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Wrestling Revolver Season Finale 2023 HOT TAKE

December 1, 2023

Cap off Wrestling Revolver's historic year on December 2nd! Exclusive FITE+ access to elite superstar clashes live from Iowa – a must-watch finale of wrestling excellence!

As the most momentous year in the history of Wrestling Revolver comes to a close this Saturday December 2nd, there is but one way to celebrate a year that has seen major superstar combatants come to the most prestigious nexus point in all of professional wrestling - one more all out series of blowaway attractions, live for FITE+ subscribers, live from Revolver's home State of Iowa!

Indeed, this Saturday may be the SEASON FINALE, but when one looks back upon a year that has featured international superstars from Jon Moxley to Ronda Rousey appearing, yet another insane installment of the Cage of Horrors and so much more from the twisted mind of Sami Callihan, one cannot help but be impressed by a promotion that continues to influence fans across the globe as it continues to plant the Revolver flag across multiple States.

Indeed, in 2023, Revolver brought a specifically curated vision for professional wrestling greatness, pushing the envelope of imagination while assembling some of the most unique collections of combat sports talents, spotlighting some of the stars of tomorrow as they evolve and mature before your very eyes, sharpening steel against steel as they valiantly battled each other and some of the most important veterans in today's professional wrestling landscape.

As FITE and Wrestling Revolver reflect on an amazing year and prepare for 2024, the Season Finale features an incredible array of groundbreaking main events and attractions. Primary among them is an international showdown between Canadian great Speedball Mike Bailey and Japanese superstar Masaaki Mochizuki, who will square off for the first time ever this Saturday live on FITE+.

In a world where the term "dream match" is overused to the nth degree, this unique battle actually lives up to the hype on paper before the bell even rings and the talents engage in their first collar and elbow lockup. Speedball radiates work ethic inside the ring when he competes, taking part in some of the most incredible in-ring series of performances in pro wrestling history over the last several years. Indeed, Bailey has blown the minds of fans and shocked opponents across the globe while scoring massive victories in Revolver, Impact Wrestling, GCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling, among other promotions.

Speedball's karate infused offense is second to none, except for when perhaps compared to Masaaki Mochizuki, who has long conquered opponents with heavy kicks and a well rounded submission game. One of the most celebrated veterans in the history of Dragon Gate and Genichiro Tenryu's now-defunct WAR promotion, Mochizuki is not traveling all the way from Japan to lose. He is coming to show the world that at 53 years old, he is as dangerous and as adept as ever, seeking to strike down one of the Revolver's strongest stars in a combat sports exhibition that will be as hard-hitting as it will be high-flying. This once in a lifetime first time encounter can only be seen live on FITE+.

Another first time tag team encounter that could only happen within the world of Wrestling Revolver will see two of the most brash teams of 2023 clash for the first time ever as international tag team antagonists The Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake & Zack Gibson, will enter the squared circle to take on one of the most controversial teams in Revolver or beyond, The Rascalz' Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz. This match would have been unthinkable even a few short months ago due to promotional boundaries, but in Revolver, the unthinkable comes to life.

For Drake and Gibson, this foray into Revolver provides them the chance to prove themselves in a way that the shackles of a national promotion never truly allowed. For The Rascalz, this match puts them in the rare position of being the stalwarts defending their ground against the intrusion of a truly talented tandem seeking to knock them off their perch as one of the best teams in the world. When the bell rings this Saturday, two teams renowned for their double-offensive maneuvers with everything to lose will leave it all inside the squared circle as pride is on the line.

To the winners go the spoils and certainly, the winners of that tag team encounter will be in line to challenge for the Wrestling Revolver World Tag Team Championship held by R.E.D. 's Alex Colon and Rickey Shane Page, who will defend against the ever-popular Second Gear Crew.

The Second Gear Crew are always scrapping for a fight and are ready to throw down inside and beyond the arena.

While Revolver has presented some incredible matches that have added the legacy of tag team greatness, this match will add to the resume of Revolver's lunacy as four of the toughest men on Planet Earth are coming to decimate the other while brawling all over The Hawkeye State. This won't be for the faint of heart. With Steve Maclin and Masha Slamovich ready to interfere, this bout is a powder keg of extreme proportions and could explode live before our eyes for FITE+ subscribers.

Two very proud and distinct styles of professional wrestling will go head to head this Saturday as well with Iowa as the battlefield when NYC's Ortiz brings his street savvy style to war against Texas' most infamous Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith. These two stars have conquered rings across the world while carrying the pride of their home areas as chips on their shoulders, ready to go to war and fight their way to victory against opponents great and small. But what happens when two men of equal pride and prowess face off against each other to prove who is supreme in the ring? That's the question FITE+ subscribers will see revealed before their eyes in this very unique mental and physical chess game.

Just added to the cavalcade of stars this Saturday is The Rascalz' Myron Reed vs. Jake Something in a battle of two of the hottest stars in the word. Something has conquered the Midwest and recently returned to Impact Wrestling while Reed has made a fantastic splash since debuting for Impact as well. It will be Reed's all-out, futuristic high-flying superspeed style against Something's throwback power and ground and pound brutality. This unique battle will see what hybrid style of the 21st century will reign supreme as these men battle their way into 2024!

With Gringo Loco vs. Jon Moxley FINALLY set for 2024, Wrestling Revolver will close out an immense year and prime the world for the next chapter of this magnificent promotion this Saturday when FITE+ broadcasts the SEASON FINALE!

Indeed, the landscape of Pro Wrestling Revolver never stops shifting as it has become the hallowed grounds where boys become men and men become legends, and now Revolver, in all its glory, has joined the mighty FITE+, where all subscribers will witness this colossal moments live as they happen.

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.