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Wrestling Revolver Redacted 4ever HOT TAKE

September 1, 2023

Extreme Showdown in Chicago: Wrestling Revolver's Epic Night of Barbed Wire Chaos, Interpromotional Wars, and Hardcore Bouts on FITE

Wrestling Revolver has become one of the true cornerstones for FITE+ subscribers, a promotion that truly takes it to the extreme and leaves no corner untouched, no weapon unused, no fight unanswered.

It is a promotion that has risen through the ranks to become one of the most reputed in all of combat sports, a place where true men and women achieve infamy and glory at once, where victories are earned and losses are heartbreaking.

Every competitor who steps through the Wrestling Revolver ropes does so knowing they can hold nothing back, because every punch, every strike, every submission, even every pin attempt is the difference between glory and humiliation.

Of course, only those chosen few who have entered the hallowed halls of Wrestling Revolver live in Iowa or Texas or its other underground fight clubs know the truth. Hell, FITE+ subscribers have lived through the excitement of redemption and the agony of defeat firsthand. For everyone else, those who may not hold the hardcore heart needed, the gumption to understand, Wrestling Revolver may indeed be Redacted Forever.


Redacted Forever will be headlined by one of the most dangerous environments in Revolver history as the ring ropes will be removed and replaced by barbed wire as Revolver Champion Jake Crist will defend his championship against the fearsome might of Alex Colon in a match that may require the competitors to be extricated from barbed wire itself before it's done.

Colon may be one of the most frightening, dangerous men walking free but if there's one thing he hungers for, it's true competition. He'll find it in Jake Crist, who is currently living out his redemption story, rebuilding himself physically and emotionally from scratch en route to finding himself at the top of the Revolver pyramid.

Crist is a proud champion and one of the most gifted athletically and from an aerial offensive perspective in all of Revolver, but those traits may not assist him against the ravaging savagery of Alex Colon. The last time these competitors faced off in Revolver, it was the first ever

Scaffold and Light Tubes Deathmatch in Revolver history. Now, this rivalry levels up with the entire balance of power for Revolver's World Championship at stake. Barbed wire will snag the flesh and tear tendons, but nothing will stop the absolute resolution of this feud from taking place this Saturday night live on FITE+


An interpromotional war is also set to erupt this Saturday in Iowa when the stars of Impact Wrestling - Impact Wrestling World Champion Alex Shelley, Eric Young and Chris Sabin combine like Volton to face off with Revolver loyalists and Six Man Tag Team Champions The Second Gear Crew. The 1 Called Manders, Mance Warner & Matthew Justice seek to bring their patented mayhem and madness to the Impact interlopers look to achieve their own Revolver golden victory. The Motor City Machine Guns have always been one of the most entertaining and flashy tag teams of the 21st century and Eric Young has proven to be one of the most dangerous and versatile competitors, but can even all of their global experience prepare them for the unique, smashmouth brawling prowess of the Second Gear Crew? This turf war will explode across Iowa and beyond this Saturday live on FITE+!


Former ECW World Champion, the beloved Tommy Dreamer makes his way to Wrestling Revolver this Saturday, entering into a mayhem-filled battlefield he is more than familiar with, battling Damian Chambers under Xtreme Rules. Dreamer has left more blood and body parts scattered across the Western Hemisphere than a serial killer but still fights on with the will to prove himself to the audience that believes him to be the heart and soul of hardcore wrestling. In Dreamer, Chambers recognizes a chance to capture his biggest win in Wrestling Revolver to date. While he's been involved in several well received multi-man bouts and championship challengers, this singles bout may lead to the Ohio native exploding upon the pro wrestling scene like never before. Having fought hard for the last five years, Chambers may be poised for true greatness, but he'll have to defeat an Innovator to do it.


JeSICKa is faced with a similar situation in her match this Saturday live on FITE+ against MMA specialist Marina Shafir. While JeSICKa is no stranger to the chaos theory exploding around her and battling all across and outside of Revolver arenas, Shafir brings a different pedigree to the squared circle. What will happen when submissions and strikes meet the all out power and insanity of JeSICKa? We will see a true battle between unique creativity and professional wrestling and MMA might explode center ring, live on FITE+!


FITE+ subscribers will also see an international dream match play out before their eyes when Speedball Mike Bailey, who has had the most successful years of his life athletically and professionally in Revolver and Impact Wrestling will step into the ring with the world renowned Shun Skywalker. The 27-year old Japanese star has been one of the true centerpieces of Dragon Gate Wrestling in Japan and coming off his appearance at the NJPW All Star Junior Festival in Philadelphia, Skywalker is seeking to make international headlines by taking out one of the hardest working and most impressive physical competitors in the world in Bailey. Will Skywalker's lucha-infused Japanese style achieve supremacy over Bailey's karate-infused might? The world will see who soars with the Eagles and has their hand raised Saturday in Iowa.

Beyond those tremendous main events, Revolver will present additional, special attractions including Ace Austin vs. JT Dunn, a three-way encounter featuring Dan the Dad vs. Breeze vs. Matthew Palmer and Masha Slamovich exploding into a Four-Way Mayhem bout also featuring the collected competition of Alan Angels, Crazy Jaxon and Zachary Wentz. Once again, Revolver sets the stage for some of the absolute best professional wrestling fighters to leave everything they have with all their heart, soul and mind out there on the mat in order to achieve the ultimate final victory.

In a sport where no one is innocent and everyone has red on their ledger, certain criminal acts may be redacted forever, but when it comes to championship glory, settling grudges and achieving the impossible the tag team of Wrestling Revolver and FITE+ can never, ever be surpassed. Join us this Saturday and experience the difference!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.