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November 9, 2022

Wrestling Revolver HOT TAKE

A new dawn is upon Wrestling Revolver, the promotion founded by the infamous Sami Callihan that provides one of the most unique Nexus points for all of professional wrestling. Emanating out of the Midwest, Revolver brings a specifically curated vision for wrestling action, pushing the envelope of imagination while assembling some of the most unique collections of wrestling talents on their events, bridging the gap between Impact Wrestling, AEW, MLW and beyond while also spotlighting some of the stars of tomorrow as they evolve and mature before your very eyes.

Wrestling Revolver, which has been building momentum like an out of control locomotive, will arrive officially on FITE+ this Saturday November 12th with Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em, an event emanating out of the infamous fighting town of Dayton, Ohio, which experienced some of the greatest ECW PPV events ever, a tradition of great action this weekend from the Calumet Center.

Indeed, the landscape of Pro Wrestling Revolver never stops shifting as it has become the hallowed grounds where boys become men and men become legends, and now Revolver, in all its glory, has joined the mighty FITE+, where all subscribers will witness this colossal moments live as they happen.

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley has been announced to appear this Saturday at Wrestling Revolver. FITE+ fans will know Moxley's role and his involvement in the event live as it happens as the world renowned fighter isn't letting anything out of the bag. No spoilers here, just a promise of unbridled violence and chaos when Moxley returns to Wrestling Revolver!

The main event this Saturday will see The Revolver Remix Championship, a belt that has become coveted as the Championship that defines great in-ring spectacular performances up for grabs for the first-time ever under Iron Man Rules, where the winner with the most pinfall and submission wins will be declared champion.

Trey Miguel, who has held the championship since April, already holds a victory over his challenger, Alex Shelley, but an Alex Shelley competing under Iron Man Rules is a completely different animal. With 30 minutes to compete, Shelley will have the time to strategize and work over different extremities, utilizing his keen knowledge of submissions and technical acumen to break down the Champion. Trey Miguel, however, carries the true soul of a champion and has proven himself time and time again as someone who always battles through insurmountable odds. Himself a learned master of submissions, Miguel looks to add yet another accolade to his ever growing list of accomplishments. This Saturday on FITE+, a classic professional wrestling championship contest is all but guaranteed live from Dayton!

Wrestling Revolver has grown into the place where unique matches become spotlighted as the promotion cuts through the bureaucratic nonsense that may prevent these encounters from taking place elsewhere. This Saturday, Myron Reed, who has been a core member of MLW in recent years, collecting championships and victories alike, will battle Shane "SW3RVE" Strickland, who's journey in professional wrestling across AEW, Lucha Underground, WWE NXT and beyond has become the stuff of legend. Now, these two athletically blessed, braggadocious stars are set to battle for the greatest prize of them all, pride. Each of these competitors spotlight the hybrid style of professional wrestling today, high-flying, fast striking, smart grappling phenoms who can dazzle and execute at the same time, with this unique confrontation taking place under the Wrestling Revolver umbrella this Saturday night!

Wrestling Revolver has been the home of many firsts and yet another one will unveil itself in real time for FITE+ subscribers when Brian Pillman Jr., a favorite son in Ohio, takes on former Impact Wrestling and Wrestling Revolver Champion Rich Swann. In a battle of two men who have prided themselves on their fan support, the potential for athletic achievement here may be second to none. Pillman is going to want to prove himself against such a stalwart competitor, but Swann is on a quest to regain his place as the king of Revolver and Impact alike. For each man, a victory is needed to continue their upward trajectory and while the sky's the limit for many, the stratosphere may be indeed, where every fan on FITE+ is looking towards when Swann and Pillman Jr. collide this Saturday.

The three-way dance was a phrase coined in the original ECW, but the original Triangle match arose out of the legendary exploits of AAA Luchadors Konnan, Cien Caras and Perro Aguayo back in 1995. Today, generations later, the Triple Threat match may seem commonplace, but that is only when promoters don't think progressively and place the best possible competitors into that environment.

This Saturday at Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em, Wrestling Revolver takes three of today's professional wrestling wizards and unleashes them upon each other and an unwitting audience who may not be prepared for what they are about to witness. KC Navarro has become one of the most ego-centric personalities in the game today, touting about how blessed he is while taking down his opposition with all means justifying his ends. He steps into the triangle match this Saturday with someone who may be his equal when it comes to arrogance and brash attacks in Ace Austin. The Bullet Club member has risen with a flash through the ranks of both Impact Wrestling and Wrestling Revolver to become one of the most feared and respected competitors in either promotion.

Yet, while these two egos will be attempting to do the unthinkable to each other, Bandido, hot off his All Elite Wrestling debut, will soar through the air and bring some of the most unique, remarkable professional wrestling acumen on the planet from Mexico to Dayton in an attempt to wrest victory from his opposition and shock the world one more time. It's the former ROH World Champion taking on the former X-Division Champion and one of the hottest prospects in the world, all at the same time, this Saturday on FITE+!

In another first-time ever clash, Speedball Mike Bailey, seeking to rebound his career after losing the X-Division Championship, will battle Revolver's Jake Crist for the first time ever. Will Crist's hard-grizzled style be enough to counteract Bailey's karate infused high-flying offense? Can Crist crack the Contra Code and ascend to the next level by knocking Bailey out of the sky once and for all?

Of course, a Wrestling Revolver staple is the Four-Way Mayhem when anything can happen, and does. Dayton may need to lock their doors when Mance Warner, the intense Steve Maclin, The 1 Called Manders and Crash Jaxon are unleashed to battle anywhere and everywhere in pursuit of victory, chaos and madness. The rulebook itself may become engulfed in flames before this one is over.

Wrestling Revolver will also see The UNIT, JT Dunn and Allie Katch battle jesSICKa & Zachary Wentz as well as "Team Ambition" Warhorse & Mike Outlaw vs. "The UNIT" Tyler Matrix & Logan James with Phil Stamper in tag team action as well as appearances by the unwieldy Sami Callihan, the lovely Veda Scott, Bork Torkelson and more!

Wrestling Revolver has set many an inferno since it was first created back in 2016 and this Saturday, the raging momentum of the promotion goes GLOBAL in ways unforeseen as Revolver comes to FITE+!