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Wrestling Revolver Redemption and Women's Grand Prix HOT TAKE

October 3, 2023

If there has been one promotion that has routinely shocked, amazed and stunned FITE+ fans, it has to be Wrestling Revolver, the demented promotion that has sprouted forth from the twisted mind of former Impact Wrestling World Champion Sami Callihan.

Revolver has galvanized fans across the world with its never say die attitude and brazen, take no prisoners approach to professional wrestling. Sneering into the storm, Callihan and his band of miscreants rage against the machine, take no prisoners and fight with every fiber of their being, leaving nothing behind but amazed FITE fans across the world.

On Sunday October 8th, Revolver returns to FITE+ with not just one but two massive live events streaming live from the fighting city of Dayton, Ohio to your FITE devices!


It all kicks off at 3 PM Eastern when The Wrestling Revolver presents the first ever Women's Grand Prix, a special tournament featuring some of the most renowned, hungriest competitors in the world seeking to secure their place in the Revolver history books.

The first round of tournament competition will see the beloved 18-year old superstar Billie Starkz taking on Rachel Armstrong in a battle of two talents who know each other intimately well and have trained and traveled extensively together. While Starkz has gained great notoriety in recent months through her Ring of Honor and AEW exploits, Armstrong should not be underrated, bringing forth a flawless 450 splash from the top and incredible aerial abilities. This battle of two close allies should prove to be the most interesting opening round contest. Can Armstrong upset "Space Jesus" or will one of the most fearless competitors in the world today, Billie Starkz emerge victorious?

Equally interesting is Trish Adora, one of the most inspirational talents anywhere in the world taking on Japanese star Emi Sakura in the first round. Sakura, best known for her AEW run in the United States, the Queen of Professional Wrestling is a true chameleon, able to shift into any fighting style, a nod to her upbringing in professional wrestling in Japan's FMW and IWA, among other promotions. If there is a trick to pull or a counter to a maneuver, Sakura has it burned into the muscle memory of her brain. Adora, meanwhile, is one of the most inspirational talents, breaking out in a big way in Ring of Honor as well as becoming the inaugural Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Champion. Trained by WWE Hall of Famers The Dudley Boyz, there is an innate toughness to this United States Army vet. With Adora having toured Japan for Tokyo Joshi Pro earlier this year, could she have solved the riddle of defeating Sakura or will the eternally respected Japanese veteran add another victory to her accolades?

Marina Shafir vs. Janai Kai, another first round bout, will showcase two very different personalities and styles inside the ring. Shafir, one of the MMA Horsewomen, remains undefeated in Revolver competition and is a ground and pound submission specialist. The Moldovan star will contend with the unique challenge of Janai Kai in the first round. The Kick Demon, hailing from the Washington, DC area, doesn't play politics. She just uses her own martial arts prowess to take opponents down and break them. Of all the first round bouts, this one holds the potential for the greatest amounts of strikes, kicks and submissions and should Kai score the first-ever Revolver win over Marina Shafir, she may have punched her way all the way to the finals, as long as she doesn't end up injured in the process.

The first round concludes with a classic battle of a true veteran against a beloved upstart. Allysin Kay has captured top championships in the NWA, Impact Wrestling and SHINE, among other promotions and has long earned her reputation as a hellraiser inside the ring. Her opposition in round one, Vert Vixen, has brought a special exuberance to her battles by virtue of her creativity and cosplay perfection. With recent tours of Japan and AEW appearances under her belt, Vixen is obviously on the cusp of greatness, but will it be at the expense of Allysin Kay? If Kay has anything to say about it, she'll be the one advancing and Vixen will need to reboot her system and start over on Level One.

FITE+ will broadcast every round of the Women's Grand Prix as a special event the afternoon of Sunday October 8th, leading into that evening's Revolver Redemption!


One delayed, but finally going down, There may be no bout that exemplifies that majestic mix of stars that can only be found within the confines of the Wrestling Revolver as the first-ever Lucha Libre Street Fight (finally!) features Dayton's favorite fighting son Jon Moxley as he strides into battle against the "Base God'' of Gringo Loco.

Loco has risen into becoming one of the most talked about American lucha sensations over the last several years, battling throughout Lucha Libre AAA, GCW, Ring of Honor and more, carving his own path in professional wrestling. While Gringo can fight as adeptly as he can take to the sky, however, Moxley has cut his way through the combat sports jungle with blood, mayhem and grit unlike anyone before or since.

This unique clash of styles will put style vs. style in an environment with zero rules and extreme measures encouraged until one man can soundly defeat the other. As Clubber Lang once proudly bellowed, "I predict pain." If Loco can score a victory over Moxley, the former WWE and AEW World Champion, he will have ascended to the next level within the hierarchy of professional wrestling, bringing all sorts of international fame and fortune with it.

Even a strong showing against the seemingly unstoppable Moxley could change Loco's fortune, so he goes into this war with absolutely nothing to lose, except blood and perhaps his dignity. Once again, the tag team of Wrestling Revolver and FITE+ bring the pain, live for the world to witness.


The Wrestling Revolver once again proves itself to be the Nexus of professional wrestling, opening the doors for stars from all promotions to test themselves against the best in the world, with no conditions beyond bringing your best to the fight.

On Sunday October 8th, history is made when two-time former Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Honored Crown Champion Kaito Kiyomoya makes his revolver debut. Inspired his entire life by the late Mitsuharu Misawa, Kiyomoya is coming off an impressive run representing NOAH in New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Climax tournament and battles against Kazuchika Okada this past summer and now arrives in America seeking to make international headlines. He will step into the ring at Redemption in Dayton, Ohio against battle-hardened Revolver veteran JT Dunn in what may be Dunn's biggest international spotlight to date.

If Dunn can score with Death By Elbow or El Dirtay, he has a chance of shocking the world from Tokyo and back again, but to do so, he'll have to contend with somehow surviving Kiyomoya's Figure Four Leglock and the Shining Wizard, finishing maneuvers bequeathed to him by WWE Hall of Famer The Great Muta. This international attraction will be talked about the world over, but only witnessed live in the moment by FITE+ subscribers.


AEW's Ortiz will bring all his Bronx swagger to Dayton, Ohio at Revolver's Redemption as he challenges Jake Crist for the Revolver World Championship, providing the NYC veteran with one of the biggest singles opportunities he's had outside of AEW in some time. If Ortiz assumes he's going to just take Crist out, he's in for quite a shock as Jake has ascended into his final form over the last year, proving himself to be one of the most versatile competitors in Revolver history. Crist has been as adept on the mat as he's been in the air and while Ortiz brings great brawling and hard-hitting moves that would rock the average combat sports fighter, Crist has proven himself to be superb in recent title defenses. This inter-promotional battle should prove to be spectacular.

Equality spectacular, although obviously showcasing a much different side of professional wrestling is the kaiju battle between former TNA and Impact Wrestling World Champion and Fulton, one of the most dangerous men to ever enter Wrestling Revolver. This won't be for the squeamish as these two awe-inspiring athletes will bring all their might and athletic prowess in their efforts to take out the other - and perhaps half of Dayton itself - in the wake of their monstrous might, live on FITE+!

Insanity rules some corners of The Wrestling Revolver, often leaving to violence exploding like a volcanic eruption with no corner of the arena safe from mayhem and bloodshed. Revolver World Tag Team Champions The Second Gear Crew, Matthew Justice and the 1 Called Manders have never shied away from a fight and are happy to rumble in any bar, alley or arena to prove themselves. At Redemption in Dayton, Ohio, it's quite possible they have met their match in the fearsome combination of Alex Colon, one of the most frighteningly tough deathmatch wrestlers of all time and Rickey Shane Page, who had destroyed countless opponents in pursuit of victory. With the Revolver Tag Team straps on the line, this battle won't be confined to the ringside area and unless you are watching live on FITE+, you may have to flee the premises!

Redemption will also feature a number of other special attractions including The Rascalz - Myron Reed, Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz - emerging from the Treehouse to battle the excellent tandem of The Death Dollz, Courtney Rush & Jessicka and their mystery partner, who won't be revealed until bell time! An insane Four Corner Mayhem Match will spotlight some of the sickest, most athletic aerial competition anywhere in the world with Rich Swann, Yoya, Alan Angels and Damian Chambers going to war. Then, old rivals meet once more as Ace Romero returns to action for the first time in seven months, battling Revolver's beloved Zoey Skye!

With all of these incredible attractions and world renowned competitors across two massive live events on FITE+ Sunday October 8th, The Wrestling Revolver not only once again makes its case that it brings the future of professional wrestling to everyone across the world, but that no one can ever doubt the twisted creative tenacity of Sami Callihan and FITE+!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.