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett will step into the ring to challenge The Prisoners of Society, Westin Blake and Steve Mackin, who's resurrection as a team has been secondary only to their championship success in Wrestling Revolver. This championship match is designed to showcase the best in what tag team wrestling is meant to be, pushing athleticism and excitement beyond the brink of excellence.

The dream matches continue this Saturday on FITE when Billie Starkz, who has battled her way into the heart of Wrestling Revolver's most ardent fans but finds herself facing one of the greatest challenges of her career, one that she has desired for years. This Saturday at Cage of Horrors, Starkz will step inside the ring with the world renowned Ruby Soho for the first time. Soho, who has been at the top of her game since debuted in All Elite Wrestling, will bring her patented in-ring prowess back to Wrestling Revolver. In doing so, she will be forcing Starkz to take her own competitive skills to the next level. If Starkz can emerge victorious, it will be the biggest night of her career, but even if she can raise to the level of competition that Soho demands in the ring, FITE fans across the globe will watch her ascend to the next level - and that itself could be viewed as a victory.

Indeed, The 1 Called Manders, like Billie Starkz, could be in for the biggest night of his career as well, challenging Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Speedball Mike Bailey as Bailey makes his first defense of the title he won at Slammiversary outside of Impact itself this Saturday. A proud member of the Second Gear Crew in GCW, this renowned graduate of Seth Rollins' Blake and Brave Academy has captured the imaginations of fans across the world with his cowboy ways, but to achieve the impossible, he'll have to figure out the answer to the enigma known as Speedball Mike Bailey, himself immersed in the best year of his career since debuting for Impact Wrestling. It will be a very unique style clash as Bailey brings his karate-infused high flying arsenal against Manders' throwback, hard-hitting, big brawling warchest. This bout, which has inter-promotional impact, no pun intended, can only be seen live on FITE.

The main events continue on down the card this Saturday, including a huge Bunkhouse Brawl as ol' Mancer himself, Mance Warner will battle Jake Crist in a bout that will see anything and everything legal all over the Hawkeye State, a major Triple Threat encounter as Zachary Wentz returns home to Revolver to face Blake Christian and Crash Jaxon in what promises to be an emotional moment for the Rascal, plus Jessika Havok takes on Allie Katch in a battle of two of the most vibrant, unique competitors anywhere in the world, plus the unique, skewed Dan the Dad faces off with the twisted heart and soul of Americana himself, Manscout Jake Manning.

With a night that promises tremendous professional wrestling, unimaginable dream match encounters and the violence that only the Cage of Horrors can provide, the emotional realm of what will be unleashed across one of the most stacked lineups in the history of Wrestling Revolver will emanate from Iowa to FITE devices and viewers across the world. The majesty and the fright of Pro Wrestling Revolver will merge into an insane tapestry, bringing fans to the highest of highs and the most horrific of lows, because that's what happens when emotional explode and spark the ultimate in warfare…a series of battles that will see the fans emerge at the true, ultimate victors.

The Cage of Horrors is unleashed upon the world, one more time, this Saturday on FITE!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.