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January 24, 2024

Wrestling Revolver Mox vs Gringo HOT TAKE

2023 saw Wrestling Revolver crowned as one of the most vibrant and twisted professional wrestling promotions in the world, transfixing the most ardent combat sports fans through its ongoing series of live broadcasts for TrillerTV+ subscribers.

As 2024 kicks off, Wrestling Revolver returns to its blue collar roots in Dayton, Ohio as The Gem City becomes the epicenter of the counterculture revolution that has seen some of the most twisted, emotional and violent professional wrestling rise like a monster from the horizon and leave nothing but chaos and shock in its wake.

Wrestling Revolver's rampage continues Thursday January 25th live on TrillerTV+ when it emanates from The Calumet Center at The Montgomery County Fairgrounds as finally, really, we promise, Jon Moxley and Gringo Loco face off, two very unique fighting styles exploding before our very eyes, the very epitome of what Sami Callihan envisioned when he founded Wrestling Revolver back in 2016.

From its debut, The Wrestling Revolver was designed to push the envelope of imagination, opening a nexus without borders so that the most daring, inspiring, and dangerous roster of wrestling stars could take to the mat in the ultimate combat sport attraction, spotlighting the stars of tomorrow alongside today's wrestling royalty and show the world what in-ring supremacy truly was.


For many months, Revolver has embarked on their mission to finally present a collision that exemplifies the majestic mix of stars that can only be found within the confines of the Wrestling Revolver. The first-ever Lucha Libre Street Fight featuring Dayton's favorite fighting son Jon Moxley will take place on January 25th as the former WWE and AEW Champion strides into battle against the "Base God'' of Gringo Loco.

Loco has risen into becoming one of the most talked about American lucha sensations over the last several years, battling throughout Lucha Libre AAA, AEW, GCW, Ring of Honor and more, carving his own path in professional wrestling. Loco Fights as adeptly in the ring as he does in the sky. Moxley, however, has cut his way through the combat sports jungle with blood, mayhem and grit unlike anyone in wrestling history this side of the late Terry Funk. This unique clash of styles will put style vs. style in an environment with zero rules and extreme measures encouraged until one man can soundly defeat the other.

If Loco can score a victory over Moxley, the former WWE and AEW World Champion, he will have ascended to the next level within the hierarchy of professional wrestling, bringing all sorts of international fame and fortune with it. Even a strong showing against the seemingly unstoppable Moxley could change Loco's fortune, so he goes into this war with absolutely nothing to lose, except blood and perhaps his dignity. Once again, the tag team of Wrestling Revolver and TrillerTV+ bring the pain, live for all subscribers to witness!


As if that madness is not enough, Wrestling Revolver's return to TrillerTV+ will see two proud, unrelenting champions each placing their gold on the line, looking to settle any doubt over who the best professional wrestler lacing the boots in this very unique attraction when Revolver World Champion Jake Crist and Revolver Remix Champion Alex Shelley lock up to determine the definitive Revolver Champion to kick off 2024.

While Alex Shelley has enjoyed international success all over the globe, Revolver has become the true home base for Jake Crist in recent years, a place for him to pivot and rebuild his career, rising to become one of the true hallmark competitors in Wrestling Revolver. Indeed, last month at Season Finale, it was Crist standing tall to end the year, having defeated Gringo Loco. That moment was the ultimate victory for Crist, symbolizing the end of a hard year where he put his work ethic to the test, rising from his own personal demons and setbacks to score a thrilling series of championship wins and truly emerge at Wrestling Revolver's Kingpin.

While Crist may symbolize all that is great about Wrestling Revolver's homegrown stars, Shelley represents the exact opposite. While he is a celebrated wrestling wizard when it comes to purest form of the technical acumen needed to master professional wrestling, Shelley has also become an embittered soul over the course of his journey in Wrestling Revolver. While he has achieved the glory that comes with ascending into the upper echelon at the Revolver Remix Champion, Shelley has held himself above the Revolver faithful, preferring to be seen as a TNA Original more than one of their own. His grasp on the Revolver title has evolved into an affront against what Revolver stands for, a promotion that succeeds without politics and borders.

The stakes could not be higher and represent far more than two pieces of beloved championship gold. If Shelley can capture the Revolver World title, he can lord over the promotion as he sees fit and control two different divisions at once. If Crist can retain the World title and liberate the Revolver Remix title, he can unleash the full flow of energy within the promotion and 2024 will kick off with a celebration, not a wake.

For Crist to successfully achieve this goal, he will need to be at the very top of his game. Shelley has never been as strong in the ring as he is currently, his TNA World Championship reign having sharpened his already precise, laser-focused chessmaster skills inside the ring. Shelley is genius at breaking down his opponents' weaknesses and shocking them into defeat. Crist will have to use every aspect of his unconventional upbringing in professional wrestling, from his unrelenting ground and pound style to his aerial fearlessness and perhaps even his older DeathMatch accolades.

The only thing certain about this championship spectacle is that two very different professional wrestlers will hit the ring believing they are the best, but one will be proven to be incorrect. This historical moment will play out live for TrillerTV+ subscribers, changing the very fabric of two tremendous athletes and an entire promotion forever.


An equally historic bout will go down for the Wrestling Revolver World Tag Team Championship at the R.E.D. will march into one of the biggest Four Corner tag team contests in Revolver history, seeking to retain their status as champions. R.E.D's Alex Colon and Ricky Shane Page have carved a path of destruction through Revolver and stood tall as the final chapter of 2023 closed, but at Mox vs. Gringo, an entire army of phenomenal tag teams have R.E.D in their sights.

Chief among them are internationally traveled antagonists The Grizzled Young Veterans, who marched out of WWE NXT last year seeking to make their own infamy and fortune. A victory over the entire board of stellar tandems involved as well as championship gold could, in one fell swoop, create instant international headlines. For GYV to get to that moment in time, they would not only have to contend with perhaps the most violent team in Revolver history but two of the most celebrated, unique teams who are also fighting for the belts.

The Rascalz, represented by Zach Wentz and Trey Miguel, are, if anything, futuristic as a team. While their attitude may come into question by some, their work ethic and ever evolving ability to top themselves with tag team maneuvers inside and above the ring never ceases to cause shock and awe. There is no realm, no promotion where they are not seconds away from stunning and defeating their opponents. Then, there's the frenzy-invoking, beer drinking anarchy of the Second Gear Crew. Never one to shirk from a fight, Matt Justice and The One Called Manders are seeking retribution after falling to R.E.D at Season Finale and nothing would match better than a fresh pair of championship belts with a fresh brew. Revolver has brewed up tag team insanity for TrillerTV+ subscribers around the world!


When Wrestling Revolver held its Season Finale to close out 2023, one of the major attractions saw The Unit, Damian Chambers and JT Dunn battle Sami Callihan and JeSICKa. Not content with having lost that tag team bout, Dunn has challenged Sami Callihan, the maniacal maestro of Wrestling Revolver to a Last Man Standing match at Mox vs. Gringo.

While one usually has to question the sanity of someone seeking to provoke Sami Callihan into depraved acts, Dunn is obviously going for a home run hit here, seeking to ascend back upwards in the annals of Revolver with a massive win to kick off 2024. If Dunn came up with a way to incapacitate Callihan long enough for the official to count to ten, history will be made and the two-time Revolver Champion will have enough of a springboard back to the top 1% of the promotion, backed by his patented elbow smashing technique.

Of course, any victory over The Death Machine is a rarity and with Callihan already causing havoc in MLW and beyond, the last thing he wants is to have his momentum cut off with a loss this early in the year. Callihan will arrive on TrillerTV+ looking to fight with a bevy of weaponry and sadistic intentions in his soul. Callihan vs. Dunn won't be for the weak of heart, but since when is anyone watching Wrestling Revolver as part of their TrillerTV+ subscriptions weak at heart?

Mox vs. Gringo will also feature the first-time encounter between former Impact Wrestling World Champion Steve Maclin and The Second Gear Crew's Mance Warner, two men known for their intensity inside the ring and never, ever backing away from a fight. For two fighters known for their physicality and harsh brawling, Dayton will be forever known as the site where their first epic battle went down as two smashmouth competitors look to prove who the better combat sports star truly is!

Wrestling Revolver this Saturday on TrillerTV+ will also feature Ace Austin (with Gia Miller) battling Matthew Palmer, The Son of Anarchy. Palmer has long proclaimed himself to be the Monster Hunter, but in Dayton, Ace Austin will be the one hunting for competition, looking to show the world why he's a former X-Division Champion.

All of these major Wrestling Revolver main events and more will highlight the most buzzed about independent promotion of this era as Jon Moxley and Gringo Loco FINALLY go head to head on Thursday January 25th live exclusively for TrillerTV+ subscribers across the world!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.