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Wrestling Revolver Heat Em Up HOT TAKE

August 1, 2023

This Thursday, FITE+ and Revolver will "Heat ‘Em Up", bringing professional wrestling beyond its boiling point!

The summer of Revolver continues this Thursday live on FITE when Wrestling Revolver, the promotion founded by the infamous Sami Callihan once again stands at a precipice of greatness, opening the borders and allowing one of the most unique Nexus points across professional wrestling.

Once again returning home to the dangerous streets of Dayton, Ohio, Revolver will once again push the envelope of imagination as one of the most inspiring, electric and dangerous roster of wrestling stars take to the mat in the ultimate combat sport attraction, spotlighting the stars of tomorrow alongside today's wrestling royalty.

There may be no bout that exemplifies that majestic mix of stars that can only be found within the confines of the Wrestling Revolver as the first-ever Lucha Libre Street Fight featuring Dayton's favorite fighting son Jon Moxley as he strides into battle against the "Base God'' of Gringo Loco. Loco has risen into becoming one of the most talked about American lucha sensations over the last several years, battling throughout Lucha Libre AAA, GCW, Ring of Honor and more, carving his own path in professional wrestling.

While Gringo can fight as adeptly as he can take to the sky, Moxley has cut his way through the combat sports jungle with blood, mayhem and grit unlike anyone before or since. This unique clash of styles will put style vs. style in an environment with zero rules and extreme measures encouraged until one man can soundly defeat the other. As Clubber Lang once proudly bellowed, "I predict pain."

If Loco can score a victory over Moxley, the former WWE and AEW World Champion, he will have ascended to the next level within the hierarchy of professional wrestling, bringing all sorts of international fame and fortune with it. Even a strong showing against the seemingly unstoppable Moxley could change Loco's fortune, so he goes into this war with absolutely nothing to lose, except blood and perhaps his dignity. Once again, the tag team of Wrestling Revolver and FITE+ bring the pain, live for the world to witness.

A number of major Revolver Championships will also be on the line this Thursday night in Gem City, including Jake Crist placing his prestigious Revolver World Championship against one of the true mavericks of today's professional wrestling landscape, Matt Cardona. Having exorcized the demon of Zack Ryder from his soul, Cardona has evolved and ascended again and again, making international headlines everywhere from DDT Pro Wrestling in Japan to Game Changer Wrestling. Now, he heads to Revolver seeking to once again pillage and plunder the promotion, seeking to spirit away the World Championship.

To successfully achieve his pirate goals, Cardona will have to defeat Jake Crist, who may very well be at the top of his own personal game as the reigning and defending champion. Crist himself has pulled himself out of the muck of his own personal demons, resulting in major victories over Kevin Blackwood and Steve Maclin in recent months while capturing the World title. Now, he looks down the aisle for his second title defense and sees one of combat sports' greatest braggarts looking to ruin his victory lap. This Thursday, Crist will need to use all of the versatility he possesses inside the ring to achieve ultimate victory and remain Wrestling Revolver's kingpin.

The Revolver Remix Champion Alex Shelley, also the Impact Wrestling World Champion, seeks to once again reign supreme when he defends his championship against a bevy of contenders all at the same time, including JCW Champion Jordan Oliver, ABC's Ace Austin, Revolver stalwart Trey Miguel, and the irrepressible Damian Chambers, among others. Shelley, a true professional wrestling wizard, will put his magic wand to the test by attempting to surpass so many unique competitors and so many differing styles and attitudes.

Perhaps the most intriguing challenger may prove to be the Rascalz's own Trey Miguel, who's descent into sneering madness in Impact and Revolver alike can be traced back to losing the Remix title to Shelley. What could happen if the roles are reversed this Thursday in Dayton live on FITE+? What would the ramifications of Shelley potentially losing the title be and what would the aftershocks of such a moment be back in Impact Wrestling as they head to Multiverse United and Emergence next month? The entire trajectory of multiple promotions may indeed find themselves remixed.

Wrestling Revolver has always proudly been a destination where professional wrestling's most powerful and dangerous female competitors have hit the ring for some of their most vibrant, vicious and blow-away bouts. This Thursday will be no different when former Impact Wrestling World and X-Division Champion Chris Sabin, one of that promotion's most celebrated athletes of all time takes on The Russian Dynamo herself, Masha Slamovich in a grudge match stemming from a previous loss to Sabin's Motor City Machine Guns partner Alex Shelley.

Seeking to not just score a major victory over Sabin, the hard-hitting Slamovich is seeking to regain some of the ground she's lost in Revolver after other recent losses, including one against Sami Callihan. This Thursday, she's seeking to Snowplow Sabin into 2025 by scoring one of the biggest wins of her career, putting her back into contention for the Remix title and more. To do so, she'll have to take out one of the most versatile in-ring competitors of the modern era, but one should never bet against Masha…

In a true war that might set the stage for the rest of the lineup on FITE+ this Thursday in Dayton, JesSICKa will enter the combat zone against Max the Impaler, who has wreaked havoc across the NWA, Ring of Honor and Japan in recent years. For these competitors, there may be no more appropriate home than The Wrestling Revolver, an environment that allows them to push their insanity and violence beyond the extreme. For Max, this may be the moment of victory and mayhem they've been dreaming of. For JeSICKa, this is a chance to defend her home turf and remind the entire world of the vicious being that exists within. FITE+ fans always love a good war and this Thursday, Wrestling Revolver will bring it to their devices worldwide!

Of course, nothing pairs with a good war like a good beer and if there's anyone in the world who loves both, it's the Pro Wrestling Revolver Six Man Tag Team Champions The Second Gear Crew, The 1 Called Manders, Mance Warner and Matthew Justice who seek to bring their own patented blend of old school mayhem and new school brutality to Ohio this Thursday when they defend the gold against the united fighting forces of Alpha Sigma Sigma, Brent Oakley, KC Jacobs & The Pledge.

Alpha Sigma are seeking to have their names inscribed in the Yearbook of the fates with a big title win, but whether they can get the job done against the momentous Second Gear Crew remains to be seen. Could the Calumet Center in Dayton become a historic location in pro wrestling lore? FITE+ subscribers will see for themselves live as it happens.

The fights will continue this Thursday with the likes of Allie Katch, Myron Reed and more taking to the ring to prove themselves in the ultimate combat sports environment, The Pro Wrestling Revolver. Sami Callihan's sadistic nightmare of a promotion continues to bring nothing but crimson bliss and combat dreams to the world at large and once again FITE+ opens an exclusive portal into the upside down of Revolver exclusively this Thursday night!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.